Alien: Ridley Scott Explains How Ripley's Role Changed from Male to Female

Ridley Scott explained how Sigourney Weaver landed her legendary role in 1979’s Alien and why he settled of having a female lead for the sci-fi horror.

Speaking to The L.A. Times, Scott explained how Ripley was originally written as a man. Discussing the gender flip, Scott said, “I think the idea actually came from Alan Ladd Jr. I think it was Alan Ladd [then president of 20th Century Fox] who said, ‘Why can’t Ripley be a woman?’ And there was a long pause, that at that moment I never thought about it. I thought, why not, it’s a fresh direction, the ways I thought about that. And away we went.”

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The rest is history, as Ripley emerged as the central character of Alien and had a main role in the next four movies. While Alien had no real lead, the death of Tom Skerritt’s Dallas was a turning point that put Ripley in charge of the Nostromo. Her status as the sole survivor of the movie and Weaver’s return also set the precedent for Scott’s next generation of Alien movies.

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Ridley Scott opened up about 1979's Alien and how the decision to cast Sigourney Weaver as a gender-swapped version of Ripley came to be.


Alien's Chestburster Was So Good, Stanley Kubrick Asked How It Was Done

The late Stanley Kubrick was one of Hollywood’s most legendary filmmakers, but even he was amazed at one of fellow director Ridley Scott’s scenes from Scott’s own classic Alien.

The moment the baby alien chestburster was introduced to audiences was one of cinema’s most unforgettable moments. “I remember Stanley Kubrick called me up saying, ‘How’d you do that?’” Scott said.

In the film, the alien creature unexpectedly burst through the chest of John Hurt’s character Kane in the crew dining area of the Nostromo cargo ship. Scott pulled off the scene by positioning Hurt so only his face was visible through a hole in the table, with a fake torso constructed so the alien appeared to violently emerge from Hurt’s chest.

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“[Kubrick] said, ‘I’ve run it through slowly, I can’t see the cut.’” Scott said. “And I just said that much. He said, ‘OK, I got it. I got it, it worked.’”

Scott was also able to evoke a genuine reaction of shock and surprise from the other actors by keeping the scene’s outcome a secret. “I kept it very much from the actors and I kept the actual little creature, whatever that would be, from the actors. I never wanted them to see it,” Scott said. “Remember there was no digital effects in those days at all. I’m going to somehow bring that creature out of his chest.”

Without the benefit of any CGI technology, Scott also had to be sure to capture the scene in a single take, with multiple cameras. “Once I blew blood all over that set, there was no cleaning it up,” Scott said.

Via LATimes

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Alien's Ridley Scott reveals legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick asked him how he pulled off the film's notorious chestburster scene.

Riot Games' Valorant Debuts Cinematic Launch Trailer | CBR

Riot Games’ Valorant launched its open beta on Tuesday, and has released a cinematic trailer to commemorate the occasion. It’s titled “DUELISTS,” referencing the name of one of the game’s character classes. It’s reminiscent of Overwatch‘s cinematics, which shouldn’t be a surprise since Valorant itself is something of a mix between Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The trailer stars two of the game’s “Agents,” Phoenix and Jett, and shows off a lot of the game’s mechanics while still presenting a compelling (if short) story. Phoenix is pursuing Jett across an unnamed Italian city, all in hopes to retrieve a mysterious package. Jett stays ahead of him with her superior mobility, which makes sense, since two of the character’s abilities are a quick dash forward and a boosted jump. Phoenix responds by using some of his fire-based weapons, representing his own in-game abilities.

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This chase results in Jett being trapped in a blazing room while Phoenix closes in, before she dashes through and shoots him. Here we also see one of the neat stylistic choices the trailer makes: freeze frames. At three separate points throughout the trailer, when either character does something particularly impressive, the video slows down to a crawl for a moment, giving us a tableau of what’s happening along with large block letters behind them spelling out what the character is thinking.

The trailer ends with the game’s logo and a cut to black, before a small epilogue: Phoenix “respawns”, mimicking his in-game ultimate, before asking what happened to the package. It turns out the package was the “spike,” the in-game objective Valorant players pursue in their own game of cat-and-mouse, similar to Phoenix and Jett’s. In addition, a chunk of the Italian city has been turned into an island in the sky: Ascent, one of the in-game maps.

Developed and published by Riot Games, Valorant was released on June 2, and is available for free to download on PC.

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Valorant's new cinematic released along with its open beta shows off two characters playing a game of cat-and-mouse across an Italian cityscape.


Going In Depth With John Constantine: 23-Page Excerpt of From Bayou to Abyss

Here’s a new collection from Sequart that I actually have an essay in. You might dig it.

This is the description from Sequart:

British occultist John Constantine elevated Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, and it wasn’t long before John had his own spinoff comic titled John Constantine: Hellblazer. This anthology, edited by Rich Handley and Lou Tambone (of Sequart’s Somewhere Beyond the Heavens: Exploring Battlestar Galactica), examines the mage’s history from his earliest appearances to the present – not only in Swamp Thing and Hellblazer, but on film and television as well – with a special foreword by none other than Hellblazer‘s creator himself, Jamie Delano.

Constantine has a weakness for narcotics, alcohol, and sex; an unnatural obsession with the occult; and a long list of lovers he’s betrayed, hurt, and discarded. He’s slain his twin brother in the womb, taunted Satan, outwitted demons and angels, been trapped in Hell, and even fathered an elemental. No matter what the universe throws at him, he somehow always seems to come out on top… though his loved ones have usually ended up caught in the crossfire.

At times, John can be a bastard. He has questionable hygiene and a lack of ethics, and he’ll likely hurt anyone foolish enough to let him into their lives. But John is nonetheless a hero – well, a Byronic hero, in any case. As fans, we wouldn’t have him any other way.

Here is a CBR EXCLUSIVE 23-page excerpt complied by Rich and Lou. It does a great job of showing you what to expect from this fascinating collection, which has an introduction by Jamie Delano and a cover by Leah Mangue and essays from Ade Brown, John E. Boylan, James Chambers, Julianne Clancy, Nancy A. Collins,Joseph Dilworth Jr., Sabrina Fried, Alex Galer, Richard Gray, Robert Greenberger, Rich Handley, Robert Jeschonek, Ross Johnson, Martín A. Pérez, Draško Roganović, Frank Schildiner, Tony Simmons, Lou Tambone, John Trumbull, James Wilkinson, and Genevieve Williams. Well, and me, too, of course.

We have an exclusive 23-page excerpt from Sequart's new collection of essays about John Constantine, edited by Rich Handley and Lou Tambone


My Hero Academia: 5 Heroes Eri Could Defeat (& 5 She Can't)

Little Eri may have only just been introduced in My Hero Academia, but we’re all already completely smitten with her character. Furthermore, with influences like Deku and Mirio around, we have little doubt that Eri will work hard to one day become a hero just like them.

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One thing that all heroes must do is practice battles again one another. We’ve seen plenty of our leading heroes-in-training battle against other U.A. students or instructors, after all. That got us wondering, which heroes would Eri win in a fight against, and whom will she need to work harder in order to beat?

10 She Can Beat: Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady is a hero that frequently comes up, and more often than not she’s portrayed as either saying the day – or getting in the way. There’s little in between for her. That is part of the reason why we believe that, in a serious fight, Eri would end up winning that battle.

Eri’s quirk, rewind, would give her a significant edge, of course. Assuming she can get control over it. Just picture it: Mt. Lady makes herself larger, only for Eri to undo all of that work. We can also picture Mt. Lady’s reaction.

9 She Can’t Defeat: Endeavor

To be clear: we’re not saying that Endeavor would enjoy beating up a little girl. However, we do know that Endeavor takes training the future generation seriously, and thus he would not pull punches. Especially if doing so would result in her dying out in a real battlefield.

Combine that with Endeavor’s power and experience, and we have all the reason in the world to assume that Endeavor would walk away as the victor in this fight.

8 She Can Beat: Fat Gum

Fat Gum is without a doubt one of the best instructors to have because he legitimately cares about his wards. Look at how he treats Suneater and Kirishima, and you’ll know exactly what we mean by that.

That being said, we also can see him struggling to really go all out in a fight against Eri. Additionally, she could theoretically rewind him to a point where his fat stores have dwindled down to nothing, thus negating his attacks and defense.

7 She Can’t Defeat: Hawks

Hawks is another one of those heroes that would absolutely go all out in training. It’s just his style. Not to mention, he’s deadly clever and not afraid to hit where it hurts. All of these elements would give him an edge on people like Eri.

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We’ll admit that if Eri had control over her powers, she’d make Hawks work in order to win that fight, but we still think that his experience, long-range attacks, and cunning would ensure that he was the winner.

6 She Can Beat: Mirko

No offense to Mirko, but we just don’t see this matchup working out for her. Mirko is one of the top heroes in the series (she’s currently number five), yet she clearly has some impulse control. We’ve seen her run straight into danger and refuse to back away, despite all of the odds.

When going up against somebody with Rewind, that sounds like a risky venture. Thus we really do believe that Mirko would leave an opening that would allow for Eri to win the day.

5 She Can’t Defeat: Best Jeanist

Conversely, Best Jeanist is almost cold in his analytical manner. There’s no situation you can throw him in that will get him to stop thinking. He’ll always find a way to use something to his advantage. Just look at the battle against All For One – he managed to save all his allies on the field.

With that in mind, we think he’d have little trouble finding a way to work around Eri’s quirk and all of her limitations. Ironically, that might also make him a decent instructor for her, but that’s a point for another time.

4 She Can Beat: Native

Native is another pro hero we’ve seen in the series, though admittedly we haven’t seen him recently. Not since Stain hunted him down and very nearly killed him. Maybe it isn’t fair to base our assumptions off of that one moment, but we think we’d know how this fight would go.

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Specifically, we sincerely believe that Eri would end up winning in a match against them. The quirks don’t line up in their favor, for one thing. For another, Native seems to be lacking the drive that many other heroes in the series have.

3 She Can’t Defeat: Eraser Head

Next up on our list is Eraser Head. This one is probably pretty obvious, especially since he’s already used his quirk once to take her down (right after Midoriya defeated Overhaul).

That combined with the fact that he’ll be the one in charge of training her (read: making sure she gains control) makes us firmly believe that he’ll be winning any and all fights against her for the foreseeable future.

2 She Can Beat: Rock Lock

Rock Lock is a hero with a fascinating quirk – it allows him to lock anything into place, so long as it wasn’t living, and he can make contact with it. While that really does have endless possibilities, we’re not so sure that it would do well for him in a fight against Eri.

Mainly because she could, in theory, undo anything he attempts thanks to her quirk. Add in the direct attacks she could send his way, and you can guess how this fight would go.

1 She Can’t Defeat: Edgeshot

Edgeshot is the number four hero, and with good reason. His quirk allows him to be extremely versatile and adaptable. Combine that with his years of experience, his intellect, and his determination, and he’d be a rough match for just about anybody.

That includes Eri, who currently has no real fighting experience to think of. Even if we assume she spends the next few years training, it seems unlikely that she’ll be beating Edgeshot anytime soon.

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Which My Hero Academia heroes would Eri win in a fight against, and whom will she need to work harder in order to beat?


10 Frozen 2 Fan Art Pictures You Need To See | CBR

The release of the second Frozen installment warmed our hearts with the return of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven along with the introduction of some new faces. The film is now the highest grossing animated movie of all time, exploring themes different from its predecessor, like change, sacrifice, and the search for identity.

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Before and after the movie’s launch, artists took to social media to render the sisters and their friends in their new look. Here are ten pieces of fan art that showcase the emotion, power, color, and bonds of Frozen 2.

10 Jessica Madorran

Perhaps the most integral plot of the Frozen series is the connection between Anna and Elsa.  The two complement each other in how different they are. Where Elsa is withdrawn, Anna is outgoing. Where Anna is bubbly, Elsa is sophisticated. The sisters balance each other but also their kingdom, which they rule together but in different ways.

Artist Jessica Madorran depicts Anna and Elsa holding hands, highlighting their strong sisterhood bond as leaves and frost intertwine them, representing the changes and growth they both undergo. Follow Jessica Madorran on Tumblr,, Deviantart, and Instagram.

9 thereina

Deviantartist lareina’s style has a comic book flair to it, depicting the sisters as dynamic, adventurous, and ready to take on the world. Anna and Elsa are emphasized as powerful heroes, wielding a sword and ice, respectively.

The colors and lines are boldly stroked, making for a crispy, sharp scene while playing the differences of the sisters off one another. You can follow lareina on Deviantart.

8 Pa.Pigling



This piece by Pa.Pigling shows the main characters of Frozen 2 in a vertical lineup. The group faces the unknown with soft, orange light, creating a contrast with the blue and purple shadows that emerge from below.

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The expressions vary, some fearful, some brave, but the group is sure that they will face the coming storm together. You can check out Pa.Pigling’s art at

7 Freesia

This illustration of Anna comes from Dribbble user Freesia. The lines and colors are soft and wispy, reminiscent of the subject’s lightheartedness.

Anna’s posture is curious and uplifted as she stands in a swirl of leaves. The details that subtly adorn Anna’s outfit play nicely against the pale pink background. Freesia can be followed on Dribbble.

6 Tadpole

Tumblr user tadpole’s piece features Elsa with the water spirit Nokk, one of the four elementals of the Enchanted Forest. Nokk nuzzles up to Elsa affectionately as gentle snowfall sparkles in the background.

Tadpole’s use of color blocking in areas like Elsa’s hair and Nokk’s nose beautifully pair with the highlighted areas of the scene. Follow tadpole at Tumblr or

5  y0y0sketch

This piece from y0y0sketch is a portrait of Anna. Y0y0 paints Anna’s features gently from the blushed freckles to the blondish light in her hair. She blends seamlessly with the rich purples, blues, and oranges of the background.

A whirl of leaves swishes past her as a representation of the change she goes through during the film. Anna learns to let go of the past and step into who she is. This portrait captures Anna’s hope and optimism for the future she is heading toward. You can follow y0y0sketch on Instagram.

4 Miacat

Freelance character designer Miacat’s piece features the group wrapped up together in a red scarf with the title to one of the film’s songs, “Some Things Never Change.” The song details the apprehension towards the inevitability of change, which the characters must all face in their own way.

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Though things do change for the group, their fates are all intertwined, represented by the proverbial red scarf of fate. You can follow Miacat on Twitter.

3 CuddlyVeedles

In this piece by CuddlyVeedles, Elsa sings showstopper “Show Yourself” as she twirls among ice crystals. The sense of motion is realized with Elsa’s pose and the way the cape garment blurs out towards the bottom of the painting.

Elsa’s dress has a mesmerizing, holographic shimmer to it that is only outshined by her joyful expression at the discovery of the nature of her powers. Follow CuddlyVeedles on Deviantart and Twitter.

2 luleiya

In Frozen 2, Elsa must face a dark journey alone and separate from the group. Deviatartist luleiya creates a stunning portrait of Elsa using her powers. Everything including Elsa’s expression, the movement, the use of color, and the effects are dazzling.

Luleiya uses sharp lines towards the center of the portrait and blurs the edges out, which highlights the fierceness of Elsa’s expression. The brightness of Elsa’s hair and dress contrasts the darkness of the background, making for a dynamic, startling focus on the guardian of Arendelle. You can follow luleiya on  DeviantartTumblrInstagram, and Twitter.

1 kawacy

In this piece by kawacy, a bejeweled Elsa begins to freeze an autumn leaf. The colors are light and ethereal, creating a kaleidoscopic, dancing effect. Elsa’s jeweled outfit captures the source of light elegantly, transcending her royalty and becoming the personification of winter as her most authentic self.

She freezes the leaf to remember the past fondly but accept the winds of change. You can follow kawacy on, and Twitter.

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Frozen fans have put their creative talent to good use by coming up with some incredible pieces of fan art.


The 10 Worst Parts Of The One Piece English Dub | CBR

The anime One Piece has had a pretty rocky road when it comes to its English dub. While Funimation has been able to deliver a solid localization for this anime, this wasn’t always the case. 4Kids Entertainment used to be the ones dubbing One Piece for quite some time, which led to a pretty infamous localization in their attempt to make the anime kid-friendly.

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While anime fans are definitely in a better age of dubbing than ever before, no production is flawless. Even Funimation has made a few stumbles in their dub here and there, but it’s nowhere near the level of awful moments that were present in the 4Kids one.


In 2006, 4kids canceled their dub for One Piece due to diminishing returns. In 2007 Funimation would go on to buy the rights to dub the anime themselves, continuing on where 4Kids left off. To mark the occasion, the cringy 4Kids theme song was dropped in favor of its third opening, “Hikari E”, with one notable exception.

The opening was translated from it’s original Japanese format to English, and sung by Vic Mignogna. Considering fans of this anime came off years of a horrible dub before that and were then greeted by this, it probably didn’t inspire a lot of confidence right out of the gate. Eventually, they’d stop translating the openings to English and would just leave them as is. Sometimes it’s best not to mess with a good thing.


There are some dubs out there known for weak performances, but One Piece seemed to have that problem in spades during its 4Kids years. While Funimation could have a bad take every now and then, usually it was a background character, and the main cast was always solid. The 4Kids dub however had nothing but bad takes.

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Voice actors and actresses often sounded bored, uninspired, and sometimes like they decided to do only one take. In short, it was a long line of lackluster performances and significantly worse than what 4Kids did before, like Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh!


In the fourth episode, there’s a scene where the bandit Higuma kidnaps a young Luffy and tries to sail away. Unfortunately for him, his escape plan’s cut short when he’s devoured by a Sea King. In the 4Kids dub, however, Higuma decides to scream “Great Nemo!” before being eaten.

It’s such an unnecessary line to add to a scene for apparently no reason. Higuma meets his demise while screaming such a ridiculous “nothing line” like that just sucks the seriousness right out of the moment. Though, there are probably worse things to say before getting eaten by a sea monster.


Most viewers of 4Kids’ Yu-Gi-Oh! dub are probably familiar with the Brooklyn accent they added to Joey Wheeler. While his accent was pretty over-the-top and silly, it’s tame when compared to the one they gave Sanji.

Sanji’s 4Kids voice simply sounded like a mildly offensive attempt at a comedic New York accent rather than a real speaking voice. What’s even funnier is that it was so bad and so disliked by fans, Funimation would go on to make fun of the accent later on. Christopher Sabat would end up imitating it for the fake Sanji after the time skip.


Laboon was a whale the Straw Hats met when they first entered the Grand Line, who was ramming himself into Reverse Mountain. This leads to an episode where they befriend the whale and later Laboon’s backstory is revealed and tied to Brook. However, the 4Kids dub had other plans for Laboon, mainly none at all.

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Laboon and the episode that featured him were cut entirely in the 4Kids version, and instead, he was replaced with an iceberg the crew had to smash. It’s unclear why Laboon or his focused episode was cut, though it was presumably because the episode was deemed too violent for kids, however, this would’ve had some unfortunate side-effects if the 4Kids dub ever made it to the “Thriller Bark Arc”.


In the original anime, Luffy’s finally able to land a hit on Crocodile while in his sand form thanks to his bleeding wounds. Since the 4Kids dub was trying to be more family-friendly, this obviously had to be changed. So instead of blood, Luffy was using his sweat to hit Crocodile.

While this is one of the easier to understand changes, it begs some questions. This implies that Luffy was only sweating (in a desert) in this exact moment, and not before in his previous fight. Second, changing it from blood to sweat feels like a less clever way to defeat Crocodile since sweat is easier to come by. If that’s the case, it makes us wonder what took him so long to be defeated.


Admittedly while they had their faults, 4Kids’ dubs could get a laugh from the audience every once in a while. Unfortunately, One Piece was not one of them. Their One Piece dub is littered with heaping tons of cringeworthy jokes.

From bad puns and terrible one-liners to borderline “dad jokes” that drain the tension out of every scene they show up in. It’d be one thing if they were actually funny, but all they seem to accomplish is that they mess with the tone of the scene. The worst crime a joke can commit is to be unfunny.


Behold, One Piece’s worst opening and quite possibly the most despised opening for an anime, localized or not. At first, it begins the way the original first opening of One Piece did, with an overview of Gol D. Roger and his legendary fortune, One Piece. All seems to be going well and then the rapping starts.

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The theme song bombards the viewer with a cringy rap about Luffy and company, and it’s grating on the ears. An opening is meant to hype up the audience, instead 4Kids’ One Piece rap continued a groan-inducing trend of trying to make things hip for kids that most were sick of during the ’90s.


Possibly the most infamous thing the 4Kids dub of One Piece is known for is the censorship that ran rampant throughout this run of the anime. Since One Piece has some very distinct adult themes present throughout it, there was a lot that 4Kids ended up censoring just to make it age-appropriate, to the extent where dozens of episodes were skipped entirely.

The violence and blood were toned down, Sanji’s cigarette was replaced with a lollipop, and guns were turned into Super Soakers. A lot of the edits were done rather poorly and sometimes ended up opening up plot holes too. It’s baffling to see the many ways 4Kids kept bending over backward to make the show safe and kid-friendly.


It’s very clear that 4Kids was really ill-suited to localize One Piece, given the anime’s more adult content. It’s not clear what spurred their decision to license One Piece for the west, other than possibly that they saw how popular it was in Japan. Still, they shouldn’t have been the ones to tackle this anime.

With a reputation and popularity that One Piece has and will continue to have for years to come, a studio like Funimation should have been the first to snatch this iconic anime up, instead, 4Kids got to it first and created one of the most infamous English dubs in anime history. Funimation managed to get to it eventually, but by then the damage had already been done.

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Sometimes dubs can be excellent ways to be able to enjoy anime while being able to multitask, but sometimes they just completely miss the mark.


Tiger King Star Vows to Leave Park in 'Complete Hell' | CBR

Carole Baskin may have won Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic’s former zoo in her court case against him, but current owner Jeff Lowe has no plans to make it a smooth transition for her.

Lowe told ET that he plans to leave the park a mess and that it will be in a state of “complete hell” when Baskin comes to claim it. “I mean, because I’m not taking care of it as we leave. The bamboo is about taking this place over,” he said.

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The judge awarded Baskin the park after years of legal fighting with Exotic. She now controls 16 acres of land in Garvin County, Oklahoma, which houses the park, and several cabins and vehicles. Lowe and all the animals living on the land must vacate the property in 120 days.

The ruling does not come as a surprise to Lowe. “We have anticipated this for almost two years,” he said. “As soon as we came into the picture, Carol kind of automatically wrapped us under the same umbrella as Joe and tried to get me included in his judgement for a million dollars.”

While Lowe may be losing this park, he is focused on opening another large animal park in Thackerville, Oklahoma in September.

“It’s always been our intention to leave this place,” Lowe said, referring to the Garvin County location. “We don’t particularly like it here, because of its geographical location. It’s not a great place for a business, it was poorly constructed, so we’re happy to let her have it… I wish her all the luck in the world, and she can have these 16 acres of haunted memories.”

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Tiger King‘s popularity has exploded since it first premiered on Netflix to 34 million viewers. Multiple scripted series based on the documentary have been ordered, including one starring Nicolas Cage as Exotic and another starring Kate McKinnon as Baskin. While these series have no networks or streaming services attached, Investigation Discovery has placed an order for Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic, which will explore the case of Baskin’s missing husband, Don Lewis.

Netflix is also developing another Tiger King project based on the infamous Siegfried & Roy 2003 tiger attack, which left Roy Horn permanently injured and led to the closing of Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage Resort and Casino. The streamer is looking to produce it as a follow-up episode to the successful docuseries.

All episodes of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness are currently streaming on Netflix.

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Carole Baskin may have won Joe Exotic's zoo, but current owner Jeff Lowe has no plans to make it a smooth transition for her.


Man Creates Wolverine Claws Designed to Punch Through a Concrete Wall

Fans have always been capable of creating some amazing things, from cosplay to fan comics and beyond. Some however, take their fandom above and beyond and create some truly off-the-wall stuff.

Canadian YouTuber The Hacksmith is one such fan. Known for his videos trying to bring superhero gadgets and powers to real life, he seems to have outdone himself with working bone claws inspired by Marvel Comics’ Wolverine. Having previously crafted metal claws inspired by the fan-favorite mutant canuck, The Hacksmith succeeds in creating a set capable of breaking through concrete.

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The video, and subsequent additional videos, go into great detail showing the conceptualization and building process behind his final product, leading to the Hacksmith using the claws to hack away at produce, and eventually, a fully concrete wall. He even goes so far as to don Wolverine’s signature mutton chops just to complete the effect.

The Hacksmith gained some viral notoriety for his recreation of Captain America’s magnetic retrieval glove from the comics and films, which currently has nearly 8 million views. His other projects include the Wakandan shields from Avengers: Infinity War, many variations on Thor’s hammer Mjolni  and even some working Iron Man-inspired gadgets.

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YouTuber The Hacksmith created a pair of Wolverine-inspired bone claws capable of breaking through concrete.


WWE's The Last Ride: Roman Reigns Was NOT The Undertaker's Worst Match

In WWE‘s The Last Ride, the Undertaker makes it clear he has an issue with retirement — and it’s one that, no matter how much he tries, he just can’t shake. He’s simply looking for that one perfect match to close out his career on, but it’s hard to come by as his recent matches have been so inconsistent. It’s why he keeps coming back every WrestleMania, even though his persistence backfired when he had what we thought was his worst match ever against Roman Reigns at ‘Mania 33.

It’s an affair he regrets terribly and one which he had to redeem himself from, coming back to take John Cena out in a squash match. But while he emerged victorious and seemed to be back on the rise, “End of an Era,” the third chapter in WWE’s docuseries, recently revealed that the Reigns match wasn’t his worst one ever — it was another match that involved some of the biggest names in the business.

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The Dead Man believes that his biggest flop came at 2018’s Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, where he teamed with Kane to face DX: Triple H and Shawn Michaels. ‘Taker considers DX to be his best rivalry and it’s why he was glad to bring the Brothers of Destruction back, especially for a groundbreaking event in the Middle East. Nostalgic fans wanted them back and it was very lucrative for Vince McMahon to unleash these legends.

But with Kane having transitioned into his real life role as Mayor Glenn Jacobs of Knox County, Tennessee, Triple H becoming a part-timer spending most of his time handling corporate and boardroom deals, and HBK having not returned to action since Undertaker retired him, the match didn’t go according to plan at all. While the four legends wrongfully assumed it would be a walk in the park, instead it turned out to be 27 minutes of rust and botches that Triple H couldn’t help but roast.

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“It’s with Kane and Taker, dude it’s a night off, right,” Triple H said on pitching the return to Michaels. “You’ll come in there, we’ll do a couple of crotch chops, we’ll throw some glow sticks out, a couple of Superkicks, drop an elbow, it’ll all be great. No problems, easy — except me and Taker are doing the ‘once in a while’ thing, Shawn hasn’t wrestled in however many years, Kane’s the mayor. It was like a bad comedy movie, it really is.”

Triple H suffered a torn pectoral muscle early in the match when he was flung into the ring post, and Michaels’ “You’re kidding!” reaction sums up just how bad a dumpster fire it was from there. HBK even punched Kane’s mask off accidentally in one epic fail moment that the crowd couldn’t help but gawk at. A shot of HBK botching a somersault perfectly sums up how these guys weren’t ready for the match.

It was clear that the legends came into the match unprepared and having underestimated their ring rust, and it was an unprofessional match to put on for paying fans. Reigns might have been forgiving of ‘Taker falling flat in their WrestleMania match, but the four legends involved in the Crown Jewel tag match freely admit they bombed big time and it was all their fault. It was a combination of old age and Murphy’s Law, where everything that could possibly go wrong, did.

“It couldn’t have gone any worse,” Triple H said. “It was a total train wreck, it was a disaster,” Undertaker added. As Shawn Michael summed up, “Whoa, goodness. It totally blew.” Ironically, the Dead Man had gone into the match toying with the idea that it could have been his final fight if it went right. But after how badly it tanked, he knew he had to keep on going.

It just shows that no matter how good you are, if you’re not prepared, the ring is no place for you to be messing around. It’s why Undertaker botched it against Reigns, and why he was so driven to keep moving forward after the disaster at Crown Jewel.

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