Arrowverse: 5 Flash Villains Who Are Comics Accurate (& 5 That Aren't)

Stephen Amell’s Arrow may have kickstarted the Arrowverse but it was Grant Gustin’s Flash and his fellow allies or his enemies that brought a lot of humor into the television universe. Flash is known as the fastest man alive and he uses his speed to fight crime and find other people who are like him, have special powers.

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During the show’s run, Barry Allen has fought multiple villains, some more threatening, others less. The show draws heavily from the comics but it also introduced its spin on the iconic Flash villains. Here are 5 Flash villains who are comics accurate and 5 that aren’t.

10 Are Comics Accurate: Captain Cold

Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold starts out as a clear villain on the show when he’s robbing banks alongside his partner Mick Rory aka Heat Wave. However, it lates becomes obvious that Captain Cold isn’t as bad as he seems and he teams up with the Flash several times.

He then switches sides entirely and becomes a part of the superhero team Legends of Tomorrow and even sacrifices his life to save his team members. Captain Cold also has a strong moral code in the comics, for a villain at least, since he doesn’t like to hurt women and children.

9 Aren’t Comics Accurate: Lisa Snart

It’s impossible to talk about Captain Cold and not mention his sister Lisa who was played by Peyton List in the show. Unlike her brother, Lisa is much different in the comics.

In the show, she uses a gun similar to the one her brother is using, except Lisa’s gun doesn’t freeze people but coats them in a golden shell. However, the comic book version was an Olympic figure level skater with skates that created their own ice and allowed her to glide around, hence her name Golden Glider.

8 Are Comics Accurate: Weather Wizard

The show’s accuracy when portraying the Weather Wizard depends on which comic book version you take into consideration. The traditional version used a wand with the ability to manipulate the weather, unlike the show.

But both The Flash‘s Weather Wizard and The New 52 comics allowed Mark Mardon to manipulate the weather just by flicking his wrist or simply moving his hands.

7 Aren’t Comics Accurate: Heat Wave

Unlike his best friend and partner in crime Captain Cold, the comic book Heat Wave isn’t such a good guy as the Arrowverse made him be. Mick Rory started out as a villain on The Flash, just like Leonard Snart, and they both joined the Legends of Tomorrow, becoming heroes of their own right.

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Leonard also gave Mick his heat gun which Heat Wave uses for fighting. But in the comics, Heat Wave was a pyromaniac who created his own gun and he was far from heroic since he, for example, burned his schoolmate and his family to death.

6 Are Comics Accurate: Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd‘s origin story is different in the comics and in the show but the basic aspects of his personality and his powers remain similar to the comics. Gorilla Grodd is a powerful telepath, capable to control people by getting into their heads. He’s also extremely strong, agile and a genius on top of that.

Gorilla Grodd demonstrated his considerable intellect multiple times in the show when he used it to trick his enemies. Also, the Gorilla City exists both in the comics and in the show, albeit The Flash placed it on Earth-2.

5 Aren’t Comics Accurate: Pied Piper

Hartley Rathaway is another DC villain who found a way to join the side of good and he even dated the police captain David Singh in the comics. In the comics, Hartley was born deaf and his rich dad decided to fix his son’s hearing.

Hartley later created his own sonic technology. But the show’s Hartley is a former Star Labs employee who tried to stop Wells from using the particle accelerator but failed and later wanted to get revenge on Well by killing the Flash.

4 Are Comics Accurate: Girder

Tony Woodward aka Girder didn’t play a big part in the show so many fans might no longer remember he was there in the first place. Just like with Gorilla Grodd, Girder’s origin story is different in the comics but his powers are the same both on the show and in the comics.

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He has the ability to turn into steel and chooses to use his new power to commit a crime which causes him to cross the Flash’s way and fight the scarlet speedster.

3 Aren’t Comics Accurate: Killer Frost

Many fans were hoping for Caitlin Snow to turn into Killer Frost from the moment she first appeared on the show but it actually required the Flash to change the reality for Caitlin to get her ice powers. And even then, her Arrowverse persona was much different from the comics.

For one, Caitlin and Ronnie weren’t a couple in the comics but Killer Frost needed the superhero Firestorm anyway since she had to feed on other people’s warmth in order to survive. She also later joins the Suicide Squad led by Amanda Waller in the comics.

2 Are Comics Accurate: Reverse-Flash

Again, Reverse-Flash is accurate to only a certain degree but he still deserves to be in this category since the most defining aspect of his character – his desire to kill the Flash – is the same both in the comics and in the show.

His identity is also the same, Reverse-Flash’s real name is Eobard Thawne and he was a time-traveler from the future whose damaged psyche and super-speed made him into one of the Flash’s most dangerous enemies.

1 Aren’t Comics Accurate: Cicada

Cicada may have been something of a lone wolf on the show since he operated alone (at least until another Cicada, his niece Grace came along) but that wasn’t the case in the comics.

The comic-book Cicada created a cult and gained many followers. His plan to murder every person that the Flash has ever saved and he also wanted to kidnap the Flash, a plan for which he joined forces with the villain Magenta. The show’s Cicada, on the other hand, wanted to kill every meta-human he came across.

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The Flash has featured some of the hero's most famous villains, but which ones are the most accurate to their comic book counterparts?

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