Arrowverse: Which The Flash Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Type?

The Flash‘s sixth season sadly reached an early close on May 12th, but that doesn’t mean we’re done getting closer to the characters we’ve come to know and love over the past six years. We’ve met a large ensemble from Central City, but which of them most reflects your own personality type based on your zodiac sign?

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Below, we’ve sorted a character into each of the twelve signs based on their most pronounced attributes. Keep scrolling to see which character from The Flash you might just share personality traits with!

12 Aries – Wally West

Aries are typically seen as bold and ambitious, diving into situations headfirst. They are also passionate, motivated, and determined. These traits best describe Wally West. Before he even got his powers, Wally was a street racer, competing in dangerous activities and usually winning. As Kid Flash, he struggled to be a sidekick to Barry, having much more confidence in his powers than he should. This is especially evident when Team Flash fought against Savitar, as Wally was defeated and thrown into the Speed Force.

11 Taurus – Barry Allen

According to “The Life Story of Barry Allen”, Barry was born on May 13th, which makes him an actual Taurus. Taurus are mainly famous for their stubbornness, which describes Barry very well. He constantly thinks that he needs to provide the solution to every problem that faces the world, thinking it would be selfish to not make every sacrifice and do whatever he can to make the world a better place. Barry also is extremely patient (ironic) and has the greatest sense of perseverance of anyone on the show, which are both prime Taurus traits.

10 Gemini – Nora West-Allen

Expressive and quick-witted, this describes XS very well. Another trait of Gemini is having two different personalities, which fits Nora as well. Throughout Season 5, she didn’t let Team Flash know that she had a past with Eobard Thawne, which she quickly cut off when she found out he was the one who murdered Barry’s mother, her grandmother. Other traits of Gemini include nervousness and impulsiveness, which is extremely apparent when she is with her father on patrol.

9 Cancer – Ralph Dibny

Cancers tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, which reflects Ralph quite well. They are also extremely intuitive, which is a great trait for a detective to have.

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However, they can be insecure, which is clear when Ralph tries to use humor to deflect how he is actually feeling. Their element is also water, which fits very well with his powers as Elongated Man.

8 Leo – Cisco Ramon

Cisco is probably the perfect Leo. Leos are enthusiastic, passionate, and generous. From Day 1, Cisco has constantly been devoted to Team Flash, always there to supply Barry with new suits, new gadgets, and new upgrades to his crime-fighting ensemble. He is the comic relief of the team, always cracking jokes and coming up with “goofy” names for every one of their villains. Leos are always looking on the positive side of life, which can’t fit anyone more than Cisco, to be honest.

7 Virgo – Jay Garrick

Virgos are diligent and modest, with great analytical and logical abilities. Definitely sounds extremely similar to the Crimson Comet. Since being rescued by Team Flash way back in Season 2 from Zoom, Jay Garrick has taken the role of mentor, something that Barry really needed after the betrayals of both Harrison Wells and Hunter Zolomon. Virgos will spend a lot of time teaching their children skills and how to be a noble person, which makes even more sense when you remember Jay trained a speedster back on his Earth.

6 Libra – Caitlin Snow

Like Cisco, Caitlin has always been a member of Team Flash, but has been dealing with her own situation as Killer Frost for a while now. Libras are calm, intelligent, and have good taste. They also can be irresponsible under pressure, which reflects Caitlin’s transformation into Killer Frost in stressful situations.

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They like harmonious relationships, which it seems like Caitlin and Frost have finally achieved with each other. They also can’t stand loneliness, which is likely for Caitlin as she was incredibly depressed after Ronnie died, and then became romantically involved with Hunter, and then Julian.

5 Scorpio – Eobard Thawne

Sorry Scorpios, but the negative traits of your sign are most well-represented with the biggest villain of the series. A scheming nature, jealousy, competitiveness, and possessiveness are all traits that embody Eobard Thawne. Through his jealousy of Barry, he manipulated the hero’s entire life. He murdered his mother to drive Barry to study forensics, then created the particle accelerator explosion to make Barry into The Flash years before he was meant to. He then pretended to be his mentor, so the betrayal was even worse.

4 Sagittarius – Joe West

Since he adopted Barry, Joe has been a consistent father figure for the hero, supporting him in all of his endeavors and giving the best pep talks in the entire series. This reflects those born under Sagittarius, who are often loyal, compassionate, and always ready to dispense advice. Joe cares for nothing more in this world than his children and has shown himself time and time again to be one of the best TV fathers of all time. This all makes his departure from the show even more emotional, but it’s better to remember him as the hero he has always been.

3 Capricorn – Jesse Wells/Quick

Capricorns are relatively introverted, kind-hearted, independent, intelligent, and possess a keen sense of justice. Frankly, there are no better words to describe Jesse. As the daughter of Harrison Wells on Earth-2, Jesse is obviously a genius and has five majors after enrolling in college at the age of 16.

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She originally tried to distance herself from her dad, but the two grew extremely close after she was rescued by Team Flash from Zoom. She became romantically involved with Wally after they gained their powers, but unfortunately, that relationship has ended.

2 Aquarius – Harry Wells

Like daughter, like father! Aquarius are progressive, idealistic, intelligent, and highly creative people. Harry was introduced in Season 2, first as a double agent for Zoom, but once Team Flash helped him gain his daughter back, he became a beloved and irreplaceable member of the Team. He is just as intelligent as fake Wells, and is able to fill in the hole Thawne left in the team.

1 Pisces – Iris West-Allen

Iris is one of the first major characters we meet at the beginning of the series, and it’s obvious right from the start why Barry is in love with her. She’s imaginative, dedicated, romantic, and considerate. These are all traits that a Pisces has in spades. She’s been the perfect match for Barry since they were kids, serving as a shoulder to cry on, a best friend, his biggest supporter, and finally the perfect bride. She’s wise, gentle, and has a pure heart. She’s his lightning rod.

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The Flash features a great cast of characters, but which one is most like you according to your zodiac sign?

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