Artgerm Celebrates Star Wars Day With Stunning Ahsoka Sketch

Star Wars Day has seen many announcements and posts celebrating the franchise, and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau has chosen to get in on the action.

The artist posted his latest sketch to Twitter, which showcases the heroine of Star Wars: The Clone WarsAhsoka Tano. This sketch is also timely, as it comes on the same day of the Clone Wars series finale, “Victory and Death.”

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Artgerm’s sketch showcases Ahsoka with her dual lightsabers, sporting the outfit she wore during the final arc of the Clone Wars. As per Artgerm’s previous works, the illustration straddles the line between oddly realistic and vividly animated.

Voiced by Ashley Eckstein, Ahsoka Tano was the former padawan of Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader. After being wrongly accused of an assassination attempt, Ahsoka left the Order. She would reunite with several clone soldiers, including Captain Rex, to capture the former Sith Lord Darth Maul and end his occupation of Mandalore. After the Clone Wars, Ahsoka took on the mantle of the rebel spy Fulcrum in Star Wars Rebels, where she briefly died and was brought back to life via time travel.

The entirety of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is available to stream via Disney+.

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Artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau drew an amazing sketch of Ahsoka Tano in celebration of Star Wars Day and the Clone Wars finale.

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