Attack On Titan: 10 Things That You Need To Know About Sasha

Sasha Blouse has been one of the most prominent characters in Attack On Titan. Coming from the Dauper District, Sasha comes from a simple background before she joined the Survey Corps. Rising up through the ranks in the 104th Training Corps, she joined the main character Eren Yaeger’s quest in eliminating all the Titans that have invaded their world.

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Sasha may come off as a highly mannerly person and a food hoarder, but she has proven time and again that she is more than just her appearance and personality. These things are requirements to know all about her.

10 She Is Often Known As Potato Girl

Sometimes the first impression you make can stick with you in life, which is what happened with Sasha when the group first met her. She has a compulsive appetite, probably due to her struggles back home where she had to hunt for food while living in poverty.

Eating provided her with a sense of calmness, keeping her at ease during stressful situations. She would often steal food from the pantry, usually a potato, hence the nickname “Potato Girl.” Since then, Sasha could be found with a potato in her hand during a military training drill.

9 Sasha Had A Drastically Different Design

Sasha was one of the last characters made by creator Hajime Isayama. Her overall look was much different prior to her appearance in both mediums. It turned out that Ymir and Sasha were the same characters in the manga, so Isayama gave the 10th spot in the regiment to Sasha.

Changing her original appearance in the manga, Isayama also made Sasha a brunette with a bunhead. With this change, it helped Sasha stand out as a character in the series by making her a friendly and comedic personality. It all worked out in the end since she became so popular.

8 Sasha Was Named After A Famous Comedian

Sasha’s bubbly personality in the series is often a joy whenever we see her. As they go deeper into the creation of Sasha as a character, it turns out that her name actually comes from a comedian from the West. Isayama revealed that he named Sasha after actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

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In Hollywood, Sacha is known for his work playing over-the-top characters like Borat, Ali G, and Bruno. Isayama always saw Sasha as a funny character, which is why she was comedic relief in the beginning.

7 Sasha’s Role Was Expanded in the Anime

Believe it or not, Sasha was never supposed to live much longer in the manga. However, thanks to an editor in Isayama’s team, he changed his mind in killing her. In the manga, she was supposed to die in volume 9, which would’ve taken place during the early episodes of season two.

The Attack On Titan creator mentioned that all of his characters would serve the purpose of the story by their death, but that didn’t happen with Sasha due to how important she was later on. Sasha would be absent in the Clash of the Titans arc but would end up having a stronger presence in the anime.

6 Sasha’s Name Has A Deeper Meaning

Short for Alexandra, Sasha’s name actually derives from the Greek word Alexandros. Her short name in Greek translates to “defender of humankind,” which actually makes sense with her character. Her last name Blouse also has a specific meaning in the series since it comes from the German name Brauss.

Her last name actually means “to live off the fat of the land”, which is a phrase that she often uses. That actually relates to the struggles she has faced and with her belief that she hopes to make sure no one else has to starve off the land.

5 Sasha Is One Of The Few To Survive A Titan Without Any Equipment

When facing off against a Titan, these characters risk certain death when they don’t have the proper weapons and equipment. Certain characters in the series like Sasha managed to somehow survive a Titan attack without her vertical maneuvering equipment.

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This happened in Chapter 36 of the manga when she and the rest of the Survey Corps were under attack by the Armored Titans once they arrived in her hometown. Since she didn’t have any equipment, she ended up using a bow and arrow to slow down the Titan in order to rescue a girl. After a Titan grabs her, she manages to slip away as it was covered in blood.

4 There Isn’t a Single Food That Sasha Dislikes

Sasha is a big eater if you put some food in front of her. It seems like she is up to eat anything, whether it’s a piece of bread or a potato. According to Isayama, there doesn’t seem to be a single type of food that Sasha doesn’t like.

During her childhood, Sasha and her father would often go out to hunt for food for themselves. Her gluttonous behavior doesn’t surprise, as she would be willing to eat anything that she could get her hands on.

3 She Hasn’t Killed A Titan

Ever since she joined the Survey Corps, Sasha trained hard to be where she is so she can achieve her dream of helping her people and eat some good food while she’s at it. However, fans haven’t seen Sasha kill a single Titan.

She has only killed people of authority. She did get to injure a Titan when she was visiting her hometown, but alas, she hasn’t killed one like her other comrades.

2 Sasha Has An Adopted Sister

Sasha grew up as a lonely child with only her father raising her. When she returned to her hometown, she ran into a homeless girl named Kaya who got into trouble with a Titan. Sasha ended up saving her life during the Wall Rose invasion and has been indebted to her ever since.

After her rescue, she was taken in by Sasha’s father and raised her as their own. Kaya even expressed that she wanted to grow up just like Sasha and save others. She basically looked up to Sasha like an older sister.

1 She Has A Kyushu Accent

Coming from the Southern village in Wall Rose, Sasha comes from an area where people spoke with a Kyushu accent. For those who don’t know, Japan is filled with different dialects, which is based on the region. The Kyushu Japanese fall under the Southernmost part of the country.

There are only three different groups of people that speak this dialect: Hichiku, Honichi, and Satsugu. When she was recruited into the Survey Corps, she chose to speak very formally to hide her background.

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Sasha Blouse is an Attack on Titan character who has become a fan favorite thanks to her personality. Still, there's stuff we don't know about her.

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