Arrowverse: 5 Times Grant Gustin's The Flash Was Comic Accurate (& 5 Times He Wasn't)

The Flash is one of the most iconic characters in the DC universe. Being the fastest man alive he is most notable for his travels across the time stream, his unique roster and his entire family being speedsters. He became so popular that he eventually had a show in the CW which has been beloved by many. However, certain aspects of the character differ from the comics as it goes with basically any kind of adaptations.

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As such here are the 5 things that are incredibly comic accurate and 5 others that are not at all accurate in the CW show.

10 Not Accurate: Having Reverse-Flash As A Mentor

This is a very interesting change, that actually worked remarkably well with the dynamic of the show. After killing Barry’s mom and changing the timeline, he became stuck in the past and actually became somewhat wiser. Becoming a mentor to the Flash in order for him to get back to his timeline.

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That being said, this is not true to the character at all. If anything, he should’ve just made his life absolutely awful since that is what the Reverse-Flash is typically known for. While that is still kept in check, it is still nonetheless inaccurate.

9 Accurate: He Is Still In Love With Iris West

The rock of Barry Allen’s life, Iris West is essentially the Lois Lane to Flash’s Superman. Although the circumstances behind their relationship are vastly different compared to the one in the comics, they still end up getting together nonetheless in the show. What’s more, Barry Allen’s feelings for her have been kept intact as opposed to CW contemporary Green Arrow who went for a show original rather than who he is typically with, Black Canary.

8 Not Accurate: Working With A Team

The Flash has always been a one-man show. Although he has supporting characters and even other speedsters on his side, Barry Allen almost always works on his own and always figures things out by himself. However, due to the show format, the Flash typically has a team to help him out. Often without their insight, the Flash is inexperienced on how to deal with his threats at least very early on. Which depending on the fan is either something that is compelling or incredibly frustrating.

7 Accurate: The Flash Is Slowly Establishing His Legacy Throughout History

The Flash is a time traveller and as shown at the end of season 1, the museum does eventually appear in the future. His exploits are known across all of time, otherwise, the Reverse-Flash and even his daughter wouldn’t have existed. Throughout every season, fans are treated to the growth of the Flash. Seeing him stumble and fall, slowly becoming the man he will eventually become. Although he has done plenty of mistakes, all of his exploits eventually stick the landing and create his legacy in ways that are accurate to the source material.

6 Not Accurate: He Didn’t Die During Crisis

The classic death of Barry Allen, when Crisis On Infinite Earth first came out, The Flash sacrificed his life in order to stop an Anti-Matter weapon. This sacrifice eventually made Wally West the new Flash and created his own legacy. Although it had been teased all throughout the series, obviously it was gonna change due to circumstances and eventually, another Barry Allen died instead of the main one. Something that wasn’t true to the comics as the bonafide original died as opposed to a counterpart.

5 Accurate: The General Design Of The Suit Is The Same

The Flash’s suit throughout the series has been changed with every season. Starting out as a very leather brownish red design, it slowly transitioned to current times where the suit has become the full red suit that most people know and love.

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Despite this, the general suit design has always remained the same, such as the cowl and the lightning bolt emblem. In a sense, it was gratifying to see the suit improve as the character himself improved.

4 Not Accurate: His Relationship With The Speed Force

In the comics, the speed force is a metaphysical concept that empowers the speedsters. It allows them to do the feats they can do and is arguably sentient in a way. Barry Allen in the comics particularly has a deep connection due to being the creator, depending on the incarnation anyways, however his relationship with the speed force isn’t really that deep. But in the show, fans see the speed force actively talking to the Flash which hasn’t been seen before in any other incarnation.

3 Accurate: He Has A Deep Hatred For The Reverse-Flash

The Reverse-Flash is a twisted version of the character from the future who went insane after realizing what his true destiny was. This has made him try everything in his power to ruin Barry Allen’s life. Just like in the comics, the Reverse-Flash killed his mother and has thus made Barry Allen’s fight against him incredibly personal. No matter how many times he dies, Eobard Thawne always comes back to ruin his day.

2 Not Accurate: His Relationship With Wally West

In the comics, Wally West was the nephew of Barry Allen who coincidentally got the same accident and became the fastest teenager alive Kid Flash. Eventually, he grew his powers so much that he replaced Barry Allen and became the fastest character in all of DC.

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However, in the CW show, things are a little different. Due to the changes in Iris’s character, Wally is now her brother rather than her nephew. What’s more, Barry and Wally’s relationship is more akin to brothers similar to Wally later in his life rather than when he started as Kid Flash in the comics.

1 Accurate: He Messed Up The Timeline

Probably the most infamous thing Barry Allen has ever done, in both the comics and the show, is when he attempts to save his mother from the Reverse-Flash all under selfish purposes.

Although he essentially had everything he has ever wanted, the ripple effects proved to be far worse than intended. Although the show’s consequences were not as drastic to Barry as the comics, it was still bad enough that he reverted everything back to normal. At least most of it.

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The Flash is a beloved addition to the Arrowverse. Here are the 5 things that are comic accurate and 5 others that are not in the CW show.

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