Army of the Dead

Geeked Week highlights Netflix’s slate for 2021 and beyond

Last week Netflix hosted their first-ever Geeked Week, defined as a “virtual fan-facing event” that covered a massive slate of entertainment coming to Netflix in the future. Netflix’s Geeked branch covers a wide variety of shows that fall under the amorphous term of “geeky,” including fantasy, animation, sci-fi, comic book, gaming, and more. Geeked Week streamed live every day at 9 am on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok. Hosted by actor Rahul Kohli and tv host Mari Takahashi, the week was full of trailer drops, release date reveals, behind-the-scenes extras, and more.

Here are some of the major highlights and announcements made from last week’s Geeked Week!

Shadow and Bone

Fans of this fantasy series can finally rest easy as the cast get together for long awaited announcement of a Season Two! Word is still out on a release date and castings, but fans can rest assured that the Grishaverse is here for at least one more season.

Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead
Credit: Netflix

Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder appeared in an interview to celebrate the release and success of Army of the Dead dropping Easter eggs for the fans and discussing Army of Thieves, a prequel, which is set to release this Fall.


Kate sees Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a criminal operative who has less than 24 hours to get revenge on her enemies after being poisoned. In the process, she forms a bond with the daughter of one of her past victims.

The Umbrella Academy

Geeked Week

The Umbrella Academy creator Steve Blackman reveals all ten episode titles for the third season of the series. What is the kindest cut? Whose wedding is at the end of the world? Why does this feel like the end with a name like Oblivion? Get your red string ready!

La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

If you’re not obsessed with the insane world of El Profesor and his gang of thieves who are anti-facism, anti-banks, and anti-establishment, then you need to be. The worldwide hit is set to release their final season in two volumes, one dropping September 3rd, and the second dropping December 3. Let’s all sing “Bella Ciao” together and pull one last heist.

Sweet Tooth

It’s too early to tell about Season 2 of Sweet Tooth, although it seems likely given the success and the big names behind the series. For now, Netflix has released some fun bloopers from the Jeff Lemire comic book adaptation.

Locke & Key

The Locke & Key cast got together to announce that their Season 2 will be streaming in October and also to share exclusive first-look stills from the series.

Cowboy Bebop

Let’s jam! The official announcement for Cowboy Bebop is that original composer Yoko Kanno will be composing the soundtrack for the live action series, but this little promo also gives us a look at John Cho as Spike Spiegel, Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, and Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine. Jury is still out on how the live-action will fair, but it’s hard not to get caught up in Kanno’s “Tank!” and start playing the air sax along with the announcement.

The Sandman

In more comic book adaptation news, a behind-the-scenes look at The Sandman also dropped with Neil Gaiman, Tom Sturridge, and Gwendoline Christie speaking about the series, as well as Gaiman himself touring Shepperton Studios where we get glimpses of sets and props for the series.

Fear Street

Based on R.L. Stine’s Fear Street trilogy, the official trailer for Fear Street drops, revealing that the story will actually be split into a film trilogy, releasing throughout July. Fear Street Part One: 1994 on July 2nd, Fear Street Part Two: 1978 on July 9th, and Fear Street Part 3: 1666 on July 16th. It looks to be full of nostalgia and horror tropes, which is just fine by me.

The School for Good and Evil

Based on Somain Chainani‘s young adult fantasy series, this movie follows a group of kids who are trained to become heroes and villains. In the brief little sneak peek, we see Demi Isaac Oviawe who plays Anadil, Kaitlyn Akinpelumi who plays Dot, and Freya Theodora Parks who plays Hester. Chainani sits down for a chat with the three who are part of a Coven and discuss playing these beloved characters.

Gunpowder Milkshake

Angela Basset, Carla Gugino, and Michelle Yeoh? And also Karen Gillan? Oh and Lena Headey? Sign us up! Gunpowder Milkshake is an action film about three generations of assassins directed by Navot Papushado. Papusahado and this cast also stuck around after the announcements for an exclusive panel discussing the film. Gunpowder Milkshake is set to premiere July 14th.


It seems like just a few days ago I was crying over the finale of Lucifer Season 5B, but now here I am laughing again at the bloopers that Netflix just dropped. The cast also got together after the announcements to do a table read of the pilot episode that is sure to intrigue any Lucifan!

Stranger Things

It feels like it’s been decades since we’ve heard news about the new season of Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s flagship shows, but the Duffer Brothers have finally spoken and they’re here to announce not only new characters for Season 4, but also a fictional podcast featuring Maya Hawke‘s Robin Buckley. Most notably, despite the loss of future seasons of Anne with an E, Anne herself aka Amybeth McNulty will be joining the cast as Vickie. Alonside McNulty, Myles Truitt will be playing Patrick, Regina Ting Chen will be playing Ms. Kelly, and Grace Van Dien will be playing Chrissy.

There was also one particularly cringey recording of the Stranger Things drive-in experience that I’m sure was very cool at the time of filming but now is only a little bit odd in hindsight.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Kevin Smith, showrunner and EP of Masters of the Universe: Revelation reveals an official teaser trailer for the sequel to the 1980s favorite set to the thrumming beat of Bonnie Tyler‘s “Holding Out for a Hero”.

Twilight of the Gods

Man, Zack Snyder is really doubling down on Netflix, huh? I guess this is likely good news for us as Netflix unveiled the star-studded voice cast behind his Norse mythology-based animated series. John Noble as Odin, Pilou Asbæk as Thor, Paterson Joseph as Loki, Sylvia Hoeks as Sigrid, Stuart Martin as Leif, Rahul Kohli as Egill, Jamie Clayton as The Seid-Kona, Kristopher Hivju as Andvari, Peter Stormare as Ulfr, Jamie Chung as Hel, Lauren Cohan as Inge, and Corey Stoll as Hrafnkel. Cue the ancient lamentation music!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway

Who isn’t a Gundam fan? Well it’s time for a new version of the classic mecha series! Based on the 3-part film adapted by Sunrise animation studio, Netflix has obtained official streaming rights for the first film set to premiere July 1st.

Godzilla: Singular Point

The animated series drops an exclusive new clip revealing the monster Rodan. Godzilla: Singular Point releases June 24th.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Netflix really seems to be leaning into the Resident Evil universe, there is a live-action film coming alongside Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, an animated series that brings together Leon S. Kennedy (Nick Apotolides) and Claire Redfield (Stephanie Panisello) after Resident Evil 4. Netflix dropped the opening sequence of the series premiereing on July 8th.

The Cuphead Show!

Cuphead fans got to meet one of the voices behind the upcoming animated series based on the game, Wayne Brady, and also get a glimpse at his villainous King Dice. No sight of Cuphead and Mugman, but the sneak peek look at King Dice certainly does inspire hope.


Castlevania fans rejoice! We already basically knew the series was coming back for more after that finale, but it’s been confirmed. The universe is expanding and although we’ve lost the melodious voices of Richard Armitage and James Callis, the spinoff is officially expanding the Belmont family. This series will center around Richter Belmont and be set during the French Revolution.

Splinter Cell

It’s only a first image, but I’m still excited to see the upcoming animated series based on the Ubisoft Splinter Cell game. Derek Kolstad of John Wick fame is also onboard as the writer.

The Witcher

Perhaps one of Netflix’s biggest shows, The Witcher has finally released a teaser for Season 2. The impossibly brief teaser is chock full of brief images that will be sure to fuel fans who are chomping at the bit for more of the series. Still no word on a release date but with filming wrapping up this past April, maybe there’s hope for a late 2021 release? Perhaps WitcherCon will reveal more? Few details exit for the event (?) set for July 9th, but CD Projekt RED is involved in collaboration with Netflix. Could we see more content then? Time will tell.

Resident Evil

Like I said, they’re leaning in. This shot of the cast of the live-action Resident Evil doesn’t give much away except for the fact that the series will star Lance Reddick, Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, and Paola Núñez. Reddick will be the iconic Albert Wesker, antagonist and captain of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team. The series is set “nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus”. Welcome to New Raccoon City, indeed.

Catch all of Geeked Week on Youtube for even more series and projects not mentioned here. It feels like a busy time for Netflix but we’re happy to strap in and enjoy the ride. What did you think of Geeked Week?

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Last week Netflix hosted their first-ever Geeked Week, defined as a “virtual fan-facing event” that covered a massive slate of entertainment coming to Netflix in the future. Netflix’s Geeked branch covers a wide variety of shows that fall under the amorphous term of “geeky,” including fantasy, animation, sci-fi, comic book, gaming, and more. Geeked Week […]

The post Geeked Week highlights Netflix’s slate for 2021 and beyond appeared first on The Beat.


Ultrasound, a movie based on Generous Bosom, debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival

As mysteriously as as this news had avoided me, it suddenly came to my attention: a film based on the celebrated indie comic Generous Bosom, by Conor Stechschulte, has been made, with a script by Stechschulte. It’s directed by first time helmer Rob Schoeder, and it’s debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival – details here. The cast includes Vincent Kartheiser, Chelsea Lopez, Breeda Wool, Tunde Adebimpe, Rainey Qualley, Chris Gartin and Bob Stephenson.

If you’re familiar with the source material, you must be like…wow.

To quote the festival listing:

Driving home late at night during a heavy rainstorm, Glen experiences car trouble. Near where his car gets stuck, he spots a house, knocks on the door and is greeted by an oddly friendly middle-aged man, Arthur, and his younger wife, Cyndi. The strange couple pours him a drink, and then more drinks, followed by an unexpected offer that Glen can’t refuse. Elsewhere, a young woman, Katie, is feeling emotionally weighed down by a secret romantic arrangement that feels like a textbook case of gaslighting. And at the same time, in a nondescript research facility, medical professional Shannon begins questioning her role in a bizarre experiment, fearing that she’s doing more harm than good. 

This is gonna be weird.

So back up a little: Stechschulte first came to my attention with The Amateurs, published by Fantagraphics, a grisly exploration of memory about the discovery of a severed head. I loved it. I was soon even more astounded by the first volume of Generous Bosom, published by Breakdown Press, which was mostly the story of the car breakdown and the encounter between Glen and the strange couple. This book contains one of the longest, most detailed and excruciating sex scenes ever put in a comic – it’s become a legend to anyone who’s read it. No idea how the film will cover THAT! Although this clip gives a hint!



The second and third volumes deepen the seemingly unconnected mysteries, and in all honesty, I read them all so far apart that the story is a little hazy in my mind but that’s probably the intended effect. It’s all told with comics that use color, pacing, the page itself in inventive and amazing ways. It’s a masterful achievement. But don’t take my word for it. Also, The Beat named it one of the Top 100 Comics of the Decade.

As good as it is, Generous Bosom is something of a cult comic among indie comics aficionados, so to find out that it’s been made into an indie film is pretty astonishing. And kudos to Stechschulte for getting to write his own screenplay.

As mentioned, Ultrasound will be shown Tuesday night at an outside screening. Tickets  – which are free – are available here. Stechschulte will be doing a signing tonight at Projekt 105.

Generous Bosom Volume 1 seems to be OOP, but you can buy Vol. 2 and 3 and a scaled down reprint of #1 at Conor’s site. 

Some more images  – this is one weird, wonderful comic and I’m definitely going to check out the movie.



The post Ultrasound, a movie based on Generous Bosom, debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival appeared first on The Beat.

A free screening is being held on Tuesday

The post Ultrasound, a movie based on Generous Bosom, debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival appeared first on The Beat.

Modern Disney Movies That Have Already Aged Poorly | CBR

There are many Disney movies, both classic and modern, that remain a hit with fans even today. No matter how long it’s been since these movies were first released, they are still considered amazing and unforgettable by many fans.

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However, there are some Disney movies that just miss the mark, especially some of the more modern movies. From Alice Through The Looking Glass to The Good Dinosaur, these films are considered fairly underwhelming by fans. These films received poor reception due to bad storytelling, controversial casting, and the various changes made between the films when compared to their source material.

10 Alice Through The Looking Glass Was Doomed To Fail

Alice In Wonderland did fairly well in theatres in 2010, despite mixed reception over the main actress’ performance and Tim Burton directing the film. However, its sequel released in 2016, Alice Through The Looking Glass, was considered underwhelming and disappointing by fans of the first film.

Many fans and critics criticized this movie for its convoluted plot and character development. Despite promising background into the Red Queen and White Queen’s tumultuous past, fans felt that it underdelivered on that plot point. Many fans of the first movie, as a result, pretend that the second movie never happened.

9 The Good Dinosaur Is Forgettable

The Good Dinosaur was Disney’s take on what could happen if dinosaurs survived the events of the meteor that killed them all. Despite the fun concept, however, fans found this movie to be lackluster.

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Some fans criticized the film for its slow pacing, as well as the lack of storytelling charm that most other films had. However, it did gain praise for its realism and special effects. Despite this praise, however, it’s considered to be one of the more forgettable Disney animated movies.

8 Oz The Great & Powerful Lacked The Charm It Needed

Oz The Great And Powerful fell flat for many fans, despite praise from critics for Mila Kunis’ performance as the villain, the Wicked Witch of the West. The film was supposed to be the origin story of how the Wizard of Oz first came to Oz, since he originally is from Kansas.

Those that watched the film were unimpressed by the movie’s overuse of special effects, the romance between Oz and the Good Witch of the North, and some other plot points. Fans of the original Wizard of Oz movie pretend that Oz The Great And Powerful never happened, as a consequence.

7 The Lone Ranger Took On Controversy

The Lone Ranger was highly criticized by fans and critics alike. Many did not enjoy Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer’s performances. They also did not enjoy the odd storytelling throughout the movie as well. Some fans even criticized Depp for being cast as a Native American character, with worries about him portraying the Comanche accurately.

Depp responded to the claims by stating that he has Native American ancestry. Either way, the film’s poor performance is enough for fans to know it won’t be remembered well in later years.

6 The Live-Action Version Of Pete’s Dragon Might As Well Not Exist

Pete’s Dragon is better known by fans in its animated version. However, a live-action version was released in 2016 and was much less popular with fans.

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Even though the film garnered positive reviews from critics, fans of the original movie felt that the live-action version didn’t live up to its original version’s charm. Some were also put off by the dragon’s appearance in the live-action remake when compared with the animated version. Even though it wasn’t panned like other live-action remakes, this film was not necessarily memorable in the long run.

5 Some Fans Pretend Mary Poppins Never Returned

Mary Poppins Returns was a surprise for many fans of the first movie, considering how long ago Mary Poppins was released. Instead of Julie Andrews, however, it was Emily Blunt who took on the titular role. Fans had mixed feelings over Blunt’s performance as Mary Poppins, but most found that the film underdelivered compared to the original Mary Poppins movie.

Some fans agree that though the second movie was good, it just didn’t capture the same charm the original movie did.

4 Toy Story 4 Is The Most Forgettable Out Of All The Films In Its Series

Fans were shocked when Toy Story 3 released years after the second movie, but it received generally positive reception. However, Toy Story 4 was much less lucky when it was later released. Despite an energetic new character in Forky, the film didn’t have the same nostalgia factor with fans as the third movie did, especially when compared to the first two movies.

Despite this, however, it is not the worst-developed film out of the rest on this list, and it’s one of the stronger movies overall compared to the others.

3 The Live-Action Version Of Beauty & The Beast Did Not Sit Well With Some Fans

Many fans of the animated Beauty And The Beast movie were surprised to see Emma Watson star as Belle in the live-action remake. There was mixed reception over Watson’s performance, including her singing and acting skills.

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There was also additional mixed-to-negative reception over the several changes made to the live-action version. For example, Belle inherited her father Maurice’s skills as an inventor, while the Beast was given a new look. The changes made to Belle’s dress for reasons including Watson refusing to wear a corset, despite the other characters’ costumes adhering more to the historical setting, were also a giant contention with fans of the original. There are also fans that argue that despite the changes made for the film to have a more empowering, feminist spin, the changes actually made that angle backfire for varying reasons. Either way, many fans agree that this film didn’t capture the charm that the original movie did.

2 Artemis Fowl Failed To Impress

Artemis Fowl received negative reviews from critics for its screenplay, visual effects, and changes made from the source material. It did so poorly that it scored a measly 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Many fans of the original series were incensed by the changes made to the film compared to its source material.

It also did not help that this film had troubled production, even before the pandemic forced the film to push its release date all the way to June 12th, 2020.

1 The Nutcracker & The Four Realms Is Considered One Of The Worst Disney Films To Date

The Nutcracker And The Four Realms did poorly at the box office, as well as with fans and critics alike. Many criticized the film for the lack of a cohesive plotline and the lack of actual dancing and musical numbers despite being based on the original Nutcracker ballet.

Those that watched the movie, despite enjoying the special effects, disliked the performances of several of the actors, including the main heroine. The most memorable part of the movie is the song used to promote it; “Fall On Me” performed by Matteo and Andrea Bocelli.

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From Alice Through The Looking Glass to The Good Dinosaur, these Disney films are considered fairly underwhelming by fans.


Asgardians of the Galaxy Reunite in BTS Chris Photo | CBR

Thor the Asgardian and the one of the Guardians of the Galaxy have reunited once again for a special occasion: Chris Evans’ birthday.

Thor: Love and Thunder‘s Chris Hemsworth posted a behind-the-scenes photo featuring himself and costar Chris Pratt, who is returning in the upcoming film as Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord. In a caption, Hemsworth wrote, “Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you’ll always be number 1 in my book.”

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Thor and Quill met for the first time in Avengers: Infinity War, when the Guardians of the Galaxy found the God of Thunder floating in space after Thanos destroyed The Statesman and half of the Asgardian refugees aboard the ship. Thor, Quill and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy departed from Earth in Avengers: Endgame, leaving Earth and New Asgard with Valkyrie appointed as the settlement’s ruler.

Taika Waititi’s upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder wrapped production in late May. The next instalment in the Thor film series will see Jane Foster return in her first MCU appearance since Thor: The Dark World. More importantly, as announced in 2019, Foster will take on the mantle of the God of Thunder.

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It has been confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy will return in the film and, though plot details have been kept under wraps, will aid the Asgardians as they go head to head against the villainous cosmic entity known as Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. Additionally, several other major names are attached, such as Russell Crowe, who will play the Greek god Zeus, as revealed by a leaked audio clip.

Actor Matt Damon, who played a stage version of Loki in Thor: Ragnarok, will return for the fourth Thor film, alongside actors Sam Neill and Luke Hemsworth, who also appeared in the play recounting the events of Thor: The Dark World. Photos taken from the set reveal that Melissa McCarthy will appear in a play within the film retelling the events of Thor: Ragnarok, with McCarthy playing Hela.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Love and Thunder stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif, Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Dave Bautista as Drax, Karen Gillan as Nebula and Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. The film arrives in theaters May 6, 2022.

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Source: Instagram

Thor's Chris Hemsworth and Guardians of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt reunite in a behind-the-scenes photo posted for a third Chris' birthday.


WATCH: Stranger Things Enters the World of Smite | CBR

The world of Smite just got turned upside down as Stranger Things joins the fight next month.

The news broke this past Wednesday when the game tweeted out that it had partnered up with Stranger Things, saying that “Something is coming… Something that’s hungry for blood!” The account teased that fans would have to tune in to Summer Game Fest for the full story.

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The next day, the full teaser for the game’s July Battle Pass would bring popular Stranger Things heroes and villains to the game, with an arena map inspired by the “Upside Down”. This is the mirror world where all of the show’s monstrous antagonists spawn from.

Speaking of antagonists, fans of the show can play as the Demogorgon from Season 1 of the series, as well as the Mind Flayer from Season 3. The heroes of Hawkins are also available for fans, with Eleven and Jim Hopper included in the pass as well.

Players will be able to add Season 1 Eleven and Hopper to their roster of heroes in the game. For those who choose the prestige track though, gamers can play as Eleven and Hopper from Season 3, with the outfit Eleven wears during the “Battle of Starcourt” and Hopper’s P.I. look.

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Developed by Titan Forge Games, Smite is a free multiplayer game that allows teams of players to face off against one another in arena and conquest battles. Fans can select from a series of gods and mythological figures with different abilities to help them in their fight to win, though Battle Pass has enabled all kinds of characters to make their way into the arena.

Not every Stranger Things character will be crossing over into the game world this time around, with notable absences from fan favorites like Steve Harrington and Dustin Henderson, among others.

While the Battle Pass releases on July 13, Season 4 of the series has not yet been given an official release date. Teaser trailers and news, such as the introduction of Eleven’s siblings, are all that have been holding fans over until now.

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So far, Season 4 promises new faces in Hawkins, with actors Amybeth McNulty (Anne with an E), Myles Truitt (Queen Sugar), Regina Ting Chen (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)Grace Van Dien (Charlie Says), and horror icon Robert Englund joining the cast. The season will also give an explanation on how Hopper survived last season, showing a new side of the character.

In the meantime, fans of the series can log on to Smite this summer and continue the adventure with their favorite characters until the next season arrives.

Created by the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Priah Ferguson, Cary Elwes, Jake Busey, Maya Thurman-Hawke and Levon Thurman-Hawke. Season 4 has yet to receive a release date.

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Source: Smite

Stranger Things' beloved series heroes and villains join the world of Smite on July 13 as a part of the game's next Battle Pass.

Wish Dragon: Long Zhu's Powers, Explained | CBR

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wish Dragon, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix’s Wish Dragon is a retelling of the genie-in-the-bottle story, with 19-year-old Din (Jimmy Wong) getting ahold of a magical Chinese teapot that contains the wish dragon, Long Zhu (John Cho). The dragon isn’t initially as friendly as say Aladdin’s Genie, but in time he and Din form a similar close bond.

However, a lot more nuance is given to the wish master as Din explores what he wants for himself, so let’s dissect Long’s powers and how his background influences the youth.

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When Din gets the teapot from a mysterious old man, he makes his first wish on the fly as he runs from goons hunting the relic. It’s nonchalant, though, as he doesn’t think his summoning of Long is real, but when he gets his wish to be a kung-fu master, Din starts believing the hype. Long reaffirms he can grant three wishes, but there are constraints.

He can’t do time travel, kill people or force folks to fall in love — or even be friends. The latter is of concern to Din as he wants to reunite with his best friend, Li Na, after she left their poor community a decade ago. However, Din does work around it by asking to be a modern prince for 24 hours, which results in Long turning into a human personal assistant, providing him a fancy suit, car and watch to woo Li Na at her birthday party.

What’s interesting is that with this wish — and the subsequent and final one Din makes to be rich permanently — Long displays another tweak to his wish-granting. He isn’t beholden to just grant them instantly after Din says the magic words; he has the ability to pause the wish and confer with his master as to whether or not they really want this. He hasn’t used this with the others, but he likes Din, so he shows him the truth about his own history to inform Din on his last wish.

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Up to this point, Din thinks Long’s just a dragon who needs the teen to grant three wishes to release him from servitude. Din’s his 10th and final master, and once this happens, Long’s soul can enter heaven. But the dragon admits he altered his story just to rush Din into wishes, all so he could be free. In flashbacks, he shows Din that he was indeed a Chinese lord a millennia ago but being turned into a dragon after death wasn’t a reward — it was punishment.

He was a greedy lord who had 17 wives so he could have countless children. His daughters were married off so he could expand his empire while his lone son was killed in war due to Long’s obsession with gold. His vanity also had him pushing subjects to build monuments to him, and sadly, he didn’t care when they died which confirms he wasn’t benevolent — he was a tyrant.

Long Zhu ended up on his deathbed alone with no family or loyal underlings there to comfort him, so the gods turned him to this dragon as penance. They were hoping he could see how greed is indeed a poison and after spending a thousand years trapped in servitude, thanks to Din, Long finally understands how it corrupts. More so, he learns of true love and family from Din. As such, he doesn’t want Din to repeat his mistakes, and after this history lesson, he’s ready to restart the wish if Din really wants to follow the selfish path like he did.

Written and directed by Chris Appelhans, Wish Dragon stars the voice talents of Jimmy Wong, John Cho, Constance Wu, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Will Yun Lee, Jimmy O. Yang, Aaron Yoo, Bobby Lee and Ronnie Chieng. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Let's break down Long Zhu's powers in Netflix's Wish Dragon and how his true background helps Din to make a crucial decision with his big wish.


Loki’s Time-Keepers Tried to Stop the Avengers from Forming

Disney+’s Loki series throws the titular villain thrown into the time-traveling, multiversal bureaucracy of the Time Variance Authority. Founded by the Time-Keepers, this infinite organization keeps tabs on all events across the Marvel Multiverse. While Loki will be working with the T.V.A. to ensure that the timeline remains as it should be in the MCU, the Time-Keepers have been at the heart of some devastating plots in comics, the worst of which almost broke up the Avengers as soon as they had formed.

In 1963’s Avengers #2 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Marvel heroes were attacked by what appeared at first to be one another. Tensions had already been growing high between the Mighty Thor and the Incredible Hulk, so when the two finally came to blows it was no real surprise. However, this violence was revealed to be a ploy by the Space Phantom to tear the team apart. This mysterious villain had proclaimed that he was clearing the way for his people’s invasion of Earth by copying the powers of the Avengers and subsequently banishing them to Limbo. Years later, this seemingly simple plot would have its layers peeled back to reveal the dark secret that had been hiding at the center of it all along.

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Nearly four decades after their second adventure, a huge part of the Avengers’ secret history was revealed in the pages of 1999’s Avengers: Forever #8 by Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern and Carlos Pacheco. In a story that brought together Avengers members from several eras, a fit of rage on Hawkeye’s part forces the Space Phantom to reveal his presence as an inanimate object hiding amongst them as they hurtle through time itself. It doesn’t take much convincing to get the Space Phantom to tell them everything he knows, and it all starts with Immortus., the future version of Kang the Conqueror.

This evil Nathaniel Richards from the far away future was at some point visited by the Time-Keeperse. With his army of beings who had been twisted into Space Phantoms by their extended stay in Immortus’ Limbo, the villain set into motion multiple attempts to keep the Avengers from staying together if not eradicate them entirely, all at the behest of the Time-Keepers themselves.

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As far as the Time-Keepers were concerned, the Avengers’ continued interference and influence of major historical events on Earth and beyond made them far too dangerous to the timeline as a whole. Not only was there the potential for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to have too great of sway over the course of its future, but the existence of numerous futures in which they had become threats unto themselves left the Time-Keepers with seemingly no choice but to interfere.

Thankfully, the Avengers managed to defeat the Space Phantoms and Immortus at every turn that mattered, and the Marvel Universe has been far better off for it. While the Time-Keepers and the TVA might not be the most famous names in Marvel history, moments like this show just how deeply they’re intertwined with the Marvel Universe.

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The Time-Keepers of Disney+'s Loki were secretly behind one of the very first threats the Avengers ever faced, and they didn't stop there.


10 Shonen Anime To Watch If You Like One Piece | CBR

One Piece started serialization in Shonen Jump back in 1997—a whopping 24 years ago—and still continues serialization to this day. It’s got over 1,000 chapters and is set to exceed 100 tankobon volumes. And the One Piece anime is just as massive. It started airing in 1999 and continues to this day, with over 900 episodes under its belt. The series has done great with its themes and characters, but most impressively, One Piece has managed to turn the ordinarily villainous pirate trope into a group of misfit rebel heroes.

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It’s no exaggeration to say that One Piece has become a shonen behemoth that will influence the shonen genre for decades to come. But for those who are hungry for more shonen action, there are plenty of classic and modern series that will appeal to One Piece fans.

10 Naruto Follows A Motivated Ninja On His Journey To Become The Strongest

It’s hard to imagine that most anime fans these days haven’t at least heard about Naruto, let alone watched some of it… but for those who haven’t, there are a lot of elements in Naruto that One Piece fans will like. One notable difference between the series revolves around the main goals of their main characters, Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki.

While Naruto wants to become the strongest ninja and become his village’s next Hokage, Luffy wants the more lofty and amorphous goal of being the King of Pirates. But both Luffy and Naruto are underdogs of their series, so rooting for them on their journeys is satisfying.

9 Bleach Is An Action-Packed Narrative Utilizing Shinigami

Ichigo Kurosaki finds himself tied up in the politics of the afterlife after he agrees to help Rukia Kuchiki as a God of Death, or Shinigami. Bleach is notable for bringing a fresh perspective to the shonen genre with its focus on death and the afterlife, but it wasn’t long until the series became more about the behind-the-scenes political strife of the Soul Society.

Like Luffy defying the World Government in One Piece, Ichigo also challenges the status quo of the Soul Society. There are plenty of edge-of-your-seat battles in Bleach, which is sure to delight any One Piece fan.

8 Fairy Tail Infuses The Shonen Genre With Literal Magic

While it’s common for shonen anime to feature some kind of martial art or spiritual power, it’s not as common for it to rely on magic. “Magic” might seem like something more suited for shojo anime (magical girls, anyone?) but Fairy Tail challenges that notion spectacularly.

Earth-land is full of talented wizards and other magical folk, including Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer wizard from the Fairy Tail guild. The series focuses on Natsu and his comrades as they help him track down the dragon Igneel, Natsu’s adoptive father.

7 Black Clover Gives The Shonen Genre A Black Magic Paintjob

While Fairy Tail‘s magic and setting have a lighter tone, Black Clover uses a slightly darker tone for its storytelling. Nevertheless, Black Clover‘s protagonist, Asta, is the same type of protagonist you’d find among the ranks of Luffy and Naruto. He’s determined to become the Wizard King but doesn’t have the strength or talent to get there.

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But what Asta does have (just as Luffy and Naruto do) is the potential to become a powerful wizard. The anime is currently on hiatus in order for more content to build up in the manga, but at 170 episodes currently, there’s plenty to watch while the manga pumps out more stories.

6 My Hero Academia Is A Love Letter To Superheroes

Izuku “Deku” Midoriya lives in a world where an overwhelming amount of the population are born with “Quirks”: special innate abilities such as invisibility, super speed, and super strength, among others. Society developed around Quirks to give birth to real-life superheroes who can protect humanity with more strength than a modern police force has.

Deku wants to be like his superhero idol, All Might… but he was born Quirkless! My Hero Academia is another series devoted to cheering on the underdog in their quest to surpass their own limits.

5 Dragon Ball Is The Classic Shonen Experience

The Dragon Ball series is quite possibly the first series to invent the typical shonen arc structure. Any entry in the Dragon Ball library will work for fans of One Piece, but it’s recommended to start with the first series, Dragon Ball, since it’s got a sillier and more relaxed tone than its successor, Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball will also introduce fans to the main cast of characters that occupy most of the Dragon Ball universe. There’s not really a clear plot to Dragon Ball. It’s mostly made up of the increasingly difficult challenges that its main character, Son Goku, has to surpass in order to keep the Earth safe.

4 Yu Yu Hakusho Features Spirits & Otherworldly Brawls

This supernatural shonen series was popular in the ’90s and takes its inspiration from the occult, Buddhism, and horror films. It also utilizes the street-fighting high school delinquent trope that was popular in the late ’80s to mid-’90s anime and manga. Teenage delinquent Yusuke Urameshi meets an untimely death after being struck by a car while (uncharacteristically) saving a child’s life.

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But the Underworld wasn’t prepared for Yusuke’s sudden death, so they don’t have a place for him in either Heaven or Hell! Instead, Yusuke is offered the rare opportunity to return to life… and once he earns his life back, he’s granted the title of Underworld Detective and expected to help sort out supernatural activity in the Human World.

3 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Puts Human Struggles & Space Battles In The Spotlight

Gurren Lagann is the wildly popular 2007 Gainax series that led to the birth of Studio Trigger (which has been trying to replicate Gurren Lagann‘s popularity ever since, with mixed results). Anyone familiar with Trigger should know, then, that Gurren Lagann‘s action scenes and animation are top-notch and captivating.

In the world of Gurren Lagann, humans were forced underground by an alien race that rules over them. Platonic brothers Simon and Kamina stumble across a mysterious robotic vehicle that Simon can pilot, which they plan to use to explore the Earth’s dangerous surface and take the planet back for humans. The overall plot of Gurren Lagann gets a bit convoluted after the time skip, but fans of both shonen tropes and mecha will find an interesting series with a large cast of characters and mesmerizing fight scenes, both on Earth and in space.

2 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Has Wonderfully Animated Battle Scenes

One Piece has dozens of battles over the course of the series, but it’s arguable as to whether any of them can outclass the beauty of Demon Slayer‘s battle scenes. The flow and cinematography of Demon Slayer‘s battles will have viewers on the edge of their seats waiting to see who the victor will be.

The series follows young Tanjiro Kamado, who loses almost his entire family to flesh-eating demons. It’s up to Tanjiro and his traveling companions, Inosuke and Zenitsu, to become powerful demon slayers and find a cure for Tanjiro’s demon sister, Nezuko.

1 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Is An Eccentric Shonen With Several Storylines

There’s no doubt about it: One Piece is an exceptionally long anime that’s been running for the past 20+ years. While JoJo’s can’t compare in anime length, its manga can definitely contend with One Piece. JoJo’s first started serialization in Shonen Jump back in 1987 and continues to this day (although it can now be found in Ultra Jump rather than Shonen Jump).

There’s plenty of content that can be eventually made into anime and a new JoJo’s anime installment is coming in the form of Stone Ocean. There are still two more storylines to be animated after this, so there’s plenty of action-filled content for the One Piece fan to enjoy.

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For those who are hungry for more shonen action, there are plenty of classic and modern series that will appeal to One Piece fans.

The Playdate Handheld Console Is the Future of Indie Gaming | CBR

The Playdate is a neat little handheld that doesn’t aim to compete with other consoles but instead provides a unique experience in the indie game corner. This small handheld by publisher Panic Inc. will feature a number of indie games digitally for gamers to enjoy on the go, making it an incredibly unique system to have. It’s the first time a console has been made solely for indie games and could have interesting implications for the industry as it has provided a dedicated space for indie development away from the AAA sphere.

The Playdate was first announced way back in 2019 then fell under the radar due to the pandemic, making it seem like just a concept. However, this year the Playdate was brought back up during E3 as part of Guerilla Collective’s showcase along with its own update video. Pre-orders will begin in July and updates with more games have been promised, making it potentially a fascinating piece of gaming history.

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The console will be retailing for $179 and Panic will be releasing two games each week until the first season of support ends after 24 games have launched. More will come later, likely with different seasons, and a developer kit will be publicly available for anyone to make a game of their own. There are accessories planned to release alongside the machine that add to its pick-up-and-play style. It’s an innovative indie version of Nintendo‘s NES and SNES Mini concept, and it has a similar look to the original yellow Game Boy.

At a passing glance, it may seem like calling the Playdate a piece of gaming history is overhyping the product. But, there’s potential for the device to have major ramifications. Many indie games are currently available through the same platforms as their AAA peers, which leads to heightened competition where AAA development usually takes the spotlight. On top of this, there is a lot of competition even between indie titles in the PC market, which adds to the complications intrinsic to development and console porting alongside certification. However, because the Playdate is an indie-specific console, it has the potential to change the playing field.

Never before has there been an indie specific space outside of PC storefronts. Even though the Playdate features smaller, more bite-sized games than the more major indie blockbusters, it opens up the potential for other indie-only consoles. Imagine if had a home console with a connection to a unique version of its shop. It would give indie developers not just a new way to reach players, but possibly a simpler console to make games for with easier access to the necessary tools. It would be a new venture in the indie market and a way to reach more players. There is always the argument that people can play on PC and access indie games easily, but the flexibility of a dedicated system can better fit the audience’s lifestyles, and better compete in the dominant AAA console market.

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The Playdate invites a new audience for indie developers by removing competition. The indie market is a bit oversaturated, making it difficult to know what is worthwhile. On top of this, added AAA pressure makes it even more difficult for indie titles to cut through the noise and connect with players. Giving indie games a way to step out of that shadow and have their own spaces really helps titles be discovered, and a dedicated market is key to facilitating that.

Overall, the Playdate is an interesting little handheld stepping into new territory that may have some major implications if it does well. It would definitely be nice to see more platforms outside of PC prioritize the indie scene. Perhaps an extension of this concept could lead to another golden age of gaming that sees indie titles at the forefront. Of course, these are questions for after it’s released, but for now, the Playdate is an interesting part of gaming to keep an eye on.

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The Playdate is a neat little handheld coming later this year that has the potential to make history by launching a successful indie-centric console.


10 Movies That Made A Strong Case For 3D | CBR

There are more distractions than ever before that compete for the audience’s attention, but movies continue to be at the forefront of the entertainment industry. Cinema functions as a fascinating barometer for society’s interests and every decade there’s a new trend or fad that consumes the film industry.

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The concept of 3D movies is nothing new and it even used to be considered a cheap gimmick, yet the technology has been able to evolve in unbelievable ways to the point where it can make or break movies. There’s still a bit of a stigma that surrounds 3D movies, but there are a number of films that use the technology in ambitious ways and act as proof that there are definitely ways to make proper use of 3D entertainment.

10 The 3D In James Cameron’s Avatar Left Fans Sad That It’s Not Reality

James Cameron is an iconic filmmaker that strives to push filmmaking technology forward just as much as he wants to create a compelling narrative. Cameron’s Avatar is one of the biggest films of all time and perhaps the most notable proponent for the future of 3D cinema.

Avatar painstakingly uses the technology to create the immersive world of Pandora. Regardless of whether Avatar’s story connects with the audience or not, there’s no denying that the visuals are unprecedented. 

9 Gravity’s Chaotic Experience Only Becomes More Intense In 3D

3D used to be a silly fad that’s tacked on to slasher movies, but it’s now the most progressive and visionary filmmakers in the industry that are the people that know how to use this technology to its potential. Alfonso Cuarón is responsible for some unforgettable movies, but Gravity is one of his most powerful and suffocating experiences.

The disaster that strikes in Gravity is almost too much to endure, yet Cuarón’s movie truly opens up when it’s witnessed in 3D IMAX. The scope of destruction is unbelievable and the audience will truly feel like its hopelessly stranded in space.

8 Scorsese’s Hugo Uses 3D To Comment On The Past & Future Of Filmmaking

Martin Scorsese is one of the most renowned and traditional filmmakers of this generation and he’s not initially the type of director that people would imagine to play around with 3D spectacles. Scorsese carefully picks the perfect project to utilize this technology and the children’s film, Hugo, becomes one of the director’s best modern movies because of its use of 3D.

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The curiosity and sense of wonder in Hugo exponentially grow through 3D, but Scorsese also applies it in a reflexive way, like how the initial spectacle of cinema blew audiences’ minds just like how 3D currently does.

7 Life Of Pi Is A Stunning Story That Doesn’t Truly Come Alive Until It’s Seen In 3D

There are several filmmakers that have to first properly pioneer technology before others can confidently run with it, and Ang Lee is such an innovator. Ang Lee’s films try to push the medium forward in various ways, with the most recent being his push towards 120 frames per second extreme framerates.

It’s this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that allows Ang Lee to understand how to turn 3D into an overwhelming phenomenon. Life of Pi is an emotional, claustrophobic journey that moves between extremes. It’s these minimal details that allow the 3D in the movie to pop.

6 Spielberg’s Adventures Of Tintin Combines 3D & Motion-Capture Tech In Sublime Ways

The announcement of a Tintin film series excited many film fans due to the prospect of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson working together. Trilogy plans didn’t fully come to pass, but Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin is still a masterpiece that gains greater appreciation each year.

Typically, 3D technology just adds greater detail or depth to the surroundings, but Tintin routinely blends together 3D visuals with the cinematography to create visuals and camerawork that would otherwise be impossible. The crowning achievement of this is a delirious tracking shot, which in itself is a testament to what 3D can accomplish.

5 Audiences Lose Themselves In Tron: Legacy’s 3D World

Sometimes the addition of 3D to a movie doesn’t seem natural and is clearly meant to take advantage of a current trend or technology, but then there are movies where the shift to 3D can actually serve the story and thematic purposes, almost like the shift to color in The Wizard of Oz.

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This idea gets explored in an excellent capacity in Joseph Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy. A voyage into a virtual world is a natural fit for 3D technology, but Tron: Legacy carefully applies the technology to enhance specific visuals and effects rather than assault the entire frame.

4 Beowulf Uses 3D To Properly Convey The Scope Of This Epic

Robert Zemeckis is a legendary filmmaker that’s lost a bit of his luster due to his heavy obsession with motion-capture technology. Zemeckis’ The Polar Express still egregiously suffers from uncanny valley problems, but Beowulf is the type of epic story that is a much more natural fit for the technology.

Zemeckis goes one step further with a level of immersive 3D that surpasses any of his previous technical experiments. There are unbelievable zooms and tracking shots that defy reality and are only possible because of the intense combination of 3D and motion-capture that Zemeckis painstakingly pushes forward.

3 Jackass 3D Uses Incredible Technology To Bring To Life Puerile Pranks

Nobody is going to argue that the Jackass films are on the same level as Avatar or Gravity, but it’s entirely possible that just as many people had a transformative cinema experience at Jackass 3D. Usually, any project that shamelessly bends over backward to feature a new form of technology is a lost cause, but that’s exactly why Jackass 3D is such a surprise delight.

Jackass 3D doesn’t even need to exist, let alone in 3D, but the pranks and visuals specifically play into this gimmick. Somehow, the bizarre experiment comes together and is funny and even unexpectedly tender.

2 Spy Kids 3D & Sharkboy & Lavagirl Prove Why Robert Rodriguez Is A Master Of Innovation

Robert Rodriguez is a filmmaker who has put himself on the map because of his proficiency in independent filmmaking. Rodriguez makes passionate spectacles for a fraction of a budget and his flair for cutting edge technology has helped him put together projects with cutting edge technology like Sin City, Alita: Battle Angel, and episodes of The Mandalorian.

It makes perfect sense that Rodriguez would also have an appreciation for old-fashioned 3D technology. Rodriguez helps innovate the form through Spy Kids 3D and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D, both of which introduce children to impossible new worlds.

1 The Final Destination Films Accurately Bring 3D Back To Its Horror Roots

The Final Destination horror franchise is a guilty pleasure for most people and even the people behind the series didn’t expect it to spawn five entries with another one on the way. 3D and horror have a special relationship and there’s still a lot of nostalgia surrounding horror films that return to this well.

The most recent two entries in the series, The Final Destination and Final Destination 5, fully embrace 3D. Many of the deaths in the movie appropriately hinge around the technology and use it to have fun with the audience and their expectations.

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There’s still a bit of a stigma that surrounds 3D movies, but there are a number of films that use the technology in ambitious ways.