Aurra Sing: How Star Wars Quietly Killed the Prequel Bounty Hunter

Even though she only made a fleeting appearance in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Aurra Sing is one of the most recognizable, fan-favorite characters from the Star Wars Prequel era. This Palliduvan bounty hunter has chalk-white skin, fiery red hair and a surgically implanted comlink in her head.

While her canon and legends adventures differ greatly, she’s always been known as a ruthless assassin who will do just about anything to complete a contract and she’s always been regarded as one of the most skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy, in the same league as other Star Wars stalwarts like Boba Fett and Bossk.

Despite her popularity and her reputation. Sing’s death happened off-screen and was only acknowledged in passing by a surprising source. Now, we’re taking a look back at Sing’s life in both official and Legends Star Wars canon to see what really happened to this fan-favorite bounty hunter.

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Aurra Sing’s Legends life differs wildly than her official canon. Timothy Truman and John Nadeau’s Star Wars #17 describe Sing’s upbringing on Nar Shaddaa. Her mother was addicted to a drug called Spice, and it’s rumored she spent time with the Sennex slavers, who were some of the most hated pirates in the galaxy. At some point, Sing found her way to the Jedi Temple where she enlisted in training and rose to the rank of Padawan learner.

However, Sing was overly aggressive which impeded her progress. The Jedi Council sent her to An’ya Kuro, ho specialized in training difficult students. But, Sing and An’ya never got along and she flunked out of her Jedi training in John Ostrander and Jan Duursema’s Jedi Aayla Secura. Sometime after her short stint with the Jedi, she was kidnapped by the Sennex Pirates around the age of nine. The pirates seeded a deep mistrust for the Jedi within her. She was then kidnapped by a Hutt crime lord by the name of Wallanooga and given to a clan of Anzati assassins. They trained her into the ruthless bounty hunter she came to be and installed a computer system in her brain.

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Sing honed until her skills were sharp as her hate for the Jedi grew. She becomes the Jedi killer, a Force-sensitive bounty hunter who killed Jedi and kept their lightsabers as trophies like General Grevious. She strikes down Jedi with her blade, enjoying the thrill of defeating Jedi with their own weapons. With a list of victims that includes Jedi Masters Peerce, J’Mikel and Sharad Hett, Sing was one of the more accomplished Jedi killers in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Sing’s proclivity with the Dark Side actually brought her face to face with Darth Vader in Michael Reaves’ novel Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows. She spent time as an Imperial Agent and Vader even gave some thought to her serving as one of his Inquisitors and harnessing her Jedi killing talents for the Empire, but it never came to fruition.

While those Legends stories continued to build her reputation and her legend, they were cast aside after the Star Wars Expanded Universe began again in the Disney era.

Aurra Sing’s current canonical adventures are much tamer than her Legends appearances. She operates as a standard bounty hunter who uses dual triggered pistols and a slugthrower rifle against her targets, and she was a known associate of the Mandolorian Jango Fett. Before the events that started the Clone Wars, Sing found herself teamed up with Cad Bane and Darth Maul in Callen Bunn and Luke Ross’s Darth Maul series. Sing, Bane, and Maul rescue a Jedi Padawan from a slave auction before being marooned and hunted on the moon of Drazkel by Xev Xrexus.

In The Phantom Menace, she briefly appeared on Tatooine, where she was watching the film’s podrace. As Pablo Hidalgo‘s Star Wars: Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy’s Most Notorious suggests, she was most likely there on assignment sabotaging Neva Kee’s podracer so her employer could steal its secrets. Once Star Wars: The Clone Wars ignited, Sing found herself partnered with Jango’s son Boba Fett in a plot to exact revenge against Mace Windu, who killed Jango on Geonosis. However, she quickly abandoned Boba after he was captured by Plo Koon.

After Sing stayed off-screen for years in-canon, a brief conversation between Tobias Beckett and Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story reveals her fate. When Lando identifies Tobias as the man who killed Sing, Beckett simply replies by saying “Pushed her. Pretty sure the fall killed her.” The crime lord of Crimson Dawn, Dryden Vos, actually gave Beckett a bonus he was so pleased with Sing’s demise.

Even though Aurra Sing’s Legends adventures built her into a truly serious threat, her official history only partially lives up to that promise, and it seemingly ties her fate inextricably to a relatively minor Star Wars figure. But since the full story of her death remains untold for the moment, there are still plenty of questions surrounding Sing’s demise that still haven’t been answered.

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In the Star Wars prequels and The Clone Wars, Aurra Sing was one of the Galaxy's top bounty hunters, but her death didn't quite live up to her legend.

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