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Ascendance of a Bookworm‘s Main has a penchant for reacting in strange and often hysterical ways when it comes to books. The problem is that her new world reserves such luxurious items for the upper-class and church. So, if she can’t find books, then she’ll create her own. However, Main finds out first hand that this is easier said than done.

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It’s through trial and error, victories and failures that Main invokes meme powers. Main’s poses, circumstances, and zest for books – ahem, life – provide the perfect source to create the perfect memes. Let’s explore the plethora of all too hilarious memes generated from the hit isekai Ascendance of a Bookworm. 

10 Breaking Stereotypes

For those who don’t know, a weeaboo, shortened to weeb, is generally used as a derogatory term; however, there are moments when it’s used purely as a joke, and some even proudly use the term to describe themselves. It’s a stereotypical term used to describe male fascination with Japanese themes such as “kawaii,” and “moe.”

As such, Main represents the male population bashing headfirst into memes about the female side. It stands to reason that if there’s a male side, then there’s a female one waiting to make its debut. But for now, it’s an ongoing project, or at least it is for Main.

9 Don’t Wait Up

Although the anime subtitles spell the main character’s name as Main, the manga version is spelled as Myne. In case you didn’t know, this reference alludes to Terminator and the famous scene where the main character says, “I’ll be back.”

Main is severe and determined in her own right, so it’s only more hilarious when the phrase is imagined with her small stature and childlike mannerisms. It’s even more ridiculous considering her frail nature. If anything, Main needs a chaperone at her side at all times in case she ends up fainting or her strength gives out.

8 Real Life Priorities

Turi is a reliable older sister that makes concessions for her frail and sickly younger sister. In short, she takes on the brunt of the housework and does her chores without complaint. Then, we have Main.

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Main is more concerned with creating a medium to hold stories than with the everyday troubles of life. She even goes so far as to build her stamina in order to travel to the forest, but even then, she doesn’t do more than extend her energy for the sake of books. This sheds an unsavory light on Main, and even though she does care about her family, she cares about books more.

7 #JustIsekaiThings

Main is a piece of work in her new world. Her sole focus is on books, but paper comes in the form of expensive parchment, which means books are a luxury item reserved for nobles. Main researched and read a variety of texts in her previous life, which means she knows the process for making paper from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China.

However, each endeavor doesn’t last long, as she encounters failure upon failure. It’s the irony of the meme that makes her failures all too hilarious.

6 It’s A Science

To Main, books are the topmost priority in life. When it comes to books, Main knows best. When it comes to negotiating, she’s knowledgable up to a point, but often learns through her mistakes with Benno. She might promise to conserve her energy, but that promise goes in one ear and out the other if books are involved.

As far as common sense goes, it’s only applicable if it has anything to do with her ability to read. Otherwise, watch out, as Main is bound to blunder and charge headfirst into unknown territory, regardless of her stamina.

5 The Power Within

When Main’s mana manifests, it’s a signal of extreme disruption in her emotions. In this state, it appears as though Main is hypnotized and acts strictly based on her emotions.

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Main’s state of unrest is similar to what many feel before partaking of their first sip of caffeine for the day. Don’t stand between a girl and her books, or a person and their coffee as either option may just prove lethal.

4 What!?

One of the riskier memes, Main is not using the force, but unleashing her mana, and she’s hellbent on choking the life out of the high priest. Both appear innocent, but the high priest has no patience for commoners, and Main has no patience for those who threaten to execute her family.

Afterward, they each act as though nothing particularly alarming happened, but both remain on their toes around each other. Although, it’s safe to say that this high priest has learned not to threaten Main when it comes to those she loves.

3 The Price Of Books

Main embodies the essence of Patrick. Of course, since she only cares about books, her endeavor revolves around producing paper. So, when Benno helps her find footing with her studio, it’s finally a step in the right direction.

For Main, any money is a bonus. On the other hand, Benno is her villainous, yet friendly mentor that wants the best for her, but also the best for himself. That means he must help Main help herself for it to benefit him. In the end, Main is well worth the headache, even if she has an overly obsessive nature when it comes to her precious books.

2 The Art Of Compromise

For an isekai character, Main sure is smug when it comes to her cooking. They eat to live, not live to eat, and Main just might change their perspective with her abundance of delicious recipes.

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Main obviously knows the art of compromise, but when it comes to tacos, a whole new perspective opens. Many might agree that one shouldn’t compromise when it comes to tacos. So, when it comes down to hard shell vs. soft shell, why not one of each?

1 An Endless Cycle

Whether reading light novels, manga, or watching anime, we’ve all been in Main’s position. Only one more chapter, or one more episode, and then it’s time for bed. That’s the typical mindset that’s on repeat until night comes and goes.

Like a sleep schedule, Lutz is Main’s support. When he’s not around, Main tends to take on more than she can handle and doesn’t always think her actions through. As much as Main causes trouble for Lutz, those of us with a “one more” mindset cause problems for our sleep schedules. A brutal, yet necessary cycle.

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Like Ascendance of a Bookworm has taken the anime world by storm, Main has taken over the meme world. Here are 10 that are too funny.

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