Halloween Kills: Every Franchise Easter Egg in the Final Trailer

With less than a month to go until its premiere in theaters and on the streaming service Peacock, the final trailer for Halloween Kills has been released, teasing Michael Myers’ latest brutal rampage across Haddonfield on Halloween night. And while the upcoming sequel directly continues the story from the 2018 revival film, which streamlined the continuity of the film series to only include the original 1978 film, there are plenty of Easter eggs and allusions to other films in the iconic slasher franchise for longtime fans to spot.

Here are all the nods to prior films in the franchise included in the final theatrical trailer ahead of the film’s wide release this October.

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The trailer opens with Lindsey Wallace, one of the kids Laurie Strode babysat on that fateful Halloween night in 1978 all grown up and learning that her children were being menaced by Michael Myers. Kyle Richards reprises her role as Lindsey, and is joined by Anthony Michael Hall, who takes on the role of Tommy Doyle, the other kid Laurie babysat, in a role originated by Brian Andrews.

Another returning character is Nancy Stephens as Nurse Marion Chambers, whose car is attacked by Myers, striking it from above, echoing how he attacked her in the original film when he broke out of Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Stephens previously reprised her role as Nurse Chambers in 1981’s Halloween II and 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

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When Michael Myers first faces off against Lindsey again, he is seen holding the decapitated head of someone wearing a Silver Shamrock mask. Later in the trailer, two additional victims of The Shape are seen left in a playground carousel similarly wearing Silver Shamrock masks in a macabre crime scene.

The Silver Shamrock masks were introduced in 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch as an integral part of a murderous plan by the Silver Shamrock Novelties company to instill respect in pagan witchcraft by murdering all the children wearing the mask nationwide on Halloween night through an ancient Celtic ritual. Trick-or-treaters seen wearing the Silver Shamrock masks were briefly seen around Haddonfield in the 2018 revival film.

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As Laurie recovers from the wounds she endured in her climactic showdown with The Shape at the end of the 2018 Halloween, she is taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. There, she learns Michael Myers has survived his fiery trap and is cutting a new path across town before teaming up with her daughter and granddaughter to put the serial killer down for good.

Haddonfield Memorial Hospital was the primary setting for 1981’s Halloween II, where Myers followed Laurie and slaughtered much of the hospital’s night shift as he continued hunting Laurie while she recuperated from their initial encounter on Halloween night 1978.

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With Michael Myers eluding the authorities throughout the 2018 film and his latest killing spree steadily racking up quite the body count, the local populace of Haddonfield has understandably had enough of the slasher rampaging through their neighborhood relatively unchecked. In response, an angry mob forms and begins searching Haddonfield to deal with The Shape and take the law into their own hands.

The premise of Haddonfield’s locals rallying together and taking up arms to put down Michael Myers themselves was a major part of the climax to 1988’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Featuring a mix of police officers and locals after the police station was massacred by The Shape, the mob was successful in tracking down Myers and gunning him down on the spot in the final moments of the film.

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As Laurie and the authorities track Michael Myers’ rampage, they discover that he is making a clear path from Laurie’s remote home on the outskirts of town back to his childhood home in Haddonfield. A clip of the 6-year-old Michael Myers is seen, following the boy murdering his older sister on Halloween night 1963.

This killing served as the prologue to the 1978 film, with the Myers house since abandoned by 1978 and where The Shape first crossed paths with Laurie when she swung by the property on behalf of her realtor father handling the property. By the events of Halloween Kills, it appears the house’s dark history has been forgotten, with a new family living inside. But they soon find themselves hunted by Myers, similar to the premise of 1995’s Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, where new residents were menaced by The Shape returning home.

Directed and co-written by David Gordon Green, Halloween Kills opens in theaters and streams on Peacock on Oct. 15.

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Halloween Kills has released a last theatrical trailer revealing The Shape in bloody action. Here are all the nods to previous films in the franchise.

Beastars Season 2: All the Anime's Differences From the Manga

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Beastars, now streaming on Netflix, as well as the Beastars manga by Paru Itagaki, now available in English via Viz Media.

In Season 2 of Beastars, Legoshi undergoes a drastic change to gain vengeance for Tem’s murder after realizing the bear, Riz, is the one behind it. It hurts deeply as Riz was a friend to all, but Legoshi’s story and training with Gouhin intertwines with Louis as the deer takes over the Shishigumi, losing himself to the darkness of the lion gang and Black Market. As both try to fix their lives and ensure they’re not consumed by the rage inside, the Beastars anime makes a few key changes from the manga for a tighter story.

In the Beastars manga, Rokume is the giant rattlesnake guarding Cherryton Academy, hidden in the shadows. She’s stalking Legoshi and eventually crawls out of the vents to confront him and make sure he wasn’t involved with Tem’s death. She eventually drops key clues for him to chase in places she can’t go. The anime takes a while to reveal the snake though, having Legoshi thinking he’s nuts and that a ghost is harassing him as he traverses the halls.

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Legoshi’s classmates are confused by him being a wolf and dating Haru, a white rabbit, so the Beastars manga has them spending a lot of time asking how sex works. In fact, the manga dives even deeper into inter-species dating. The anime, however, changes this direction a bit and gives less time to the guys making derogatory comments about Legoshi’s sex life in order to reduce the toxicity of the males.

Cosmo is an okapi that Louis ends up meeting in the Black Market, bonding with the stripper to understand the sordid place and life better. The Beastars manga had him saving her in the bathroom from a bear that wanted to eat her, but the anime changes this as he saves her when she’s on stage instead. The cage drops and carnivores try to feed, but Louis arrives to rescue Cosmo and teach the hungry a bloody lesson with his gang.

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For Louis to leave school, he needs permission from his corrupt businessman of a father. The deer refuses, leading to a huge argument in the manga where Louis yells about him not being there to support his acting career. The anime alters him getting permission as the dad accedes more easily, with Louis not getting worked up after pulling a gun on him. It’s less emotional to show how both are cutthroat businessmen now, while also reducing Ibuki’s nuanced story as he begins to feel like Louis needs to be let out of their gang.

In the Beastars manga, Gouhin spends a lot of time helping a fox who is in therapy with him for attacking herbivores in public. He wants to condition her so she can return to society without these urges, with the woman eventually admitting she’ll turn herself in despite being at peace. The anime, however, doesn’t dive much into this or their dinner date where she thanks Gouhin for helping her heal, making it a mere cliffnote so the show can focus on him mentoring Legoshi.

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Beastars originally talks about Legoshi’s past, which informs why he’s not a carnivore as he goes through training with Gouhin to beat Riz. We learn his grandfather, Gosha, was a komodo dragon who married a wolf, before making Legoshi’s mother. Sadly, hints are dropped the mother is no longer alive, but none of this enters into Season 2 of the anime — which is odd, as it would inform the emotional maelstrom within the teen wolf.

After Legoshi accepts the offering of Louis’ leg, his animal side is able to beat Riz and get him locked up. The manga shows more of the cops grilling Louis and Legoshi, Louis healing in the hospital, and Legoshi being let out of juvie and discovering he’s on a meat-offenders list — which means he can’t marry Haru.

Louis also makes amends with his father and attends graduation, while a private investigator, Yahya, starts monitoring the school. The Beastars anime cuts all this, however, producing a rushed ending where Legoshi tells Haru he’s dropping out to roam the world.

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Let's analyze what changes were made from the manga to the anime as Season 2 of Beastars saw Louis and Legoshi fearing for their futures.

Gotham City Sirens & 9 Other DC Movie Projects Perfect For James Gunn

Director James Gunn successfully brought his style to a group of lovable supervillains in 2021’s The Suicide Squad, resulting in a hit that established a new direction forward for Task Force X. While Gunn is currently hard at work over on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, DC Films president Walter Hamada has said that Gunn has several other DC Comics-related projects in the works, including the upcoming Peacemaker TV series.

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But just what other projects could Gunn be working on? There’s no shortage of properties— like the often rumored Gotham City Sirens adaptation— that his sensibilities would be perfect for.

10 Another Suicide Squad Film Would Be Obvious

Given the great reception to The Suicide Squad, there’s no doubt that Warner Bros. would want Gunn back for a sequel, and Gunn himself has expressed interest in doing another film in the series. But it’s likely that Gunn may want to wait a little while before doing so, not just to recharge his creative batteries but to continue the franchise outside of film.

The Peacemaker series and other potential spin-offs can help lay the necessary ground work and build anticipation for another crazy big screen follow-up for when Gunn is prepared to work on it. One thing’s for sure though: There are plenty more bizarre DC villains that Gunn could have a blast with.

9 The Metal Men Are the Kind of Lovable Misfits That Gunn Excels With

A common trait among Gunn’s films is his examination of the outsider, and both The Suicide Squad and the Guardians of the Galaxy films focus on teams of misfits brought together by chance to go up against a shared threat— all the while becoming a makeshift family of sorts in spite of their differences. Another superhero team that embodies that same description is the the Metal Men.

The Metal Men are a colorful bunch of characters with different personalities that feel right in Gunn’s wheelhouse, and he could have no problem making them as eccentric and relatable as his other characters. That’s in addition to the fun Gunn could have with visualizing each of their fantastic abilities onscreen.

8 Gunn’s Horror Chops Could Have a Blast With Deadman

It’s not known if the upcoming Justice League Dark series from J.J. Abrams will fully connect to the DCEU, though a separate Zatanna film is also in the works from writer Emerald Fennell. Hopefully this means that each member of the Justice League Dark team gets their own solo film before coming together, and Gunn would be a great pick to tackle a film centering on Deadman.

Gunn is certainly no stranger to the horror genre and while Deadman film would be much more restrained than his previous horror work, he could bring the right kind of supernatural tone and a deadpan sense of humor to the movie.

7 A Predator-Style Weasel Film Has A Lot Of Potential

The Suicide Squad‘s mid-credits scene showed that Weasel— who was thought to have drowned in the ocean at the start of Task Force X’s mission— had actually washed up on the shores of Corto Maltese, and the scene ends with him escaping into the nearby jungle. But hopefully that’s not the last that viewers have seen of this guy.

Gunn has hinted that Weasel may not actually have committed the crimes he was accused of but simply lacks the brain capacity to defend his innocence. It would be great to see Weasel as the star of his own film courtesy of Gunn where Sol Soria and her fellow soldiers are “hunted” by him in a style similar to the Predator, but in reality Weasel would try and fail to communicate himself to each of them. Confusion, bloodshed, and hilarity would ensue.

6 A Booster Gold Movie Could Finally Get Made Thanks to Gunn

Booster Gold fans have been begging for a live-action film starring the lovable glory hog that hails from the future for years. It’s a project that’s had its starts and stops over the past few years but Gunn could be just the guy to actually get it made.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy films show that Gunn knows his way around the sci-fi genre and can add just the right level of grandeur and comedic flourishes to make a film that’s accessible to both longtime fans of the character and audiences that have never heard of him. Even Booster himself would be pleased with such an outcome.

5 Gunn Could Make the Perfect Blue and Gold Buddy Movie

Wherever Booster Gold is, his best friend Ted Kord isn’t far behind. A Blue Beetle film starring Xolo Mariduena as Jaime Reyes is in the works, and it would be great if Kord served as Reyes’s mentor in that film before joining up with Booster in a Blue and Gold film.

Gunn already gave the supervillain community a unique and comedic spin in The Suicide Squad and seeing him do the same thing for the superhero community— as seen through the eyes of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle— would be nothing short of a good time.

4 Gunn Could Bring His Unique Touch To Gotham City Sirens

Fans are hoping that the film adaptation of Gotham City Sirens gets made soon. Gunn was most recently linked to the project but says he’s not involved. Still, it’s fun to think about what he could bring to the adaptation.

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Gunn proved in The Suicide Squad that he understood Harley’s character to a T, and this led to some of her best scenes within the DCEU in that film. It would great to see Gunn continue to develop and expand on her growth. But the prospect of Gunn working with other iconic characters like Catwoman and Poison Ivy in particular is too tempting to pass up.

3 Plastic Man Could Get Wonderfully Wacky With Gunn Involved

The Plastic Man solo film was previously reported to be starring a female lead but if that version of the film is no longer moving forward, Gunn would have a blast with the iconic stretchy superhero.

Plastic Man is a character that’s tricky to make work in live-action, as his powers could go over into the uncanny valley. Gunn’s experience with both practical effects and CGI in his previous work would ensure that “Eel” O’Brian’s powers would look good, and his knack for bizarre comedy would give those powers the right kind of irreverent edge to them that evokes laughing and not cringing.

2 Bat-Mite is Gunn’s Favorite Batman Character & Deserves His Own Film

Gunn stated on Twitter that he’s been a huge fan of the Silver Age comic relief character Bat-Mite for years, and had tried finding a way to use him in The Suicide Squad but the character didn’t work with what he had in mind. But that’s not to say that Bat-Mite couldn’t work in another film, perhaps one that actually stars him.

Bat-Mite film could comment on modern fandom behavior by showing Bat-Mite using his powers to try and make a perfect Batman film but never being satisfied no matter what he does, all while insulting Warner Bros. for their mistakes in both the past and present. Getting Gunn onboard to write and direct would ensure that the film is faithful to Bat-Mite’s comic roots while also being self-aware, zany, and sharply funny.

1 Lobo Would Fit Gunn Like a Glove

If there’s any DC Comics character that would fit Gunn’s sensibilities like a glove, it’s Lobo. A live-action film starring the Main Man has been in the works for a number of years, but Gunn could give fans the Lobo film they’ve been asking for and then some.

A James Gunn-helmed Lobo film would be the perfect lovechild of Gunn’s previous superhero films, mixing the surreal alien creatures and worlds from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies with The Suicide Squad‘s insane violence and gleefully dark humor. Here’s hoping that Gunn gets the keys to the space dolphin-loving bounty hunter and makes him as lovable with modern audiences as he is with fans.

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James Gunn has established a solid track record directing superhero movies, and there are a number of DC film projects that would suit his style well.

Funimation Details Yashahime, Mushoku Tensei and More for Its Fall Season

The highly anticipated second seasons of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon and Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation are coming to Funimation this fall, alongside anticipated new series such as The Heike Story and The Vampire Dies In No Time.

Funimation confirmed its new fall lineup would include over 20 titles. Eight new series will premiere on the service over the course of the fall season, and the company also confirmed that it will continue to air on-going series such as That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Scarlet Nexus, Obey Me and of course, One Piece. “With so many incredible established brands such as Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation and Yashahime returning, as well as exciting new favorites, we’re looking forward to a Fall season of anime like no other for Funimation,” said Asa Suehira, Funimation’s Chief Content Officer. Suehira teased that more anime is still coming to the streaming service, saying “This season is going to be next-level for anime globally and Funimation continues to be the home to welcome fans to our anime community. And there is more to announce in the days ahead!”

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The full listing of Funimation’s fall anime titles follows:


The Heike Story – A young orphan named Biwa is taken in by the powerful Taira Clan—also known as the Heike—after their leader witnesses her extraordinary psychic abilities. Unfortunately, what she predicts is a future of bloodshed, violence, and civil war. Inspired by the 12th-century epic tale Heike Monogatari. (Simulcast began September 15)

Selection Project – A group of nine determined girls enter the 7th Annual “Selection Project,” a television show where they’ll audition to become idols… and pursue their dreams! (Simulcast begins October 1)

Mieruko-chan – She can see dead people…she just chooses to ignore them. That’s Miko’s plan, anyway, with horrifying (and sometimes hilarious) results. (Simulcast begins October 3)

The Vampire Dies in No Time – Legendary vampire hunter Ronaldo finds an unlikely (and unwilling) ally in Draluc, the world’s weakest vampire who turns to dust at the slightest attack. Together they’re in for more hilarious misadventures than you can shake a stake at, including enemy vampires, axe-wielding editors, and other pains in the neck. (Simulcast begins October 4)

Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside – The series follows protagonist Red, who is kicked out of his adventuring party. He soon finds a brighter future in a small town with a cute girl named Rit, because hey, sometimes living well is the best revenge. (Simulcast begins October 6)

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale – Shima Tamahiko has been exiled to the country because of his disability, but the sudden arrival of an arranged bride upends his lonely life. (Simulcast begins October 8)

Ranking of Kings – The story follows Bojji, a deaf prince who lacks power and sword-wielding ability. He’s also the heir to the throne and has high hopes for his future. After finding a friend in the shadow Kage, Bojji sets off on his grand adventure to become the greatest king the world has ever seen. (Simulcast begins October 14)

RUMBLE GARANNDOLL – Conquered by alternate-world invaders, Japan has become a shadow of what it once was. Manga, anime, idols, and more are censored by these parallel universe overlords… or so it seems. In the less-than-legal stores of Akihabara, Hosomichi joins a group of female freedom fighters made up of pilots and otakus. (Simulcast begins this fall)


Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon–The Second Act – Long-lost twins Towa and Setsuna reunite after ten years to discover that they are the half-demon daughters of the great demon Sesshomaru. (Simulcast begins October 2)

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation 2nd cour – A 34-year-old underachiever gets run over by a truck, but his story isn’t over. Reincarnated as an infant, he’ll embark on an epic adventure. (Simulcast begins October 3)


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Part 2 – With Rimuru and the Jura Tempest Federation recovering from dark events that unfolded, will they punish the Demon Lord Clayman? Tune in to find out. (SimulDub™ is ongoing)

One Piece – Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, this is one captain who’ll never drop anchor until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth—the Legendary One Piece! (Simulcast and Dub ongoing)

Obey Me! – Lucifer, Satan, and the other five princes of hell: how will these brothers handle everyday lives at their demon academy? (Simulcast is ongoing)

Scarlet Nexus – Saved by the Other Suppression Force as a child, psychokinetic Yuito enlists in this elite team formed to fight Earth’s enemy. Meanwhile, prodigy Kasane was scouted for her abilities. But Kasane’s strange dreams drag the two into an unavoidable fate. (Simulcast and SimulDub™ are ongoing)

Funimation has also announced that it will return to the New York Comic-Con this year by hosting a unique “Sakura Park” area, which will be a fully decorated meet-up and relaxation spot off the convention floor that will feature themed food trucks, giveaways, and professional cosplay photoshoots. The streaming company will also host a special panel for My Hero Academia, as well as a special screening of the Demon Slayer movie Mugen Train.

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Source: Funimation

Funimation releases new details for its upcoming fall line-up, which includes shows such as Yashahime, Mushoku Tensei, The Heike Story and more.

INTERVIEW: F9's Jordana Brewster Discusses Mia's Role and Paul Walker

Directed by franchise veteran Justin Lin, F9: The Fast Saga is the latest installment from the beloved Fast & Furious franchise. In F9, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family throw themselves into a globe-trotting adventure to stop a powerful super-weapon from being unleashed. After sitting out the action in the previous film, Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) is back in the action in F9 and readied to fight her renegade brother, Jakob (John Cena).

During an exclusive interview with CBR, Brewster discussed her excitement to reprise her ass-kicking role of Mia Toretto in F9, reflected on the film series’ global success and longevity, and shared how it felt to see Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner memorialized on-screen in F9.

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CBR: What was it like to be back in action for F9: The Fast Saga?

Jordana Brewster: I was really, really happy to be back. It was also awesome to be a part of the action. It was awesome to also be just a part of the hand-to-hand combat action and to get fight scenes again. That was really, really fun.

For some of those fight scenes, you were reunited with co-star Michelle Rodriguez. What was it like to have her to bounce off of?

It was cool. Michelle and I talked a lot about how the fact that we’ve both been a part of the franchise for 20 years, and yet, you don’t understand Letty and Mia’s dynamic. You don’t see us have a lot of scenes together. You don’t really understand our history. So it’s something we want to explore a little bit more. So hopefully, we get to do that in the next two.

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There have been so many amazing performers who’ve become attached to this franchise. Is there any actor or actress you’d be particularly excited to see join the franchise?

I focus on the women because I think it’d be really cool to have Zoe Saldana in there. I think it’d be really cool to have Phoebe Waller-Bridges. But I feel like Jude Law would also be a really cool addition, don’t you think? He’d have a bit of that cheeky humor. That cheeky humor, I think, is what we need.

This film really amplified the soap opera-level reveals of the Toretto family and their secret history — and in many ways, that’s as much of a draw of this franchise as all the massive action. Why do you think global audiences always gravitate towards these characters?

I think what it is is that we’re in these crazy circumstances, and it’s so larger than life. The set pieces are so enormous. The circumstances are so larger than life/unrealistic. But the characters are very relatable, and the dynamics are very relatable. I think everyone can see themselves in either Han or Letty or Mia or Dom or Brian or Tej or Roman. I think our loyalty and our sense of unity are also very appealing and relatable to people, and that remained throughout each of the films, and it’s constant. I think the audience is really drawn to that.

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These characters have been on screen for over two decades, which is no small accomplishment. What does it mean to you to be a part of such a global phenomenon?

It’s amazing. It’s something I don’t take for granted. It’s a huge responsibility, and it’s really cool to have this be our legacy.

It’s something we don’t take lightly. With every single one of them, we’re like, “Okay, how is the next one going to surpass the last one? How are we going to close it out?” But yeah, it’s been a really fun, amazing journey. It’s so rare that you get to be in one of these where you get to work with the same people over and over again. You get to have an impact on a global audience. Really cool.

One of the most interesting elements of F9: The Fast Saga is the way it incorporates Paul Walker. He was such a part of this franchise, and it’s heartening to see his character Brian still very much being a part of this universe. What was it like seeing that?

It’s wonderful that Paul gets to be memorialized and that Brian stays alive within the universe.

It’s different for everyone. I think with Fast 7, it was so raw and it was a different feeling. But then with F9, there’s this sense of joy and bittersweetness, I think, when you see that car pull up because the fact that he’s alive in this universe is something to be celebrated. I’m really happy about that. I’m also really happy about the way that his presence has been handled. I think Justin and Vin and everyone wants to be really respectful of that. So it’s been handled really well.

Directed by Justin Lin, F9 will be available for purchase on Digital, 4K UHD, Blu-Ray, and DVD on Sept. 21.

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F9 star Jordana Brewster discusses how happy she was to return to the action franchise and reflected on F9's shout-out to the late Paul Walker.

The Office: Michael and Jan’s Relationship Is the Show’s Most Depressing

Michael Scott and Jan Levinson’s relationship was always one of the more controversial points of The Office. From their casual on-again, off-again beginning to when they declared it official, there were always a few signs that there was more to it than met the eye. No proof was offered to support anyone’s suspicions until Jim and Pam agreed to join the duo for a couple’s dinner.

In Season 4, Episode 13, “Dinner Party,” Michael tricked Jim and Pam into finally coming to his home for dinner. With no other choice but to accept his invitation, the duo prepared for an unusual night, but they had no idea how bizarre the evening would get. Upon arriving at Michael’s home, the two noticed the first strange occurrence of the evening: Jan seemed to have taken over Michael’s house.

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Since losing her job at Dunder Mifflin, Jan had moved in with Michael, but anyone seeing the house would assume the opposite. The walls were decorated with abstract art featuring Jan’s face, and she’d completely taken over two rooms. Jan’s tour also revealed she’d turned one into an office, and the second room into a workspace, explaining the extravagance by claiming she couldn’t create where she worked. Michael didn’t actually indicate his displeasure with the arrangement, but his mannerisms showed he wasn’t entirely comfortable with it either. The master bedroom was even more disturbing. Apart from a suspiciously placed video recorder, Jim and Pam noticed a bench that Michael said served as his bed. He’d given up his actual bed on account of Jan’s “space issues.”

Next, Michael showed off a tiny plasma TV and his collection of Dundies hidden away in a corner. His explanation for why they weren’t more prominently displayed gave an insight into his living situation with Jan; she was restricting the number of personal possessions he could have in his home. Even more evidence of Jan ignoring Michael’s needs was her choice of music for the night. Despite Michael’s visible discomfort, she played songs by her ex-assistant, Hunter. The song lyrics alluded to some aspects of Jan and Hunter’s complicated relationship.

Ironically, Jan’s jealousy flared when she noticed Michael gave Pam his jacket. Right after, she started to pressure Michael into telling the group how he broke their sliding glass door. Although Jan’s version involved Michael accidentally running into the door in pursuit of an ice cream truck, his disturbed demeanor indicated the glass door incident may not have been an accident as Jan suggested.

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Similar passive-aggressive behavior ensued during the dinner party, with Michael even half-jokingly calling her the devil and Jan saying she hated her life. The night got even worse when Jan insinuated that Michael always got his way. The comment upset Michael, and he yelled about just how much he sacrificed for her, including going through several vasectomies and reversals at her behest. When he calmed down, Jan gaslighted him by saying she didn’t want to bring a child into their “screwed-up” world but would since Michael wanted it.

All was calm for a while until they finally sat down to dinner, and the evening reached its disastrous peak. Jan took offense to how Michael chose to eat his food, calling it disgusting. Michael retaliated by fetching his old neon sign Jan disapproved of and hung it up in their dining area. Not to be outdone, Jan once again played Hunter’s music, which unfortunately started a screaming match between the two.

Furious, Jan rushed toward Michael’s plasma TV and smashed it with one of his Dundies. The turn of events quickly put an end to the evening, and their guests started to leave, only to be greeted by the police. Jan’s attitude completely shifted when she saw them, and she transformed into a caring girlfriend. As such, there were no arrests made, and Michael spent the evening with Dwight.

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For a comedy like The Office, this episode was uncharacteristically dark. Jan and Michael’s relationship was incredibly emotionally abusive and maybe even physically abusive as well. Although the episode retained much of the series’ trademark humor, its more mature undertones were shockingly apparent. The dinner party made it clear that as much as Michael and Jan may have loved each other, they weren’t compatible partners. Michael’s juvenile nature didn’t mix well with Jan’s no-nonsense sensibilities. As such, her frustration with him may have led her to actions she wouldn’t ordinarily take. The secrecy of their relationship also allowed these to continue as no one actually knew what living with Jan was like.

Jan’s actions were inexcusable. However, the episode’s conclusion showed her attempting to mend Michael’s trophy that she had broken when she smashed it against the TV, implying she cared about him at some level. Their relationship may not have been a clear-cut case of abuse. However, it may be a peek into the potential endgame of a dysfunctional relationship pursued against all odds.

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Michael and Jan's relationship dynamic in The Office gave fans a lot of laughs over the years, but it was also very unhealthy.

Star Wars: 10 Reasons It's Time To Do A Full Reboot & Start Completely Fresh

The Star Wars franchise is legendary but has had better days. The sequels were panned by fans and critics and the plans to do backstory movies died with the failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The brightest spots have been the Disney+ series like The MandalorianThe Clone Wars Season 7, and The Bad Batch. However, there is an argument to be made for rebooting the entire franchise.

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The arguments against rebooting should be put aside to consider the possibility of starting fresh. Many other film franchises have rebooted, including numerous superhero and monster franchises. It’s not an alien concept to reboot a fictional franchise.

10 The Universe Is Becoming Confusing

With every new series, the greater story of Star Wars becomes more confusing. Reintroducing old characters means resolving events from earlier stories. For example, Boba Fett’s escape from the Sarlaac will need to be addressed to avoid undermining Return of the Jedi.

Rebooting allows for planned continuity that doesn’t defy conventional logic. The story gets a proper outline by a singular or small group of writers. This could create a story that doesn’t have to spend time trying to shoehorn itself around established continuity.

9 The Original Fan Base Is Aging

Someone who saw Star Wars at five years old is now fifty and many original fans are even older. The point is rapidly approaching when references will be made to events that few people will remember when they happened. Older franchises have already been rebooted, including Godzilla, King Kong, James Bond, and the Universal Monsters.

An aging fanbase doesn’t have to exist for a reboot to happen. However, it seems like a more reliable basis for rebooting the galaxy far, far away. After all, only so much money can be made from catering to a shrinking fan base.

8 Entertainment Is Consumed Differently Now

With streaming becoming more popular—even before a pandemic emptied movie theaters—people are consuming entertainment differently. The Mandalorian proved the longer form of storytelling a series provides can resonate with an audience. Just because Star Wars has always been a series of movies, a rebooted saga doesn’t have to be so.

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Rebooting the Skywalker Saga could be done as a series on Disney+. Plot holes were created by compressing the story for around two hours, but an extended run time can solve many problems.

7 Anakin & Padmé’s romance Is Rushed

The rushed romance between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala is a major flaw In Attack of the Clones. It also tarnishes the otherwise superior Revenge of the Sith‘s script. Freeing up the story to progress more naturally could make for a more believable romance. Building up this romance can make the end of it affect the viewers so much more.

The relationship also can progress more naturally if there is doubt about it through the story. Anakin ultimately thinks that she betrayed him when he sees Obi-Wan emerge from her ship on Mustafar. If there was some indication that she wasn’t loyal to him, this assumption doesn’t come across as a paranoid delusion, although assaulting a woman is never justified.

6 The Extended Canon Can Work Better If It Can Be Foreshadowed Early On

Some of the better moments of the prequels are from subtle bits of foreshadowing of events from the previous trilogy. Unfortunately, the sequels don’t have that luxury. An example is Snoke and The First Order coming seemingly from out of the aether. Having characters from the prequels and spin-off series appear in earlier and later episodes would strengthen the web where all of these stories are connected.

The Empire’s K-2 model of droids only shows up in Rogue One, as does Galen Orso. Black Sun is a mighty criminal organization to never be mentioned by the Jedi in the films. In a rebooted Star Wars universe, these elements can be included in the richer tapestry.

5 The Story Doesn’t Have To Completely Center On The Skywalkers

Numerous Legends stories don’t focus on the members of the Skywalker family. The concept that Palpatine was the culmination of every Sith Lord before could be expanded upon by including the legends of previous Sith like Darth Bane, Darth Zannah, and Darth Plagueis. Yoda and Mace Windu show that the Jedi knew of the Rule of Two, so this can be fleshed out more, and goes back before the birth of Anakin Skywalker.

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It also allows for new characters that become fan favorites to develop. Grogu’s training by Luke Skywalker puts doubt into the character’s fate after Kylo Ren destroys Luke’s Jedi Academy. Ahsoka Tano is considered a Jedi in The Mandalorian, but never crosses paths with Luke Skywalker as of the current slate of stories. These characters should have a place in the larger story.

4 Rebooting Avoids A Confusing Partial Reboot of the Sequel Trilogy

Rumors persist that the Sequel trilogy, considered by many fans to be inferior, is in the process of being rebooted. There are problems as the newer series from Disney+ establish elements that have to be done away with for the sequels to happen. Again, there is the matter of Grogu’s fate.

A sequel reboot also acknowledges Disney’s mishandling of the franchise, when it doesn’t have to. There have been successes in Disney’s stewardship of Lucasfilm, even as there were failures in the original company. Rebooting the entire thing gives a new start and saves face.

3 If Done Right, It Can Revitalize The Movie-Going Experience

While a longer streaming series might seem like the way to initially go, Covid-19 will pass and movie theaters will need to draw patrons back in. Nothing can save theaters like a good, sprawling blockbuster to draw people in. A rebooted Star Wars could be the booster that struggling theaters need to recover quickly.

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It cannot be emphasized how important it is that if done as films, the reboot needs to be done well. If disappointing in any way, the fan base could be lost. Without a good base of support, every effort of a large team of talented professionals would be wasted.

2 A Reboot Allows Star Wars To Return To The Hero’s Journey

The first Star Wars trilogy worked so well because it focused on the shared concept of the hero’s journey. Luke Skywalker was the epitome of the hero, popularly explored by Joseph Campbell in Hero Of A Thousand Faces. The prequels were able to make Anakin Skywalker take the role of the Hero, with his redemption in Return of the Jedi after his journey.

At this same time, Luke’s journey exists simultaneously but doesn’t completely mirror his father’s. Clever writing can have Star Wars be several heroes’ journeys, overlapping. This can take the story successfully past the death of Anakin Skywalker.

1 Rebooting Allows For Changes In The Story

For all of Star Wars’ success, there are moments where the audience can be surprised as the story diverges from what was done before. Jar Jar Binks could be eliminated, although any writer should avoid the inclusion of elements strictly for fan service. Successful elements from the expanded canon can be incorporated, throwing jaded fans off the expectation of the reboot simply revising the story.

Possible divergences could be Palpatine not being Darth Sidious, Sidious having a Jedi under his thrall from the beginning of the story, or Qui-Gon Jin perishing early on in the story, leaving Obi-Wan to go forth to discover Anakin on his own. An early divergence makes future divergences more acceptable to the audience. It also signals that the reboot isn’t simply a retelling of the same story and a grab for more money.

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Many film franchises have rebooted, including numerous superhero and monster franchises. It's not an alien concept to reboot a fictional franchise.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Shows What Kind of Father Aang Really Is

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Legend of Korra, available now.

In the latest comic book addition to the world of Avatar, the airbending master Tenzin settles his squabbling children down to hear a lesson from his own childhood. Throughout The Legend of Korra, there was much ado about the parental skills of the original series’ hero, Aang, and during Tenzin’s tale readers get to see what the last Airbender was like as a father up close and personal.

Though hints in the television series made it clear Aang was not a perfect dad, “Clearing the Air” shows a valuable and warm side to his time as a father in “Clearing the air, by Kiku Hughes, Sam Beck, Killian Ng, Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Beancourt.

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Thematically, The Legend of Korra occupies a good chunk of its narrative with the legacy that Aang left behind him. In a world still in constant need of balance, Avatar Korra picks up the titanic task of her predecessor who ended the Hundred Year War. But dialogue about Aang’s more domestic duties often portrayed him as far less than an idealized figure. His children Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya all remembered Aang fondly, but in teaching the importance of carrying on Airbender traditions he may have neglected his other children.

Even in Tenzin’s view, it seemed that Aang was putting extraordinary pressure on his son. But in “Clearing the Air,” we see Aang impart a valuable lesson to Tenzin about parenting. In the flashback, Tenzin recalls how he apprehended two hoodlums defacing Airbender property. When Aang discovered what happened, he collected both Tenzin and the hoodlum benders from Chief Toph Beifong’s custody in order to teach them a lesson. In true Aang fashion, it was a lesson in forgiveness rather than retribution.

Aang told Tenzin to assist the hoodlums in repairing the damage they did, and everyone underwent a cleansing exercise said to be a vital part of restoring balance among airbenders. By the end of the lesson, Tenzin came to make friends out of the two fellow boys he apprehended, and Aang proved himself to have a softer side to his fatherhood fans never had the chance to see before. During one of the few flashbacks in Korra that showed Aang, the scene depicted his vast powers as the Avatar in punishing and pursuing Yakone, a far cry from the innocent child Aang has once been.

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There are other more minor revelations made in the comic as well. Aang and Toph are shown to still have a friendly relationship, Appa is revealed to be alive and still serving faithfully as Aang’s companion, and the cleansing exercise Tenzin undergoes represents a previously unseen part of Air Nomad culture. With little known about the civic structure of the Air Nomads, the ritual shows how the society of pacifists settled internal disputes without any kind of hierarchical or retributive mechanisms.

Of course, there are still plenty of mysteries from that era that remain unsolved. The fates of Suki and Azula remain a total mystery, as does the nature of Chief Sokka’s death. Though we now know that Appa lived into Aang’s adulthood, the beast’s own ultimate fate is a question mark, as is that of Momo and plenty of other characters from the original series. The rarity of these types of glimpses makes them all that much more valuable, especially considering the relationship between Aang and Tenzin.

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The Legend of Korra made it clear that Aang was not the perfect father, but a glimpse into Tenzin's childhood shows the Avatar's kinder side.

2021 Emmy Awards Highs, Lows & Biggest Snubs | CBR

Last night marked the second pandemic Emmys, and though it’s been another challenging year on the whole, at least it’s been an exciting year for TV. Streamers continued to dominate with new and returning favorites like The Crown and The Handmaid’s Tale. Disney+, the streaming newcomer but heavy hitter, upped its game with another stellar season of The Mandalorian and a strong slate of Marvel shows. Prestige miniseries gained an even larger audience share, with would-be watercooler series like The Queen’s Gambit and Mare of Easttown generating plenty of online chatter.

With all these stellar programs, let’s review the highs, lows and snubs that occurred at the 2021 Emmys.

The 2020 Emmys were widely considered the best of the pandemic-era awards shows, with COVID workarounds resulting in some charmingly absurd moments. This year’s proceedings started off relatively strong with a chummy audience participation rendition of the late Biz Markie‘s Just a Friend that featured a rapping Rita Wilson and Michael Douglas getting his groove on.

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That was followed by the night’s standout moment: first presenter Seth Rogen (dressed as a dapper Peter Rabbit) hilariously scolded the Emmys for cramming so many maskless bodies into what he called a hermetically sealed tent with three chandeliers. After all, when the virus wasn’t as rampant last September, awards were handed out in Zoom rooms by faceless people in hazmat suits. Someone had to address the potential for what could be seen as hypocrisy (or at least cognitive dissonance) head-on, and Rogen was the right man for the job.

Many of the evening’s winners were not only deserving but seemed genuinely touched and humbled by the moment and couldn’t help themselves from literally shouting out the people they wanted to thank. Mare of Easttown‘s Evan Peters was awarded his first Emmy for what was arguably the year’s best performance as sweet, naive and occasionally very drunk Colin Zabel. Veterans Jean Smart and Kate Winslet both received extended standing ovations and gave heartfelt speeches in response. Michaela Cole, recognized for writing her series I May Destroy You, struck an inspirational tone, as did Governor’s Award honoree, the legendary Debbie Allen. Lifetime achievement awards can sometimes be the moment where live award shows hit a rut, but Allen was warm and captivating, even as she ignored the ticking clock on her speech.

The Academy made an effort to showcase improvements in representation (at least in terms of presenters and nominees). The cast of Reservation Dogs spoke up on behalf of Indigenous stories. Gold medal winners Allyson Felix and Jessica Long, repping the female, Black and disabled communities, drew attention to the mental health issues facing elite athletes. And more than one presenter mentioned the increased number of women and people of color who’d made the cut. Seeking out some representation of his own was chronically under-recognized comedy great Conan O’Brien, who didn’t win, but who did crash the stage and nevertheless stole the show on three separate occasions.

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The 2021 ceremony looked more like a traditional awards show, but it was, unfortunately, a fairly basic and sloppily-produced one. Host Cedric the Entertainer was serviceable; he was low-key and not particularly ambitious in his duties, making predictable dad jokes but keeping the production moving along. The presentation of the awards themselves was another matter. Announcers read some nominees before the presenters took the stage. Others did their routines prior to the nominees being introduced. The effect involved dozens of professional performers all confused about what they were supposed to do, resulting in more than a few flubbing their copy.

None of the pre-taped or pre-planned segments were worth their while, but Ken Jeong’s COVID prop comedy and a skit about the fly on Mike Pence’s hair were both cringe-worthy. So was Scott Frank (director of The Queen’s Gambit) in his acceptance of his award. In contrast to Debbie Allen’s friendly dismissal of the clock, Frank condescendingly waved off the orchestra three times as he read what appeared to be a two-page long typed speech.

Though the Emmys talked a good representation game, when it came time to reveal the winners, its too often self-congratulation about diversity was immediately followed by a white man taking home the trophy. That’s not to say many of those white men weren’t deserving; it just made for awkward optics.

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Compared to other award shows, the Emmys have a reputation for predictability and consistency — maybe to a fault. There were no egregious snubs this year, at least not among the winners, although many fans and critics have lamented the absence of shows such as The Good Lord Bird from the nominations. The prevailing series — Ted Lasso, The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit — were all the frontrunners. Most acting winners, including almost the entire cast of Mare of Easttown, were expected, though there had been buzz and hope for Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn. If there was one surprise, it came in the Best Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series category when Ewan McGregor heard his name called for Halston. He’d been up against Paul Bettany for his work on WandaVisionas well as Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom, Jr. from Hamilton.

Disney+ may have scored double-digit nominations for its hugely popular Star Wars and Marvel series, but it didn’t manage to nab any above-the-line wins. As the Emmys have proven slow to change and slow to recognize emerging talent and influence in the past, Disney+ need only wait its turn. It wasn’t that long ago that Netflix was the new kid on the block. Now in 2021, Netflix was the most awarded studio with a total of 44 wins.

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It was a great year in television, but how was it reflected in 2021's Emmy Awards Ceremony?

Batwoman Season 3 Trailer Brings a Major Batman Villain Into the Arrowverse

The CW has released a trailer for Batwoman Season 3 that provides a sneak peek at the show’s Mad Hatter, who’s just one of the many Batman super-villains slated to make their Arrowverse debut in the episodes ahead.

Season 3 will center on Ryan Wilder and her Bat-Team’s hunt for the Batman villain trophies that got scattered into Gotham River and washed ashore at the end of Season 2, including the Mad Hatter’s hat. The Batwoman trailer shows Ryan and her crew begrudgingly teaming up with the recently incarcerated Alice in their hunt for said trophies, with Alice wearing an ankle bracelet to make sure she doesn’t escape while under their supervision. (“Does this wreck my ensemble?” Alice asks, tauntingly.)

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The trailer goes on to tease other villains beyond the Mad Hatter while also providing a quick look at Robin Givens and Nick Creegan as Jada and Marquis Jet, a powerful CEO and her reckless playboy son, who may or may not be Ryan’s biological mother and brother. Luke Fox also makes a brief appearance in his shiny new Batwing suit, with Mary Hamilton looking not at all pleased about working with her mother’s killer.

Similar to the mystery surrounding the Jets and their connection to Ryan, it’s unclear if the version of the Mad Hatter seen here is Jervis Tetch or a different character who’s stumbled upon the villain’s Alice in Wonderland-inspired mind control tech and decided to wield it for his own nefarious purposes. Showrunner Caroline Dries was intentionally vague on this point back when breaking down the last scene in the Season 2 finale.

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“Obviously it’s a pretty intense cliffhanger,” Dries said in June. “The tease we’re making the audience is, ‘These are loose out in the wild.’ So anyone can literally come and pick them up… DC was so awesome about it because we’re always looking, and as are they, for new ways of showing canon characters, and some of these characters have been done so many times that we’re always looking for that new angle. In leading with the weapon first, which is always a big part of the rogues, it allows us way more freedom to kind of do something that we haven’t seen before. There weren’t really any obstacles.”

Batwoman Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 13 on The CW.

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Source: YouTube

The CW releases a trailer for Batwoman Season 3 that brings Mad Hatter into the Arrowverse and teases characters like Ryan's potential mother.