Kindt & Jenkins’s FEAR CASE #1 goes to a second printing ahead of release

The first issue of Fear Case, a new four-issue miniseries by Matt KindtTyler Jenkins, and Hilary Jenkins, isn’t set to arrive in stores until February 3rd, and already it’s proven to be a success. Dark Horse Comics announced today that the debut issue of Fear Case has already sold out at the distributor level, just two days after it’s final order cutoff date and over two weeks ahead of its release. The publisher has also announced a second printing for the issue, featuring a new cover by Andrea Sorrentino, which will go on sale the Wednesday following the first printing’s release date.

Described by the publisher as “True Detective meets The Ring,” Fear Case follows a pair of secret service agents as they investigate a mysterious case that has been present at major disasters throughout history. The series blends procedural elements with supernatural horror, with a compelling mystery, likeable characters, and some truly striking, haunting visuals from Tyler & Hilary Jenkins.

Fear Case #1 is the latest Kindt-written comic for Dark Horse to see a sellout ahead of its release. Last year’s Bang! #1 also sold out prior to its release, and ultimately went to three printings. The series, written by Kindt and illustrated by Wilfredo Torres and Nayoung Kim, received a lot of pre-release buzz, and the first issue even featured a pull-quote from Keanu Reeves.

Check out the full announcement on Fear Case #1’s sell-out and second printing below. Look for the first printing to go on sale on Wednesday, February 3rd, and the second printing to arrive the following Wednesday. Preorders for the second printing of the issue will be open until this coming Monday, January 18th.

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (January 13, 2021)—The series debut of the anticipated horror comic Fear Case by writer Matt Kindt (BANG!, Mind MGMT), artist Tyler Jenkins (The Grass Kings, Neverboy) and colorist Hilary Jenkins (Black Badge, King of Nowhere) has sold out at the distributor level ahead of it’s February 3, 2021 on-sale date. Dark Horse Comics has tapped the critically acclaimed Andrea Sorrentino, artist behind the Eisner-winning horror series ‘Gideon Falls’ to provide a new cover for the issue’s second printing.       

Described as “True Detective” meets “The Ring”, Fear Case marks Matt Kindt’s first foray into the horror genre. Says Kindt, “I’ve never written a story in the horror genre before. Real life is already so full of it. This is the most grounded thing I’ve ever written. And as a result, it’s definitely the most horrific. I apologize in advance.”

“What an exciting way to start of the New Year!” says Matt Parkinson, VP of Marketing at Dark Horse Comics. “Fear Case looks to be yet another Matt Kindt classic and we couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming response to his new horror series. Congratulations Matt and Tyler!”

“I was so excited to see Matt finally dip his toes into a horror comic. Fear Case is so damn good and spooky as hell!! Tyler and Hilary’s art on the story really push the eerie tone of the plot,” series editor Daniel Chabon says about Kindt’s new project. “When I heard the comic sold out and we needed a new cover Andrea was the first person to come to mind. His work on Gideon Falls was so brilliant and creepy that I knew he could knock this cover out of the park.”

Dark Horse Comics will debut the first issue of Fear Case on February 3, 2021 featuring a standard cover by Tyler Jenkins and variant covers by Francisco Francavilla and Duncan Fegredo. Dark Horse Comics will publish the second printing variant of issue 1, featuring an all new cover by Andrea Sorrentino, on February 10th, 2020, in order to meet the high demand from comic book stores and readers.

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The first printing of the new horror-procedural’s first issue arrives in stores on February 3rd.

The post Kindt & Jenkins’s FEAR CASE #1 goes to a second printing ahead of release appeared first on The Beat.

Small Press Spotlight: A cult for Dracula or Freedom Fighters? Choose your group

This week in the Small Press Spotlight, we take a look at two entries from Second Sight Publishing as well as a few chilling titles from Source Point Press. Check out more info and cover art on each below.

Set to hit in early March, The Edge from Second Sight Publishing is an exciting new title written by Marvin Wynn. Artist Mark V handles both interior and cover art. Read the solicits here:

Infected by the super steroid The Edge, Revenant is on a rampage to eliminate Richard Tartabull. Can the strike team placed between them stop Revenant? Or will they all spread the infection of The Edge further? In Shops March 3.


If you’re looking for a little action-packed freedom fighting, pick up Second Sight Publishing’s Lady Freedom. Arthur Bellfield is on writing duties with Spike Jarrell on interior and cover art.

Introduction to the concept of the Superverse and the first appearance of Lady Freedom, Scarlet, Camille, and Black Valkyrie. Lady Freedom is Natalie Cloudrider a Native American US Army Sergeant that volunteers for the Freedom Fighter Program. We join the story sometime after she has donned the uniform and is about to take on her first major challenge–taking down the villainous Black Valkyrie. In shops March 3, 2021.


For fans of the Dracula legend, Source Point Press has a new horror mini-series that gives a fresh take on the infamous vampire. Cult of Dracula is written by Rich Davis and illustrated by Henry Martinez. Colors are by Trevor Richardson and letters are from Ed Dukeshire. Take a look at the series details below.

Dracula has never been so dangerous. Learn the depth of her influence in Cult of Dracula. The first issue of the latest horror mini-series from Source Point Press will be in shops Wednesday, March. 31. Special Agent Malcom Bram arrives at the House of the Rising Sun. This secluded compound is the home of the secretive Ordo Dracul and the scene of a horrendous crime coined, “The Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides.”  Mina Murray leads a documentary film crew to uncover the secrets of the mysterious cult by interviewing its enigmatic leader, Robert Renfield. Neither investigator is prepared for the gravity of the truths they will uncover.  Dracula is eternal. A primordial being formed by the same essence of creation as Adam. Dracula is chaos. The eternal embodiment of entropy. This is her story…


Source Point Press also has an all-ages horror entry for younger fans of the genre. The Fear Diaries is brought to you by writer Garret Gunn and artist Nic Touris. Letters are by HdE.

In the great tradition of kid-friendly horror, Writer Garret Gunn (Franklin & Ghost, Warcorns) and Artist Nic Touris add The Fear Diaries to the Source Point Press library. When we are young, our parents tell us that there is nothing that goes bump in the night. That the terrifying monsters that live in our bedrooms are figments of our imagination. Our eyes playing tricks on us. They tell us that the Boogeyman doesn’t exist. That there is nothing under our beds or lurking in the shadows of our closets. There is nothing to be afraid of. There’s only one problem. They lied. The Fear Diaries will be released Wednesday, Feb. 24.

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Check out a few upcoming releases from Second Sight Publishing and Source Point Press

The post Small Press Spotlight: A cult for Dracula or Freedom Fighters? Choose your group appeared first on The Beat.

Richard Dragon & Lady Shiva vs. ninjas in new BATMAN: SOUL OF THE DRAGON clip

Batman: Soul of the Dragon, the latest DC animated direct-to-video film is now available on Digital. Warner Bros. Animation has released a clip that features Lady Shiva (voiced by Kelly Hu) and Richard Dragon (voiced by Mark Dacascos) battling an army of ninjas.

Be sure to check out The Beat‘s interview coverage with the film’s cast and crew.

An all-new original animated film, “Batman: Soul Of The Dragon” does a deep dive into Elseworlds vibes by putting Batman in the midst of the swinging 1970s. Faced with a deadly menace from his past, and along with his mentor O-Sensei, Bruce Wayne must enlist the help of three former classmates – world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner and Lady Shiva – to battle the monsters of this world and beyond. The film is rated R for some violence.

The ensemble cast features a core group of actors playing martial arts students-turned-heroes in David Giuntoli (Grimm, A Million Little Things) as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Mark Dacascos (John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Iron Chef America, Hawaii Five-0) as Richard Dragon, Kelly Hu (Arrow, X2: X-Men United) as Lady Shiva and Michael Jai White (Spawn, reprising his role from Arrow) as Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger. Their mentor O-Sensei is voiced by James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China, Blade Runner). Josh Keaton (Voltron: Legendary Defender; Green Lantern: The Animated Series) is featured as Jeffrey Burr, and additional voices are provided by veteran VO actors Grey Griffin, Chris Cox, Erica Luttrell, Robin Atkin Downes, Patrick Seitz, Jamie Chung and Eric Bauza.

Sam Liu (Reign of the Supermen, Batman: The Killing Joke) is Producer and Director of Batman: Soul Of The Dragon, utilizing a script by Jeremy Adams (Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge). Producers are Jim Krieg (Batman: Gotham by Gaslight) and Kimberly S. Moreau (Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Michael Uslan is Executive Producer. Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: Red Son) and Sam Register are Executive Producers.


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Available now on Digital

The post Richard Dragon & Lady Shiva vs. ninjas in new BATMAN: SOUL OF THE DRAGON clip appeared first on The Beat.

The Marvel Rundown: A new team of THUNDERBOLTS takes on the King in Black

This week, Marvel’s massive King in Black event spurs the return of a classic Marvel team, as Wilson Fisk reforms the Thunderbolts! How does the new version of the team’s first outing stack up against previous iterations of the team?

We’ve got a review for King in Black: Thunderbolts #1, plus a Rapid Rundown of other new Marvel releases, all ahead in this week’s installment of The Marvel Rundown!

King in Black: Thunderbolts #1

King in Black: Thunderbolts #1

Written by Matthew Rosenberg
Illustrated by Juan Ferreyra
Lettered by VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Art by Kyle Hotz & Dan Brown
Reviewed by Zoe Tunnell

King in Black: Thunderbolts has all the pieces to be a fantastic title. Matthew Rosenberg has found success writing both dirtbag anti-heroes and black comedies, the two pillars of the debut. Juan Ferreyra is one of the most reliably gorgeous artists in superhero comics for several years now, with his own colorwork guaranteeing results every time. And King in Black itself has proven fertile ground for successful tie-ins like Black Cat and The Union, which have frequently outshone the event itself, which leaves me wondering why the first issue of the 3-part miniseries landed with such a resounding shrug.

The latest incarnation of the Thunderbolts are brought together by NYC mayor Wilson Fisk to try and rescue a mysterious figure who might hold the key to saving the city from Knull’s goopy invasion. The line-up includes cult fan-favorites like Taskmaster and Batroc, a new villain in Star, and several C and D-list benchwarmers such as Mr. Fear and Ampere. It’s a fun combination of characters and personalities, with Fisk himself serving as an entertaining sword hanging above all their heads. Unfortunately, the fact that most of the team doesn’t make it through the first issue means that most of this potential is quickly squandered.

From King in Black: Thunderbolts #1

Death isn’t necessarily a bad thing in a black comedy like Thunderbolts. Titles like Suicide Squad and Secret Six have mined that vein for years, but it just doesn’t quite land here, barring an excellent opening gag with Incendiary politely declining the gig. Comedy is insanely subjective, even more so than just about anything else in entertainment, and you may very well find Snakehead getting chomped up by a latex dragon hilarious. But due to a combination of barely any characterization and poor comedic timing, it and other beats just don’t work as far as I’m concerned.

Ferreyra’s art is, of course, a high point for the debut. His digital paints have been reliably kinetic and expressive for years now, and this issue doesn’t break the pattern. Where it does suffer a bit is in the color palette. Limited by the established aesthetic of King in Black, the bulk of the issue is wholly drenched in deep reds and oozing blacks. While striking, it, unfortunately, blends together after a while and leads to a disappointingly muddled whole.

From King in Black: Thunderbolts #1

The primary weak point of the issue lies in precisely the type of story it is trying to tell. While Rosenberg has told absolutely fantastic tales in the same lane in the past (such as Hawkeye: Freefall, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, or even this week’s Grifter feature), this is far from his best work. And, unfortunately, it is no longer the only game in town. Taskmaster, the de facto lead of Thunderbolts, is currently starring in his own miniseries that outshines his appearance here by a wide margin. Hellions has carved out a devilishly funny and cruel niche for itself, and it’s team of villains-turned-heroes that manages to hit both deeper emotional beats and funnier comedy highs than Thunderbolts.

To be clear, King in Black: Thunderbolts is not a bad issue. For all my complaints, Rosenberg knows how to write a solid scuzzy superhero comic, and even with a lackluster color palette, Ferreyra is an art monster. If you’re a King in Black completionist or a die-hard fan of any of the misfits on the team or the T-Bolts as an institution, you’re in for a perfectly acceptable, competently crafted book. If you aren’t in either of those camps, however, you might find yourself wondering why you spent your $4 on Thunderbolts when other books at Marvel are playing the same game it is, but at a much higher level.

Final Verdict: BROWSE.

From King in Black: Thunderbolts #1

Rapid Rundown!

  • King in Black: Gwenom vs. Carnage #1
    • Spider-Gwen Ghost-Spider makes her triumphant return this week in an event tie-in that feels like a natural continuation of the character’s solo series. Writer Seanan McGuire picks up right where she left off, ably assisted by artists Flaviano and Rico Renzi in thrusting Gwen into the middle of the symbiote invasion and highlighting her unique perspective on the events. The arrival of Carnage — or, rather, the Earth-65 version of same — is executed perfectly and ties the character to Gwen in an interesting way. I’m excited to see how the rest of this series plays out, and hopeful that it means Ghost-Spider will be returning to her own ongoing series sooner rather than later. —JG
  • Marauders #17
    • Marauders continues to be one of the best books of Marvel’s X-line. The latest issue finds Storm at a crossroads, while Emma Frost and Kate Pryde start throwing their weight around following last issue’s confrontation with Sebastian Shaw. Gerry Duggan‘s writing is sharp as ever, and Matteo Lolli and Edgar Delgado do a fantastic job with the issue’s beautiful Krakoan landscapes. The action sequence in particular is incredibly powerful, with visuals that drive home the emotion of the scene beautifully. —JG
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #9
    • In a fairly surprising move, I’m actually excited to see how Greg Pak manages to connect this to the abysmal The Rise of Skywalker. The odds continue to stack against Vader in this issue, with his hurriedly-assembled appendages supposedly proving no match to Ochi’s droid companions. This has been a relatively slow-moving plot but each cliffhanger manages to get me more excited for the next issue, which makes for a compelling series. Of course, I have my reservations since it connects so heavily to the aforementioned film but I’ve learned to trust Pak and artist Raffaele Ienco. —HW
  • S.W.O.R.D. #2
    • Immediately tying a brand-new series in to an ongoing event can often be less than ideal, but Al EwingValerio Schiti, and Marte Gracia follow up a phenomenal first issue with a solid second that incorporates the King in Black crossover well. The team delivers plenty of entertaining character moments, including an early splash of Mentallo that is sure to stick with readers for years to come. The X-books post-HoXPoX have masterfully blended high drama with humor and fun, and so far this one is no exception to that trend. The final page reveal was also really fun, and obvious in a satisfying way. Read this book. —JG

Next week, “Enter the Phoenix” continues, and The King in Black rages on!

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Reviews of this week’s new Marvel Comics releases, including KING IN BLACK: THUNDERBOLTS #1, STAR WARS: DARTH VADER #9, and more!

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INTERVIEW: WANDAVISION cast & creators talk sitcoms, Monica Rambeau, and the future of the series

We are days away from the release of the highly anticipated new Marvel studios show, WandaVision. On the heels of the release, The Beat was on hand for the Global Press Conference featuring titular stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 4 newcomers Teyonah Parris and Kathryn Hahn, plus the creative team behind this series, Head Writer/Executive Producer Jac Schaeffer, Director/EP Matt Shakman and Marvel Studios President/EP Kevin Feige. Moderated by sitcom veteran actor Jaleel White, check out our WandaVision scoop!

On shooting in front of a live studio audience, Olsen shared: “It was the first thing we shot and it was so nerve-wracking and I had a lot of adrenaline. There were a lot of quick changes and the entire thing confused my brain. The idea of not playing to an audience but feeding off an audience and having a camera, I was grateful when we added the fourth wall for our second episode (laughs).”

On which actresses she pulled inspiration from when it came to portraying Wanda’s comedic side onscreen, Olsen told us: “It was an amalgamation of Mary Tyler Moore and Elizabeth Montgomery, and I think I accidentally threw in some Lucille Ball in the 70s just because there was so much physical comedy.”

On Vision’s ability to transcend time & space and what holds true for him no matter his surroundings, Bettany said:I was worried about that initially. I was like, ‘Wow, this feels so different,’ as I read the script and I kept asking myself ‘How do I keep him the same?’ And then I realized he’s always been becoming something else. He’s Jarvis, he’s part Ultron, he’s part Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), and he’s omnipotent but he’s also this sort of naïve ingénue. So, I just decided I’d just throw a little bit of Dick Van Dyke in there and a little bit of Hugh Laurie. As long as he remains ‘Vision,’ is decent, honorable, and exists for Wanda, then you’re safe.”

On what Vision needs specifically to blend into his community, Bettany shared: ‘Oh, a lot of wigs and great makeup (Laughs).’

On if she’s personally ever had a neighbor like her character Agnes before, Hahn told us: ‘I did have a neighbor that was very much like Agnes and would pop over unannounced and I tried to pretend to be excited to see them and it was always the worst timing. So yes, for sure.’

On Monica Rambeau, Parris said: ‘We met Monica in Captain Marvel as a little girl and in WandaVision we pick up with who she is now as a grown woman. Through the course of the show, we find out what she’s been up to, what’s happened for her between that gap in years, who she’s grown to be, and what she may or may not be involved in. In 2022, we will get to see Monica join Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) aka Captain Marvel and Miss Marvel in Captain Marvel 2.”

On the sitcom boot camp that he created to help prep the cast for WandaVision, Shakman shared: “Well, we wanted to be as authentic as possible. That was one of the biggest goals, and so when it came to production design, cinematography, costuming, etc., everything was about going on this deep dive, and with the actors, we wanted to do the same thing. So, we watched a ton of old television episodes and talked about how comedy changes over the decades. The approach to comedy in the 50s, 60s, 70s is different. And as Elizabeth said, doing it in front of a live studio audience adds to it. You can feel the energy of that sort of theatrical performance working with the audience. When you get into 60s shows like Bewitched it adds a fourth wall and all of a sudden, it’s much more like doing a movie these days. It changes the energy, the approach, the style, everything.

So, we worked with a fabulous dialect coach to work on how the people would sound in that era, how they would move. We did everything we could to make it as authentic as possible. I won’t ruin it for everyone by sharing how deep into the various decades worth of sitcoms we go, but we take quite a trip.”

On Wanda & Vision’s love story and journey up to this point, and what we can expect to see of their relationship throughout the series, Schaeffer told us: “Wanda and Vision are really as a couple a fan favorite because their love story has been so very tragic but also kind of warm and intimate. We’ve seen them in these really beautiful stolen moments in the MCU. It’s been a small amount of screen time but very powerful and very soulful. What we have with WandaVision is a treat for all as we’re sort of opening up the stage and the space for them

in this domestic sphere. We get to see them doing dishes and, in the kitchen, being cute and doing all of the homebody stuff that you would never get to see a superhero participate in. We go from these enormous dramatic and kind of fraught moments in the MCU to WandaVision. It’s a lot of cute things until it’s not.”

On writing the changing dialects as the series goes through the decades of sitcoms, Schaeffer said: “Yeah, it was almost like doing a period piece, especially with the 50s and 60s. We would compile these big lists of sayings from that era and then we made adjustments and improvements for all those sorts of little textural things. So, in the early ones, it genuinely was sort of a research thing that we were kind of plug-in playing the expressions to make it fun in that way. Then as we moved forward to the sitcoms of the 80s, those phrases were just burned into my actual DNA so, that was not so much of a challenge.”

On if we can expect other MCU sitcoms in the future, MCU mastermind Kevin Feige shared:We’ll see. This was Marvel Studios’ test run. There were a lot of meetings before people sort of understood what we were trying to go for, and we’re only sitting here because of what Jac and Matt accomplished. We’re able to turn a whacky idea into a spectacular show. I’m very happy and it’s worked out perfectly that this is the first debut from the MCU on Disney+.”

We’ll have to stay tuned to see what lies ahead for Wanda & Vision, and how this shows kicks off Phase 4 of the MCU and all everywhere it goes.

Check out WandaVision this Friday when it begins streaming on Disney+

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Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Teyonah Parris, Kathryn Hahn, Jac Schaeffer, Matt Shakman and Kevin Feige all sit down for a chat about the new series.

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New INDIANA JONES game coming from Bethesda

At the beginning of this week, Disney introduced its new Lucasfilm Games branding, accompanied by a sizzle reel highlighting recent Star Wars titles. Similar to Marvel Games, Lucasfilm Games will serve as a label for all future titles based on Lucasfilm IP. Not the most exciting news, but it hinted at a future involving games based on Lucasfilm properties developed by studios not owned by EA, the publisher which has held the exclusive rights to make Star Wars games, to mixed results.

1992 point-and-click INDIANA JONES adventure game

We still don’t know what Lucasfilm Games means for future Star Wars games. But yesterday we got a different announcement: a new Indiana Jones title from Bethesda-owned studio Machine Games, developer of the recent Wolfenstein games. You can watch a brief (not particularly informative) teaser trailer below.

Bethesda shared the game would have an original story and be executive produced by Todd Howard in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games but admit that it’ll be some time before they’re able to offer more details.

Nevertheless, the news is very exciting. Two major video game properties, Tomb Raider and Uncharted, clearly draw inspiration from the iconic series, but we’ve never seen a big-budget action-adventure video game starring Indiana Jones himself. Machine Games is widely acclaimed for its work on Wolfenstein, so Lucasfilm Games put the franchise in good hands.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether the Indiana Jones game will be an Xbox exclusive since Microsoft recently acquired Bethesda for a reported $7.5 billion. If Lucasfilm Games approached Bethesda before the acquisition the contract likely specified that the game will come to both consoles. Lucasfilm Games hasn’t shared what platforms the game is being developed for, so we’ll have to wait and see if Indiana Jones will be an Xbox exclusive or if it will release on PlayStation, as well.

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A big-budget title starring Indiana Jones is being made by Machine Games, and it may be an Xbox exclusive?

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The Comic Book Shopping Experience aims to build a new platform for selling comics

One of the biggest comics sales trends of 2020 is getting an even bigger push in 2021 with the launch of The Comic Book Shopping Experience, a sort of home shopping network for comics retailers.

Comics retailers were forced to reach consumers in new ways during the pandemic lockdown and Diamond shutdown in the Spring of 2020. Among them were Jen King of Space Cadets and Jesse James of Jesse James Comics who both took to Facebook Live with home spun livestreams selling various books from their backstocks. It was part of the Comic Book Shopping Network, something they had been planning for a while. Like many someday plans, the pandemic put it on the front burner.

It sounds crazy but it took off – sales through these videos have been incredibly strong.

And now King and James have teamed with Dynamite and Dynamic Forces founder Nick Barrucci for an even larger network of online stores and an entire programming channel, the Comic Book Shopping Experience. According to THR, 

…the Comic Book Shopping Experience will feature online programming created by retailers available across multiple platforms — Facebook, YouTube, and its own website — with the intent of not only selling comic books and related merchandise, but increasing the profile of comic book retailers as a whole. Programming will include creator appearances and virtual signings. 

King, James and Barrucci made the press rounds, including a story in the New York Times. King told THR that the hope is that this will be a new platform to promote comics in general:

King: That is our fervent hope, that we can grow the market, bring more attention to local comic book shops, make comics as a medium easier for interested viewers to understand and to take the mystery out of that end of things for new collectors. With the success of entertainment based on comic books themselves, we want to do what hasn’t really been done yet: give a direct link and focus between the two and let people know where they can go get the source material. Their Local Comic Shop. They are the heart of the industry.

Barrucci has been active on QVC and other shopping channels for decades, so he definitely knows the territory. He told ICv2:

We will be having, to begin, four-hour blocks per day of new content, which obviously will then be archived and everyone can see on an ongoing basis.  What we’re doing inside the sales programs is that we’re going to have some informational segments in each hour.  If an hour program is 60 minutes, 44 minutes or so will be sales.

The other 16 minutes will be commercials and promotions.  We plan on promoting the comic market; we plan on promoting comics that are in stores, the Comic Shop Locator service, news sites.  We really want to make this a platform to grow the industry.  Instead of this being similar to what many retailers are doing right now on Facebook, which is doing two hours of straight sales, we’re creating sales and entertainment.

We expect this to hit a larger audience that isn’t there today; we expect to brand this outside the comics market.

Back issue comics sales have soared during the pandemic, and it seems likely that they will stay high throughout 2021. Retailers have added many tools to their selling techniques, and this could be a very powerful one. 

TCBSE launches this weekend with a virtual convention and four hours of daily programming. You’ll be able to watch it on Facebook to start. This weekend’s convention includes everyone from Alison Sampson to Mark Bagley. You can check out the entire line-up here. 

More to come.


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The network launches this weekend with a virtual convention.

The post The Comic Book Shopping Experience aims to build a new platform for selling comics appeared first on The Beat.

Maybe Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty is the collab we need for these times

It seems that a few months ago, Hello Kitty and Cup Noodles announced a collaboration for clothing and merchandise. Sanrio and Nissen, two of Japan’s top brands, teaming up makes a lot of sense from a business point of view, but also just maybe it’s what we need in these times of quarantine and insurrection. A cute kitten and soggy salty comfort noodles laced with fake crab.

Lazy egg Gudetama is also part of the pact, so add some runny egg yolk and now you start to see why these uncertain times call for Cup noodles x Hello Kitty.

Kid Robot is offering an array of toys, plush and collectibles. The first two items are available now, but more will be dropping throughout 2021 – we’ll be waiting for word with our bowl and spoon.

Kidrobot will have you squealing with excitement and doing the chicken dance as Hello Kitty dons the cutest pig and chicken costumes ever to match her favorite food! Hello Kitty is dressed up in her flavor coordinating outfits holding Cup Noodles in these new must-have interactive plush. These two premium 16-inch Hello Kitty® x Cup Noodles Plushies will ensure you never stop playing with your food!

The line debuts with Hello Kitty about to enjoy some ramen in either chicken or pork plush.

We’re a little sad that the shrimp flavor did not make the cut yet, but we have the rest of 2021 to go pescatarian.

These plushes are interactive, which, I don’t know what that means. If it means you can clutch them tightly as you curl into a fetal ball, then these will be extremely useful. They retail for $34.99.

Coming later in the collab:

Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty Plush Charms

Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty “Fork & Bow” Interactive Plush

Cup Noodles x Hello Kitty Enamel Pins


And best of all, a Top Ramen x Gudetama Large Crinkle Plush. It’s Top Ramen, it’s Gudetama, you can hug it AND it makes crinkly sounds for all you ASMR people out there.

KidRobot is not the only company making Hello Kitty/Cup Noodles merch. Hot Topic and Forever 21 also have various hoodies and tees for sale.

However, the one we like best is sold on the Nissen site:  this Top Ramen Gudetama pink crop top. Bust out this number for your next Renegade on TikTok.

Nissen also offers this “Which comes first?” t-shirt,  so if you are lying in bed at 5:30 am, eyeballs wide open, unable to sleep as you are beset with anxiety, here is something to take your mind off whatever was troubling you.

And finally, this “Dream come true” sweatshirt, because what else you gonna buy with your stimmy besides lots and lots of ramen?

What items in this Cup Noodle x Hello Kitty line will you be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments.


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“Pork plush”

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Get ‘em while they’re hot: baked GETTING IT TOGETHER variants!

Getting It Together from Image Comics is celebrating its final issue with a variant cover that was (literally) baked by Kim-Joy, bestselling author and former contestant of The Great British Baking Show. The variant was borne of a chance meeting between Kim-Joy and series co-creator Sina Grace, which you can learn more about in the comic strip below.

Getting It Together #4 variant.

In addition to the limited edition variant cover, the comic will include a bookplate/comic strip that explains he origins of the tasty collaboration signed by Kim-Joy (and includes a cameo appearance from friend of The Beat Jimmy Aquino), and delivered in a bag sealed with a sticker with art drawn by Grace depicting Kim-Joy.

The comic strip that explains the origins of the collaboration between Sina Grace and Kim-Joy.

If you’re interested in picking up this variant, you’ll want to act quickly: there are only 350 copies available, and they’re only available in two regions: the United States and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, 250 copies of the variant are available through the shop on Grace’s website.

And an additional 100 copies of the variant will be available in the United Kingdom, from the online store Traveling Man.

If you aren’t familiar with Getting It Together, you can read a preview of the first issue here. According to Grace’s website, Getting It Together #4 is an oversized standalone issue that follows Lauren as she heads to Los Angeles to connect with her songwriting.

Getting It Together is by Grace, Omar Spahi, Jenny D. Fine, and Mx. Struble.

Are you going to be picking up a copy of the baked variant of Getting It Together while they’re hot and fresh? Are you holding out in hopes that they release a second, even more limited-edition gluten-free baked variant? Let The Beat know in the comment section!

The post Get ‘em while they’re hot: baked GETTING IT TOGETHER variants! appeared first on The Beat.

KIM-JOY, a former contestant of The Great British Baking Show, collaborates with SINA GRACE for a delicious variant.

The post Get ‘em while they’re hot: baked GETTING IT TOGETHER variants! appeared first on The Beat.

Hasbro unveils the most savage She-Hulk figure

Jennifer Walters, better known as the She-Hulk, has changed quite a bit in the last few years from quirky/fun character practicing superhero law to giving her cousin Bruce Banner a run for his money as a savage Gamma powered beast. It’s no surprise then the latest Marvel Legends She-Hulk figure coming this Spring is taking its cue from the Savage Shulkie version of recent years.

With the upcoming She-Hulk Disney+ original series starring Tatiana Maslany as the titular superheroine, it will be interesting to see how Jennifer Walters will be interpreted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I would not be surprised if down the line once the first official images of Maslany as She-Hulk are revealed, Hasbro eventually produces an official figure based on the She-Hulk show as well as the other MCU original Disney+ shows.

Until then, take a gander at the images of perhaps the most savage She-Hulk Hasbro action figure.


(HASBRO/Age 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $22.99/Available: Spring 2021)

Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy this MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH SHE-HULK Figure, inspired by the character from MARVEL entertainment. This quality 6-inch-scale figure features premium design, detail, and multiple points of articulation for posing and display in a MARVEL collection. Includes figure and 3 accessories. Available for pre-order at HasbroPulse, Best Buy, Big Bad Toy Store, Dorkside Toys, and Entertainment Earth.

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Eat your heart out Bruce Banner!

The post Hasbro unveils the most savage She-Hulk figure appeared first on The Beat.