Beast: 5 Ways He'd Be A Better Avenger In The MCU (& 5 He'd Be A Better X-Man)

Beast debuted with the X-Men, but he’s been a member of several teams over the years including the Avengers. For many comics fans, Beast’s time with the Avengers is iconic and that’s where he belongs. This opens up some intriguing possibilities for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Avengers are kind of light on talent in the movies and could use a new member. Beast would be perfect for that.

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That said, he is an iconic X-Man and robbing the MCU X-Men of Beast would kind of be weird since he is a founder. Seeing as how no one quite knows how the X-Men will debut, the question of which team Beast should be on is interesting.

10 Beast Should Be An MCU Avenger: The Team Could Use An Interesting Visual Like Him

The Avengers are a great team but looking at them, there’s something very human about them. Beyond the Hulk, the team are all run-of-the-mill visually and with the loss of Iron Man, there’s not a lot of visual variety. The Beast could change all of that by giving the team a great visual that they don’t really have.

There have been a lot of versions of Beast over the years and most of them are quite visually interesting. Putting him on the team would add a new visual to the Avengers, something to break up the visual monotony of a bunch of pretty humans hanging out.

9 Beast Should Be An MCU X-Man: MCU Fans Will Revolt If He’s Not On His Original Team

A lot of MCU fans are quite different than comic fans. They don’t search out content from other sources nearly as much, with many of them never even thinking about reading a comic. The closest they get are wikis they occasionally read to score points in online arguments. Most of them have grown up with Marvel movies, TV, and cartoons, so they only know Beast as an X-Man.

Beast’s more recent Avengers’ stints aren’t exactly blockbusters, having been a member of the Secret Avengers and Illuminati— and for most MCU fans, they aren’t really a thing. MCU fans won’t accept Beast as an Avengers because it goes against their view of what Marvel is.

8 Beast Should Be An MCU Avenger: His Jokey Style Is Perfect For The Avengers

The MCU has a very particular way of telling superhero stories, one that hinges a lot on humor. Even characters who shouldn’t be humorous, like Black Widow or Captain America, get in on the quipping party. This approach to dialogue is perfect for Beast, as he’s long been one of the funniest members of the X-Men.

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Beast has always talked like an MCU character. While no one knows how the MCU will handle the X-Men, the concept has always been more serious than the Avengers, as it deals with racism. Beast’s comedic stylings have always felt a little out of place with the X-Men but would fit perfectly with the MCU Avengers.

7 Beast Should Be An MCU X-Man: He’s A Founder Of The Team

Beast is one of the most important X-Men for a lot of reasons, but a big one is the fact that he’s a founding member of the team. He was part of the original roster of the X-Men, presenting a counterpoint to Cyclops’s wet blanket personality, Angel’s extravagance, and Jean’s unfortunate Silver Age Marvel writing of women, on top of being a great person for Iceman to play off.

While it’s impossible to know how Marvel Studios is going to approach the X-Men, they try to be as comic accurate as possible, so starting with Beast on the X-Men is something they’ll more than likely do.

6 Beast Should Be An MCU Avenger: The Team Could Use A New Science Guy

The loss of Iron Man leaves a yawning void in the Avengers. The team is used to having a big brain around who has a mastery of a wide variety of scientific subjects. Hulk is close but he always played second fiddle to Iron Man in the science department. Beast could make a great replacement for Iron Man.

Beast started out as an evolutionary biologist but as years have gone by mastered multiple disciplines, including medicine, physics, and all manners of other physical sciences. He’d bring back the kind of brainpower the Avengers are missing now that Iron Man is gone.

5 Beast Should Be An MCU X-Man: His Biggest Accomplishments Are With The X-Men

While Beast did some great stuff with the Avengers, he was never really an important member of the team. This is in marked contrast to his time in the X-Men, where he has some major accomplishments. His biggest feat was curing the Legacy Virus, a terrible disease that was destroying the mutant population of the Earth.

The MCU takes most of its ideas from the comics and when it comes down to it, Beast doesn’t have a lot of Avengers moments that could be used to make a big argument for him being there. His time with the X-Men has way more for them to use.

4 Beast Should Be An MCU Avenger: He Adds Some Muscle The Group Needs

The MCU Avengers are in flux right now. Black Widow is dead, Vision is off the table, Cap has retired, and Iron Man is gone. The team is missing a lot of muscle. Adding Beast to the team would be a great way to make up for that. While he doesn’t have the flashy power of someone like Iron Man, his muscle and acrobatic talent would definitely add something to team.

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The Avengers in the MCU are going through what a sports team would consider a rebuilding year. They need to bring some new talent onto the team and the Beast would be perfect for that.

3 Beast Should Be An MCU X-Man: His Morally Grey Areas Would Work Better For The X-Men

In recent years, in contrast to being the funny, bouncing Beast of the past, Hank McCoy has embraced a less morally upright way of doing things. While there were always signs of it, Beast has taken it to the next level. He brought the original five X-Men into present, endangering the timeline, joined up with the Illuminati and helped them destroy countless alternate Earths during the Incursions, and is running the Krakoan CIA, X-Force.

Beast’s shifting morality doesn’t really fit the Avengers. While they could leave that character development out, it would be a grave disservice to the character.

2 Beast Should Be An MCU Avenger: Having A Mutant On Team Would Make It More Representative Of Marvel

The Avengers are the biggest heroes around and while mutants aren’t a part of the MCU yet, putting one on the team is the right thing to do when they debut. The Avengers has members from around the superheroic world and mutants in the comics have a long history with the team. Putting Beast on the team honors that legacy.

It also makes the Avengers more representative of the Marvel Universe as a whole. The Avengers should have every kind of hero on it, not just the human ones.

1 Beast Should Be An MCU X-Man: If There’s No Wonder Man, There’s No Point

Beast’s closest relationship when he was on the Avengers was with Wonder Man. He was friends with everyone else but he and Wonder Man were the best of friends and played off each other perfectly. Their friendship is low key iconic in the Marvel Universe; it isn’t one of the marquee friendships but it’s no less important.

The best part about Beast on the Avengers is putting him on the team with Wonder Man and seeing them hang out. If there’s no Wonder Man, there’s no point for Beast to be on the team and seeing how Wonder Man isn’t in the MCU, Beast belongs in the MCU’s X-Men.

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Beast is a founding member of the X-Men and it seems obvious he should be on the team in the MCU, but he also has a history with the Avengers as well.

See Season 2 Sees Maghra Make a Deadly Alliance With Harlan | CBR

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for See Season 2, Episode 3, “The Compass,” now available on Apple TV+.

In Season 2 of See, Princess Maghra (Hera Hilmar) has had a turbulent time playing the game of thrones with her sister, the mad Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks). Maghra knows Kane is making bad choices, killing those who question her nonsensical rule, but she has to play it smart as Kane’s only just removed the bounties on her sighted kids, Haniwa and Kofun, and her husband, Baba Voss (Jason Momoa). It’s even more complicated as they’re building a new capital in Pennsa, with some spies actually wanting the entire royal family gone. Unfortunately, Maghra finally makes her deadly alliance to preserve the Payan kingdom and her loved ones’ future, but it backfires terribly.

Lord Harlan kicks off the deal by killing some of the naysayers in front of Kane to let her know whispers are growing. He can quell them if she will marry him, but Kane has no interest in sharing power. She knows Harlan can’t be trusted so she offers him Maghra once more.

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Harlan, who grew up with them, happily resorts to wooing Maghra, but after rebuffing initial advances for a partnership, she makes it clear she’s willing to have an engagement. It’ll give them more power and get the capital behind them so they can launch a coup and depose Kane. If push comes to shove, they’ll kill her as well as they know she’s going off the rails.

Maghra can tell Kane won’t hesitate to instruct soldiers to kill Maghra’s family anytime just to keep her little sister in check, while Kane’s also inviting war by sending threats to Trivantes. Thus, it’s a win-win for everyone, especially Harlan, who’s always coveted power and the ear of the people. Kane being so tyrannical just helps his cause out even more as she’s alienating her court.

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But when the council meets and Harlan’s due to announce the engagement, Kane breaks ranks and sets up a wedding immediately. She wants to celebrate the couple, which leaves Maghra shocked. Her plan with Harlan was to get rid of Kane, end the engagement and then she’d move on once Baba’s contingent and the kids were home. There was to be no official wedding, union rites or consummation, but Kane pushes that into motion. She knows Harlan loves Maghra secretly, plus this will break Baba’s heart and kill his fighting spirit. It’s a genius stroke. However, while Maghra’s angry at Kane, she’s pissed at Harlan too.

He denies having anything to do with this premature announcement, but given he’s like Game of Thrones‘ Littlefinger, sniveling and conniving in the shadows, and Maghra believes she’s made a deal with the wrong devil. And unfortunately, it’s poised to endanger her and her family as they could be made prisoners if they lash out at what’s now royal decree.

The first three episodes of See Season 2 are available on Apple TV+, with subsequent episodes available every Friday.

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In Season 2 of See, Maghra finally makes her deadly alliance to preserve the Payan kingdom and her loved ones' future, but it backfires terribly.

MCU: 5 Great Influences In Loki's Life (& 5 Toxic Ones) | CBR

A paradoxical figure in the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki has been both villain and hero. Loki’s role and character are beautifully volatile, echoing his shape-shifting abilities. He’s easily one of the most interesting characters in the MCU, and Tom Hiddleston’s impeccable portrayal has made audiences empathize with his struggle.

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Loki may have committed many crimes, but his background and suffering have made him relatable. The course of his life is influenced by many figures, and too many of them are incredibly toxic, leading to a tragic fate.

10 Great Influence: His Adoptive Mother, Frigga, Does Her Best To Protect Him & Teach Him Magic

Frigga isn’t perfect, but she’s one of the few people in Asgard who genuinely love Loki. It is through her support that he masters magic. An abyss forms between them after Loki’s attempted suicide and his subsequent attack on New York, as Loki still feels deceived and betrayed by Frigga’s lies.

But even when he is in the dungeons, Frigga attempts to make him comfortable and comes to visit him. Her love toward Loki is painfully genuine, and that just makes his final words to her even more tragic. Without her, he may have never known the honest warmth of a parental figure.

9 Toxic Influence: Both His Father Figures Fail & Betray Him

Loki is the son of the king of Jotunheim, Laufey. According to Loki’s adoptive father, Odin, Laufey abandons him due to him being born a ‘runt,’ too small for a frost giant. Odin takes him in and raises him as his own, but he does almost as much damage as Loki’s biological father.

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Loki is raised hating his own species, even if Odin seems to intend to use him as the puppet king of Jotunheim. Taught that he isn’t good enough, forever living in his brother’s shadow, he ultimately snaps when he realizes he is the son of a monster. To make matters worse, while Loki is hovering over the shattered edges of the Bifrost, Odin rejects him, causing him to attempt suicide.

8 Great Influence: His Brother Is Originally Unappreciative But Is Instrumental To His Redemption

Thor and Loki’s relationship starts out almost as unhealthy as the one between Odin and Loki. Thor fails to realize his teasing comments chip at Loki’s fragile self-esteem. He’s never appreciative of his brother’s talents, leading Loki to resent him.

It is through tragedy that the two set aside their differences. After Frigga’s death, they understand each other better. Thor grows up a lot and doesn’t even lose his temper when he comes home to Asgard to find his father missing and Loki masquerading as him. By the end of Thor: Ragnarok, the brothers finally reach an agreement, in their own way, with Loki coming back to support Thor’s new kingship.

7 Toxic Influence: His Fellow Asgardians Distrust Him So Much They Betray Their Own Vows

Despite his occasional stints of sharp pranks and wickedness, Loki genuinely loves Asgard and his family. In Thor, he isn’t wrong in believing his brother isn’t ready to be king. Even so, his words are discounted as caused by jealousy, and he turns to a far more questionable plan. His scheme works, but the appearance of the Frost Giants in the Weapons’ Vault doesn’t help him in the big picture.

Heimdall is so distrustful of Loki he allows Thor and his group to go to Jotunheim, thereby breaking a treaty that had been standing since Loki’s childhood years. Similarly, after Thor is exiled, Sif and The Warriors Three refuse to acknowledge Loki as rightful king to the throne, even if he had been given the title legally. Heimdall even tries to kill Loki. Their distrust, while not completely unwarranted, just makes everything worse, as their actions cause Loki to spiral deeper and deeper into madness.

6 Great Influence: The Revengers & The Revolution Of Sakaar Are A True Force For Good In Loki’s Life

Thor: Ragnarok marks a distinct change in Loki’s life. Thor and Loki are separated after their confrontation with Odin’s firstborn Hela. Both end up on the planet of Sakaar, which is led by the Grandmaster. Loki is reunited with Bruce Banner and meets the Valkyrie. While they are originally reluctant allies at best, the three of them team up with Thor to take out Hela.

It doesn’t quite go well at first. Loki betrays Thor and is left behind on Sakaar. But strikingly enough, the revolution of Sakaar—the group of gladiators rebelling against the Grandmaster’s rule—guides him in the right direction. Loki takes them to Asgard, to help his people, and after the defeat of Hela, they all plan to start over.

5 Toxic Influence: Thanos & His Children Manipulate Loki during The Worst Time Of His Life

After falling from the Bifrost, Loki lands into the clutches of the Other. He’s manipulated by Thanos into becoming his weapon and his tool. It’s unclear what exactly happens to Loki during his time with the Mad Titan. Some theories speculate that Thanos may have tortured him, though the Disney+ series seems to have rendered that idea obsolete.

Either way, the scepter given to him by the Other contains the Mind Stone, and it feeds all his negative emotions, twisting his mind and making him easy to control. Thanos is also the one who ultimately kills Loki during Avengers: Infinity War.

4 Great Influence: Mobius Saves & Befriends Variant Loki

After Loki is defeated on Earth by the Avengers, he is originally brought back to Asgard and sentenced to life imprisonment in the dungeons. But during the Time Heist, the Avengers accidentally free Loki, creating a variant who escapes his captivity by using the Tesseract. In the Disney+ series, Loki is arrested by the TVA and almost sentenced to be pruned, but he is saved by Agent Mobius M. Mobius.

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Mobius places his faith in Loki and relies on him even if his own family and friends tend to distrust him. He confronts him with his feelings and failures, helping him deal with his past mistakes. When he realizes Loki is telling the truth about the TVA’s corruption, he risks his own life to help him. The two become true friends, and Mobius’ generosity truly changes the course of Variant Loki’s life.

3 Toxic Influence: The Grandmaster Welcomes Him On Sakaar But At A Cost

During Thor: Ragnarok, Loki arrives much earlier on Sakaar than Thor does. He spends months there before Thor is finally brought in, caught by the Valkryie. During the furtive conversation between Thor and Loki, Loki comments that he has earned the Grandmaster’s favor.

It’s not stated outright, but considering the Grandmaster’s hedonistic behavior, many fans believe Loki may have been forced to resort to personal favors to ensure his safety on Sakaar.

2 Great Influence: Sylvie Gives Him Hope That He Can Be More & He Can Love Again

Mobius may have given Variant Loki a chance to live and understand himself, but Sylvie gives him the chance to love. Sylvie is also a variant of Loki, so the relationship between them is odd and a little twisted.

Still, their romance seems to suit the chaotic God of Mischief. Unfortunately, much like many of the relationships in Loki’s life, it is doomed to fail out of no fault of his own.

1 Toxic Influence: He Who Remains Shatters His Future

Loki may have hoped to have a true relationship with Sylvie, but that idea is shattered by their confrontation with He Who Remains, in the Citadel at the End of Time. The architect behind all their misfortunes, He Who Remains controls the TVA. His purpose is, in a way, benevolent—to keep a war in the multiverse from erupting because of the evil versions of himself. Unfortunately, this has caused him to destroy Sylvie’s whole timeline, erasing her life and her family.

Loki tries to make Sylvie see He Who Remains may be telling the truth, but he fails. Sylvie pushes Loki through a Timedoor and kills He Who Remains. Loki lands into an alternate version of the TVA where He Who Remains is in charge and Mobius doesn’t recognize him. Sylvie remains alone in the Citadel at the End of Time.

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Loki may have committed many crimes, but his background and suffering have made him a relatable MCU character.

The Conjuring 3's Big Murder Mystery is Finally Solved – and It's Heartbreaking

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for DC Horror Presents: The Conjuring: The Lover #4, available now from DC Comics.

In The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, one of the core mysteries being investigated by the Warrens focuses on young Jessica, who apparently turned into a slasher and murdered her best friend, Katie. The paranormal experts tracked the incident to Boston, intrigued since there was a connection to the Occultist they were chasing in the present. Even though the movie did reveal key insight into Jess killing her friend, it left some serious questions about why she did that. But in David L. Johnson-McGoldrick, Rex Ogle, Garry Brown, Mike Spicer and Becca Carey’s The Conjuring: The Lover #4, a massive murder mystery is finally solved, and it’s quite heartbreaking.

The Warrens felt that a demon may have possessed Jess to sacrifice Katie, probably to offer up souls to the devil based on the Occultist’s big plan. We did know the villain goaded Jess to jump off the cliff in the nearby woods, but there was a slight discrepancy as it wasn’t known for sure if anything satanic was in Jess.

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Now, we learn she wasn’t possessed; she was mentally manipulated. This issue reveals more as we see Jess being kicked out of university after the Occultist made her hallucinate that, Kyle (a guy who liked her), was her demonic-looking self. This caused Jess to push Kyle in front a bus, which got her expelled.

While Jess thought the root of these was shame over her sexuality, it seems like this is the Occultist opening the doorway for possession. More of these hallucinations occur at home as Jess’ mom chides her for her actions. Jess is left screaming from more visions with the Occultist as well, but luckily her dad is there to comfort her. Realizing she loves and misses Katie, he urges her to go meet her bestie to regain her sanity. That’s how they ended up in the forest in the movie, as we see Jess giving Katie a bracelet like what they made for each other when they were kids. Jess confirms she never took off the one Katie got her, resulting in them kissing. It’s Jess’ dream come true and something totally left out of the movie, but things go from romantic to horrific when Jess has to break the lip-lock.

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It’s because she sees the Occultist ready to attack her, which causes her to draw the knife she brought for protection. Sadly, Jess thinks the Occultist shape-shifted into Katie and is enraged, telling her she’s comfortable in her own skin now and no longer afraid of being lesbian. Her dad’s subliminal support has emboldened her and Jess stabs her up.

Sadly, the spell is broken right after and Jess sees what she’s done: leaving Katie bleeding out, dying and asking why. This sends a bloody Jess screaming in the woods, offering much more context to Lorraine’s vision as the soulmates meet an unfortunate ending.

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In The Conjuring: The Lover #4, a heartbreaking murder mystery from The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is finally solved.

My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Characters Who Would Be A Perfect Match For Hitoshi Shinso

My Hero Academia has an ensemble cast, taking time to develop and explore each of its many characters, including the students at the U.A. school. Some of these students are good friends or even have crushes, such as Ochaco’s idolization of Izuku Midoriya. But what about Hitoshi Shinso, Aizawa’s new protégé?

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Not much is known of Hitoshi Shinso’s personal life, though he does have similar interests as Aizawa, and a roughly similar personality. Hitoshi tends to be calm, rational and serious, but he also longs to be a hero, and he can get riled up and fight for his life in battle, proving he has a fierce side. With all this in mind, who might be a good match for him personally, in the broader world of anime? An ideal girlfriend might have a similar worldview or personality as him, or a different but complementary one.

10 Momo Yaoyorozu Is Smart & Kind (My Hero Academia)

In his own universe, Hitoshi Shinso has a few solid dating prospects, the most notable one being Momo Yaoyorozu, the genius girl from Class 1-A. She is U.A.’s smartest student and a skilled support hero, and like Hitoshi, she positively burns to become a Pro in her own way.

Momo and Hitoshi have a lot in common in other regards too, such as the support nature of their Quirks and their emphasis on clever tactics and strategy over brute force. If circumstances allowed it, she and Hitoshi would really hit it off.

9 Misaki Is Smart & Cool, Too (Maid-Sama!)

Misaki Ayuzawa isn’t a superhero with a Quirk, but to the girls of Seika High and her little sister, Misaki is indeed a hero, and everyone looks up to her. She works hard as Seika’s student council president and a maid cafe employee, and she has a strong sense of responsibility and duty.

Misaki is sweet to her friends and tough on her enemies, and that’s the kind of girl Hitoshi Shinso would like. She has the heart of a hero and a personality similar to Hitoshi’s, so they would get along great if they met. Their first date is bound to turn out well.

8 Sakaki Is Quiet But Sweet (Azumanga Daioh!)

Sakaki is a perfectly ordinary girl who may not have superpowers or even a seat as the student council president, but she would still appeal greatly to Hitoshi Shinso, who’s a fairly down-to-earth sort of fellow. So is Sakaki, though she does have her warm and fuzzy side.

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For the most part, Sakaki is quiet and a bit aloof, as opposed to the troublemaker Tomo Takino, but she is a loyal friend who loves to care for cats. She will also happily help with class projects and other activities, making her an everyday hero of sorts.

7 Maria Campbell Has A Lot To Prove (My Next Life As A Villainess)

Maria Campbell is the heroine of the original Fortune Lover otome game, a humble and ordinary girl with the extraordinary gift of light magic. She is a kind and sweet person who unfairly suffers at the hands of Katarina Claes the villainess, but she won’t dare strike back. She’s a pacifist of sorts.

Hitoshi Shinso would rush to Maria’s aid at once if Katarina bullied her in his presence, and Hitoshi would recognize Maria as a generous and brave girl who just wants to prove herself for all the right reasons. He would see himself in her, and he’d love to get to know her better after that.

6 Hina Tachibana Will Stand Up To Bullies & Villains (Tokyo Revengers)

Hina Tachibana is a bit like Misaki Ayuzawa: she has no superpowers, but she will bravely stand up to bullies and villains anyway, and stare them down without fear. Hitoshi Shinso would admire that quality in anyone, and he would see Hina as a hero for standing up to Mikey, Draken and other delinquents.

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Hina is a kind and selfless big sister who just wants everyone to be happy in peace, and she has no tolerance for troublemakers. Hitoshi would be in awe, and he’d be eager to get to know her better and spend an afternoon with her.

5 Azazel Ameri Is Dignified & Heroic (Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Azazel Ameri may be a demon, but she has a heart of gold, and she takes pride in her dignified appearance and her position as Babyls’ student council president. Ameri also has a great fondness for shojo manga series, and she wanted more than anything to have a dream date with Iruma.

If Iruma weren’t around, or if he turned Ameri down, then Ameri could try Hitoshi Shinso next, who would admire her as a demonic hero. She’s a powerful fighter who will gladly defend the innocent, and she’s a smart and polite person, too. How can Hitoshi say no to that?

4 Princess Yona Fights Hard For What’s Right (Yona Of The Dawn)

Princess Yona is a beloved shojo heroine, and dire circumstances forced her to become a fighter and hero when all seemed lost. Her childhood friend Soo Won slew her father, and it fell to Yona to gather the dragon warriors and retake the kingdom to restore justice at any cost.

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Hitoshi Shinso will admire any girl who is a brave and selfless fighter, like a Pro Hero, and Yona fits the bill. She is learning quickly to survive and fight, but she never compromised her gentle heart to do it. Hitoshi would gladly join her band of heroes, though he’d have some competition for her heart.

3 Historia Reiss Learned To Be Brave & Face Her Destiny (Attack On Titan)

Historia Reiss has royal blood, but Eren and his friends didn’t know that until later. Historia used to call herself Krista Lenz to hide her royal heritage, until her good friend and lover Ymir convinced her to become a true hero. So she did.

Historia became a somewhat darker character later on, but until then, she was totally Hitoshi’s type, a brave and noble girl who fought hard for what was right. She was also quite attractive, which drew characters such as Reiner Braun to her.

2 Maki Oze Is Sweet But Knows Her Duty (Fire Force)

Maki Oze is a fire soldier and a former member of the Japanese military. She takes her duty seriously when the alarm sounds, and she is also willing to spar with new recruits like Arthur and Shinra to keep them sharp. Shinra calls himself a superhero for good reason, but Maki could easily say that about herself, too.

Maki is serious during a fight like Hitoshi, but she also has her romantic side when things are peaceful, and Hitoshi would find that endearing rather than obnoxious. Maki is well-balanced as a character, making her a fine catch for characters like Hitoshi. She’s a fighter and a lover.

1 Hiyori Iki Is Brave & Loyal (Noragami)

Hiyori Iki was an ordinary girl until she had a near-fatal encounter with the minor god Yato, and she soon became one of Yato’s most loyal and perceptive companions. She is a kind and empathetic girl who always wants what’s best for others, and she won’t rest until everyone has learned to get along as friends and respect one another.

She is also courageous when the fighting starts, though it helps to have Yato and Yukine around to do the heavy lifting in battle. Hitoshi would see Hiyori as a model support hero and friend, and would like to get to know her better. He’d steer clear of Yato, though.

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Hitoshi Shinso probably doesn't have a girlfriend, so it's time to find one for him. Who's a good match for this trainee hero?

The Walking Dead: Is the Commonwealth Bad? | CBR

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 5, “Out of the Ashes,” which aired Sunday on AMC.

The tail end of The Walking Dead Season 10 showed the culmination of the Whisperer War while also sending Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko off to find help from Eugene’s mysterious radio contact, Stephanie. They found Princess along the way, but when they all arrived at their rendezvous, things went south in a hurry. As Eugene and company were waiting in a railyard, floodlights came on, and they were surrounded by a large group of organized soldiers wearing white armor. The soldiers roughly arrested, detained and questioned them.

Ever since that display of force from the Stormtrooper-looking soldiers, fans have been dying to get a look inside the soldiers’ community — the Commonwealth. However, the first few episodes of Season 11 have only shown the long, arduous processing steps that Eugene and company have had to endure at the hands of Commonwealth officials. “Acheron Part II,” showed that they finally passed processing, and now, in “Out of the Ashes,” fans finally got a look inside.

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The first thing that fans saw was the orientation video that Eugene’s group watched. Staring Director of Operations Lance Hornsby, the video officially introduced the Commonwealth as a community of fifty thousand strong, governed by Pamela Milton. It also said that their core values were community, caregiving and security. Overall, the community looked like a safe place that was the closest anywhere has looked to pre-outbreak living. However, the whole thing, especially the video, gave off an unnerving vibe, as if everything was all too good to be true.

Everything started off well for the group: Princess got her two-dollar bill back, Yumiko found her brother, and Eugene met Stephanie. However, it didn’t take long before the Commonwealth started giving them reasons to be warry. For starters, the Stephanie that met Eugene was an imposter. That fact hasn’t been addressed on-screen yet, but actor Josh McDermitt kind of spoiled it. He drew attention to the fact that Chelle Ramos plays Stephanie in Season 11 while Margot Bingham, who is also credited for Season 11, voiced the character in Season 10. That cannot be a coincidence, and the likely answer is that Mercer planted the fake Stephanie in an attempt to get Eugene to reveal more about Alexandria.

Another reason to be warry of the Commonwealth was that soldiers were everywhere. In the ultra-safe community, it was obvious that they were there to monitor people, not walkers. Essentially, they live under a caste system, and there’s an authoritarian way of living where people better do what they’re told or else. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the community is evil, but it’s clear that the people inside have sacrificed a lot of liberties for the hope of security.

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In The Walking Dead comics, the Commonwealth was pretty neutral. There were good and bad parts and good and bad people. Just like in the television show, people in the Commonwealth were separated into classes while Pamela Milton led with an authoritarian rule. Two major events happen in regards to the Commonwealth. First, Pamela’s son killed Rick. Secondly, after a time jump, the Commonwealth expanded to include the DC communities (Alexandria, Hilltop etc..), and Maggie Green was named governor over the whole entity, which is how the comic series ended.

With The Walking Dead wrapping up after Season 11, it’s possible that its conclusion could line up with the comic’s ending. However, the show has been known to regularly deviate from its source material, so there’s no telling exactly what might happen. The Commonwealth could end up being an ally or an antagonist. Only time, and more episodes, will tell.

To see if the Commonwealth can be trusted, tune into Season 11 of The Walking Dead. The series airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC and is available to stream early on AMC+.

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The Walking Dead's “Out of the Ashes” finally shows fans the inside of the Commonwealth, and it's kind of unnerving.

10 Trilogies To Watch If You Love The Dark Knight Trilogy | CBR

The Dark Knight trilogy is cinema royalty, one of the greatest film trios of its generation and arguably all-time. Upon its release in 2008, Christopher Nolan’s second installment in his Batman series became the fourth highest-grossing film ever at the time, and it received a staggering eight Academy Award nominations, including a nod and posthumous win for Heath Ledger.

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The Dark Knight trilogy’s fanbase continues to grow today, with superhero movies taking center stage in Hollywood. Many movie trilogies have taken inspiration from Nolan’s take on the Caped Crusader, and there are those that came before and paved the way for The World’s Greatest Detective on the big screen. When it comes to these movies, three is in fact the magic number.

10 The Scowl Under The Cowl Is No Match For Lisbeth In The Millennium Trilogy

Commencing with 2009’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the Swedish crime thriller kicked off a gripping trio of movies featuring one of cinema’s fiercest females in Lisbeth Salander, played in this trilogy to fascinating effect by Noomi Rapace. The Girl Who Played with Fire, and then The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest followed, and both sequels continue Lisbeth’s captivating tale.

All three movies are unforgettable in the best way, though the graphic violence, though hardly gratuitous, can prove too much for some viewers to stomach. The first film in the trilogy received an excellent North American remake in 2011, though it didn’t perform well enough to justify its own sequels.

9 Captain America’s MCU Trio Is More Hard-Hitting Superhero Fun

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is likely to appear overwhelming to the uninitiated due to its whopping 24 movies, but there’s a fantastic trilogy within that won’t take weeks to sit through: That of the First Avenger, Captain America.

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The First Avenger, The Winter Soldier, and Civil War are all solid, action-packed entries in Marvel’s always impressive catalog, and they each tell a thought-provoking, mostly grounded central story that will appeal to fans of Nolan’s Batman and the less-cartoonish variety of comic book movies.

8 Before Bale’s Batman, Spider-Man Had Three Great Movies Of His Own

Batman is far from the only superhero to get his own trilogy, and years before Christian Bale donned the cowl and adopted his raspy bat voice, Tobey Maguire was treating audiences to one of the superhero genre’s greatest portrayals. Maguire embodied both Peter Parker and Spider-Man in a way audiences had never seen, and to some fans, the gifted actor is still who they picture when thinking of the friendly neighborhood crime fighter.

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Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy maintains a massive fanbase even today, and with multiple excellent big-screen installments of the web-slinger in the years since, it’s testament to the quality of Raimi’s original three.

7 Tony Versus Bruce Would Make For A Seismic Showdown

Bruce Wayne has many wannabes, though you’ll never catch Tony Stark wearing hockey pads. Marvel’s genius billionaire is arguably their answer to Wayne, an ultra-rich playboy with a penchant for crime-fighting with the help of some rather nifty high-tech gadgets.

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Another trilogy within the ever-expanding MCU, the Iron Man movies are exactly the kind of exciting, action-heavy, family-friendly films that audiences have come to expect from Disney’s Marvel. Robert Downey Jr.’s character has far more of a habit of trash-talking than Nolan’s Batman though.

6 Step Back Into The Darkness With Wesley Snipes’ Blade Trilogy

Back before the MCU was breaking box office records, one man was paving the way for all of Hollywood’s superhero success. 1998 was a simple time for comic book heroes on the big screen as bright colors and family-friendly action were regular features— then the daywalker stepped out of the shadows and defied all expectations.

Blade is visceral vampire-slaying fun, and though the third film in the trilogy is largely a disaster aside from some typically hilarious Ryan Reynolds scene stealing to save the day, Blade and Blade II are enthralling, hard-hitting superhero cinema. The trilogy features Wesley Snipes at his action star best, and he’s well supported by the likes of Kris Kristofferson, Stephen Dorff, Norman Reedus, and Jessica Biel.

5 Vengeance Indeed, Park Chan-wook’s Trilogy Is An Even Darker Tale Of Redemption

For fans of the darker and more adult elements of Nolan’s take on the caped crusader, Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance Trilogy makes for a jaw-dropping alternative. Linked by theme rather than story or characters, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance are three of South Korea’s greatest cinematic exports regardless of genre.

Park Chan-wook’s three Vengeance films are each hyper-violent tales of redemption, revenge, and salvation. Oldboy, in particular, is utterly breathtaking, and a frequent sight on “Best Films of the 2000s” lists— though in no way is it suitable for the faint of heart. Definitely check the original out in favor of Spike Lee’s disappointing American remake.

4 From Bats To Chimpanzees, There’s Just As Much Action In The Planet of the Apes Trilogy

Action, high stakes, and a frighteningly brooding protagonist, the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy shares more things with The Dark Knight than it may initially appear.

With each film, the action grows more intense, and the special effects all the more impressive. Andy Serkis’ motion-capture performance as the highly intelligent chimpanzee Caesar has to be seen to be believed. Rise, Dawn, and War are mesmerizing, highly enjoyable additions to one of cinema’s great franchises.

3 With A Guitar Instead Of A Batarang, The Mariachi Means Just As Much Trouble For The Villainous

Robert Rodriguez remains one of cinema’s best when it comes to crafting exciting and highly stylized action sequences, and the filmmaker has been doing it since his debut in 1992. El Mariachi is one of Hollywood’s most surprising success stories— made for around $7,000, the Spanish language action film spawned The Mexico Trilogy and gave Rodriguez his ticket into Tinseltown.

For the sequel Desperado, Antonio Banderas took over as the lead character, and the assassin with the guitar case full of guns never looked back. The third film Once Upon a Time In Mexico added the eclectic talents of Johnny Depp, concluding one of cinema’s sharpest action trilogies.

2 The Infernal Affairs Trilogy Is Incredible, Unpredictable Action Cinema

The action thrillers of Hong Kong cinema have influenced countless Hollywood films over the years and for those Dark Knight fans unfamiliar with these game-changing works, Infernal Affairs is the ultimate introduction.

Blistering with its thrills and unpredictable characters, all three installments are full of twists, turns, betrayals, and heartbreak. Infernal Affairs II serves as a prequel to the original, and the third film acts as both sequel and prequel. Infernal Affairs received an American remake in 2006 in the form of Martin Scorsese’s The Departed.

1 The Bourne Trilogy Hits Almost As Hard As Nolan’s Batman Films

Christopher Nolan’s use of hard-hitting stunt work over computer-generated imagery makes for a refreshing and shockingly real watch in each of the British director’s movies, and very few can match them in this regard. The original Jason Bourne trilogy can certainly make their challenge though, as the Matt Damon starring action films are some of cinema’s most exciting thrill rides.

In a somewhat rare trend, the Bourne trilogy arguably gets better with each installment, with Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum improving on its predecessor in a number of ways. The trend came to a stop with 2012’s The Bourne Legacy, as Matt Damon temporarily stepped away from the franchise.

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No matter what reasons you have for enjoying Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, these other film trios should be right up your dark, shadowy alley.

Dragon Ball Super Recap & Spoilers: Chapter 76, 'The Fate of the Saiyans'

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English through Viz Media.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75, Vegeta faced off against Granolah and showed the true power of his Ultra Ego form. However, the new ability, taught to him by the God of Destruction Beerus, wasn’t enough to stop the last Cerealian. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 continues their fight, putting the Saiyans on the brink of extinction in the process. Here’s a spoiler-filled recap of what happened in the chapter.

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At the start of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, Vegeta is on the defensive, with Granolah launching volley after volley of energy blasts at him. While Vegeta isn’t fully down and out, it’s clear Granolah is the superior fighter. Vegeta, though, remains defiant. Luckily for him, Goku intervenes right before Granolah can land a particularly deadly blow, knocking the last Cerealian off kilter.

Goku decides he wants to step in to take on Granolah, but Vegeta refuses to let his rival take over. The Saiyan Prince hits Goku with a brutal kick and starts tossing him around Planet Cereal. “There’s no one I’d rather beat to Hell and back than you, Kakarrot,” Vegeta says. The Saiyan Prince then claims he only fights alongside Goku in order to protect others and that he doesn’t like working with his old rival. As Goku notes, the old Vegeta has seemingly returned.

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Granolah interrupts their conversation and hits Vegeta with a blow that takes him out of the fight for a few minutes. However, Goku throws him off just enough that Vegeta isn’t totally down. Granolah expresses shock that Goku was able to react so fast. “I’ve got a read on your whole targeting-our-vitals things, “Goku explains. “It’s not gonna work on me anymore.” Granolah then teleports behind Goku and seemingly lands a blow to his vitals, knocking him out. But the Saiyan really just plays possum to demonstrate how he can, in fact, now dodge Granolah’s deadliest attack.

The two spar for awhile, with Granolah noting Goku’s technique is too defensive to ever really give him the win. Granolah ends up landing a solid blow on Goku, sending the Saiyan flying. It’s clear Goku is weak, and he’s not going to be able to hold out against Granolah forever. Vegeta, though, soon returns to the battle, justifying his earlier behavior as “stubborn Saiyan pride.” Vegeta then takes off and goes back into Ultra Ego.

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Initially, Vegeta lands some good blows, but they’re definitely more tactical than deadly, as the Saiyan Prince knocks his opponent into a Sugarian city. Granolah tells Vegeta he wants to take the fight somewhere else, but the two continue exchanging blows. Eventually, Granolah gets the upper hand and starts pummeling Vegeta with close range energy blasts. Their fight ends up causing Granolah to have a flashback to the Saiyans destroying the Cerealians.

Vegeta snaps Granolah out of his flaskback by saying, “Any grudges against us Saiyans are well-deserved. How could I object to you destroying me here and now? However, by eradicating the Saiyans, aren’t you just repeating history?” This angers Granolah, who doesn’t believe the Cerealians and the Saiyans are equivalent. Granolah blasts Vegeta out of the Sugarian city and keeps up his attack.

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Then, the last Cerelian decides to put every bit of his power into a blast to kill Vegeta. However, the blast may very well also take out Granolah, thus keeping him from getting revenge against Freeza in this life. Vegeta essentially accepts his fate and waits for Granolah to kill him, lamenting that he’s just not able to become the person he was anymore. “Apologies, Lord Beerus,” Vegeta says. “I couldn’t revert to the callous, unfeeling man I once was. That God of Destruction power was beyond the scope of a novice like me.” So while Vegeta waits to die, he confirms he’s changed since his introduction in Dragon Ball Z, and that might pose problems for him truly following in Beerus’ footsteps.

Goku starts running towards the battle, but it’s clear he won’t make it in time and the force of Granolah’s blast is too much for him to break through. However, as that’s happening, Oatmeel and Monaito — Planet Cereal’s Namekian — fly towards the battle. Oatmeel shouts at Granolah from the ship, distracting him for a moment. Goku takes advantage and his Granolah from behind, knocking him down and stopping his blast. The Saiyan then berates Vegeta for just waiting to die.

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Vegeta and Goku then watch as Monaito exits the spacecraft, surprised that Planet Cereal has a Namekian. Granolah, though, is angry at Oatmeel and Monaito for interfering and stopping him from getting revenge. “I just want it to end! I need this to be over,” Granolah says.

As Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 ends, Monaito drops a bombshell on his young friend, claiming he needs to undo a lie he once told. “Forty years back, the one who actually saved us was a Saiyan named Burdock,” Monaito reveals.” This shocks Granolah, who isn’t sure what to do with the information he’s just been given. Additionally, Burdock/Bardock is actually Goku’s father, which means he’s got a deep connection to the last Cerealian. So as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 ends, it becomes very clear Granolah’s time as a villain won’t last much longer.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 releases Oct. 20 through Viz Media.

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Here's a spoiler-filled recap of what happened in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76, “The Fate of the Saiyans.”

Pokémon Brings Its Card Game to Mobile for the First Time | CBR

The Pokémon Company International announced a new digital version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon: Trading Card Game Live takes the tried-and-tested formula of the tabletop game and gives it a digital once-over. While a virtual version of the game, the Pokémon: Trading Card Game Online, launched in 2011, Live is looking to update the series with an overhauled presentation, mechanics and gameplay options. The free-to-play game will include customizable player avatars, accessories, daily quests and a battle pass alongside familiar aspects like battling fellow trainers and deck building. This will also be the first time that the Pokémon Trading Card Game will be available on mobile devices.

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Pokémon TCG Live is designed to be easy for beginners to learn how to play the game, while offering fresh challenges for existing players to improve and test their skills,” reads the official description released by The Pokémon Company.

“As we look back on 25 wonderful years of Pokémon, we are once again reminded of how the Pokémon Trading Card Game has always been a strong pillar of the franchise and beloved by young and veteran Trainers alike,” said Barry Sams, vice president of the Pokémon TCG at The Pokémon Company International. “Pokémon TCG Live will go hand in hand with the tabletop version that fans know and love, and welcomes a new era of digital play where Trainers around the world can play together regardless of their preferred platform.”

The Pokémon Company has yet to clarify how the game will be monetized. It’s currently suspected that players will be able to earn card packs by both playing the game or through some kind of Item Store. Given that Pokémon TCG Live will also offer players the option of creating a unique character, cosmetics may be offered as another form of microtransaction.

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Pokémon TCG Live isn’t the first free-to-play pocket monster game released to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Pokémon Unite, a MOBA-styled game available on the Nintendo Switch, released in 2021, quickly earning a dedicated fanbase despite complaints of its poor monetization system.

The Pokémon Company has yet to provide a solid release date for Pokémon TCG Live, suggesting that the game will be “coming soon” to iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices. It’s possible that the game launches before the end of 2021 as the official statement says fans can expect a soft launch in Canada and a global open beta for PC and Mac “later this year.”

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Source: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company International announces a new digital version of its hit trading card game that will be available for the first time on mobile.

Best Anime On Netflix (July 2021) | CBR

It’s safe to say that anime is bigger than ever as shows like Attack on Titan and One-Punch Man have made their way into the American mainstream, and Netflix is partially to thank for this. It’s chock full of anime series old and new, including a few highly successful originals.

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But what are the mainstays of Netflix that don’t appear to be going away anytime soon? Are they newer series, classics, or anime-influenced offerings that aren’t technically anime but can be safely classified as such? Turns out, it’s a mix of everything.

Updated by Bailey Jo Josie: Since Netflix’s anime lineup is constantly changing, it is necessary to keep this list as up to date as possible so that it will always be an accurate and definitive list of the best anime available on the service at any given time. Also, because the streaming service has made access to anime easier than ever, a lot of Netflix subscribers are relatively new to anime, and so any list of the best anime in the library should be a mixture of recent hits as well as legacy favorites that newer otaku may have missed. 

28 “Pokémon Journeys” Is The First Series In The Franchise To Not Air On U.S. Television

In one form or another Pokémon has aired in the U.S. since 1998. It started in syndication and has moved to The WB, Cartoon Network, and Disney XD over the years. In 2020, Netflix secured the American rights to all future series, thus removing them from legacy networks. The first of these is Pokémon Journeys: The Series.

The 23rd version of the show introduces a new protagonist to the franchise, a boy named Goh. He and Ash Ketchum explore the eight regions of the Pokémon universe. In another first, Pokémon Journeys finally details the origins of Pikachu and how he and Ash became lifelong friends and partners.

27 “Cells At Work!” Teaches How Our Bodies Fight Disease In A Cute, Entertaining Way

Premiering in 2018, Cells At Work! is a delightful, educational anime showing the intricacies of the body’s cells (represented by tiny humanoids) doing their jobs. Each episode focuses on a different way the body can become ill and how our cells work to fight the viruses and bacterium.

The show mainly follows a red blood cell and a white blood cell who often find themselves working together. The show’s theme song is also really catchy, making one forget just how often the human body is attacked.

26 “Ouran High School Host Club” Is The Ultimate Subversive Shojo Romantic-Comedy

On the subject of gender, love, and tropes often found in shojo manga and anime, few shows do it quite as well as Ouran. After Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship honor student at the Ouran Academy, accidently breaks an extremely expensive vase, she becomes the “errand boy” for the school’s host club.

They end up mistaking her for a boy, not that she cares. As Haruhi proves to be a natural host, she gets caught up in the rich world, and affections, from her fellow hosts.

25 “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Returned To Netflix After Fan Outcry

After being previously removed from Netflix’s lineup, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is back with 113 episodes – including “Phantom Blood/Battle Tendency”, “Stardust Crusaders” and the recently added season 3, “Diamond is Unbreakable”.

Jojo is one of the longer-running serialized manga in Weekly Shōnen Jump, running from 1987 until 2004. It chronicles individual members of the Joestar family. Each new “Jojo” uses their powers to confront supernatural villains throughout time. The series itself is broken into separate parts for each family member across generations.

24 “Voltron: Legendary Defender” Continues A Tale From The 1980s

Like Castlevania, Voltron: Legendary Defender is American anime. Nevertheless, its beautiful animation and fleshed-out characters make it a popular animated series on Netflix. To the point that its original run spanned eight seasons.

This version of Voltron does more to expand on the universe of Princess Alura and the Lions than the original 1980s cartoon. The list of characters and locations is expanded so the Paladins, those who handled the Lions, aren’t always the main focus. In the end, Voltron, Legendary Defender is just as fine without the powerful robot appearing in each episode.

23 “Way Of The House Husband” Takes Marriage To A New Level

One of the best things about anime is it isn’t afraid to delve into multiple genres. Some of these are comedic takes about everyday life. An example of this is Way of the House Husband.

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Only five episodes long, this anime entry, introduced on Netflix in March of 2021, focuses on Tatsu. Once a powerful mercenary within Yazuka, he vanishes. The series picks up with him as a house husband to his loving wife. Instead of battling police, Tatsu fights other shoppers during supermarket sales.

22 “One Piece” Is About A Band Of Pirates On The High Seas

With over 100 episodes currently available on Netflix, One Piece is a must-watch for any anime fan who wants a good shonen show filled with unique characters, a ragtag group of comrades, and swashbuckling pirates.

The show’s protagonist is Monkey D. Luffy (pronounced Loo-fee) as the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, named for Luffy’s signature straw hat. Luffy and the Straw Hats sail the seas searching for the “One Piece,” a lost treasure that Luffy wants so he can become King of the Pirates. The show’s length may seem intimidating, and it’s certainly a big commitment, but few have regretted putting in the time to go on this long adventure with Luffy and crew as One Piece is considered one of the best anime of the last 20 years.

21 “Castlevania” Is Top-Notch American Anime

Based on the long-running Japanese video game franchise, the Netflix series wasn’t made there. Instead, the anime-style Castlevania was drawn and produced in the United States. Nevertheless, the horror series that ran first-run episodes from 2017 to 2021 is still one of the streaming service’s top animated titles for adults.

Dracula is the primary antagonist of Castlevania. After his wife is burned at the stake when falsely accused of being a witch, the Dark Prince summons an army of demons to destroy those who made the execution happen. It takes monster hunter Trevor Belmont and his team, including Drac’s own son Alucard, to stop him.

20 “Demon Slayer” Follows A Young Man Trying To Find A Cure For His Demon Sister

The first season of Demon Slayer is available on Netflix and now is the perfect opportunity to become immersed in one of the biggest modern anime franchises as its first movie, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is now available in North America, and season two will premiere in late 2021.

Demon Slayer follows a teen boy named Tanjiro in his Demon Slaying journey as he tries to find a cure for his sister, who was transformed into a demon herself. It’s emotional, action-packed, and filled with fascinating characters.

19 “Sword Art Online” Features Players Trapped In Virtual Reality

Sword Art Online follows a group of virtual reality MMOPRG players who get trapped within the game. If they die within it, they die in real life. Through adventures, dungeon raids, and boss fights, Kirito, the main character, manages to beat the game and free all those inside. Sounds cool, right?

Actually, after receiving some initial praise, critics and fans alike separated into “like” and “dislike” camps. Many criticize Kirito’s poor characterization, the over-sexualization of the female characters, and the overall sloppy writing. All that said, Sword Art Online is definitely worth checking out.

18 “Soul Eater” Is About Teenagers Who Become Weapons

Soul Eater is part Harry Potter, part Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Sure, that sounds like a weird combination, but it actually works well for the series. This supernatural anime follows Maka, a meister who reaps the souls of demons with the help of Soul Eater, her partner who can turn into a scythe.

Soul Eater is overall unique in both its creative premise and its art style. Though the anime was cut short— resulting in a rushed, less-than-stellar and patched-together disappointment of an ending— it is still a fun, cool, and stylish anime worth checking out.

17 “Aggretsuko” Features A Red Panda That Sings Thrash Metal

This is definitely something of an outlier as Aggretsuko doesn’t exactly look like an anime. This is because the series is animated in Flash. Thus, it takes on the cutesy style of Hello Kitty instead of brandishing some of the stylistic choices fans have come to know from anime. However, don’t let the chibi animals fool you, as Aggretsuko is anything but cute.

The series follows Retsuko, a red panda who works a job that she hates, with a boss that she hates, and a career path that she hates. Her only relief from her sucky life comes from singing speed metal karaoke. The series is fun, relatable, and surprisingly deep.

16 “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” Continues The Mecha Tradition

Viewers shouldn’t be confused by this series’ vast backstory. Despite origins and other shows that span over four decades, Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) can be watched as a standalone show. Thus, it’s best for those who tune into the Netflix series to simply enjoy the action-packed mecha series it on its own, without the franchise’s heavy baggage to worry about.

The show has a similar premise of other Gundam series within and outside its continuity. Teenager Banagher Links meets the mysterious individual that directs him to the elusive Unicorn Gundam. From that point, it’s a Star Wars-like battle to save his space colony’s freedom from the evil Earth forces.

15 “Durarara!!” Is About A Young Man Who Encounters Strange Things

While no one knows what the title means (not even the creator), Durarara!! is easily one of the most interesting and unique shows available on Netflix. It follows a lot of people. too many to list here, and that’s the beauty of the series. The creator, Ryohgo Narita, has an affinity for telling stories through multiple perspectives, which alone is enough of a reason to check out Durarara!!

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The central plot is about the rising gang activity in the Tokyo neighborhood of Ikebukuro and the actions of a dullahan, a headless Irish spirit who resides in the city. However, while these things act as the focal point of the series, the perspective shifts between various characters, revealing small slices of life as tension and danger builds in the city.

14 “Blue Exorcist” Is About A Boy Who Wants To Get Rid Of Satan’s Curse

Perhaps the best way to describe Blue Exorcist is “Hellboy in high school.” This anime is one of the coolest that Netflix has to offer. It follows Rin Okumura and his brother Yukio, twins born from the devil. However, only Rin takes after their father.

Though he’s of demonic nature, Rin is determined to be an Exorcist, someone who fights the demons that plague society. While some might say that Blue Exorcist is a bit too close to the likes of Hellboy, the anime still takes viewers on an interesting and exciting ride that forges its own path and identity.

13 “Seven Deadly Sins” Is A Great First Anime For Newcomers

Another Netflix original anime is Seven Deadly Sins, a magical fantasy series that follows a formerly disgraced group of powerful magical warriors as they assist a princess in reclaiming her kingdom from tyranny. It might seem like a run-of-the-mill magical Shonen anime, which is true at times. Yet, it also keeps things interesting and exciting.

There are plenty of great fights and endearingly strange characters. Plus, the animation and designs of the series are brilliant. For those looking for an introduction to anime, Seven Deadly Sins is an excellent gateway that should ease most newcomers into the medium pretty well.

12 “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” Upends The Magical Girl Genre

The magical girls genre has been long and fruitful within anime. Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Magical Princess Minky Momo are some of the famous ones in this category. Recently, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has upended that genre, dark in a way that is unusual— though not completely unheard of— for magical girl anime.

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There’s still a teenage girl that needs to learn how to balance her normal life and the one that involves her defeating evil. However, the show isn’t shy about killing off popular characters, good or bad, or shifting the ethics of someone on either side.

11 “Death Note” Gives A Teenage Boy The Power To Kill

Death Note is one of those anime that was popular with the early 2000s, middle-school emo crowd. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t deter viewers from watching it on Netflix today, no matter age nor personality type.

The show follows Light Yagami, a teenager who finds a notebook that kills whoever’s name he writes in it. The premise and overall dark tone of Death Note might feel dated now, but there is a surprising amount of depth to the series. Light’s development from a cynical teenager to a power-mad god and eventually fallen villain is one of the greatest character arcs in history.

10 “Your Lie In April” Is About A Piano Prodigy Who Loses Their Skill

Your Lie In April doesn’t feature Pokémon, magical girls, or teenagers that kill by writing names in a book. Nevertheless, it’s better than the anime that includes those things because it tugs at the heartstrings just a bit more.

This anime is about a young, talented piano prodigy who, after the death of his mother, loses his ability and motivation to play. It takes the actions of a young violinist to brighten his life and return him to music through duets. Yet, as the title suggests, things are not as happy as that description makes them.

9 “Naruto” Is A Classic Tale Of Growing Up

Though Naruto is a long-running series, the episodes available on Netflix are a great way to get started. That’s because it’s beloved by many for its relatable and fascinating characters. The relatability is, perhaps, the greatest thing about Naruto.

The main character is someone different. Bullied for something he has no control of Naruto fights his way toward proving himself. In doing so, he makes friends with those who didn’t believe in him so he can show what he’s made of. In the end, Naruto has a powerful theme that not only makes the series one of the best on Netflix but also makes it one of the best overall.

8 “Haikyu!!” Journeys Into The Underappreciated World Of Volleyball

An underlying theme of anime programs involves underdogs. It doesn’t matter if they’re superheroes-in-training or future ninjas, it’s their journey from square one that transforms viewers into fans. A prime example of this is the sports anime HAIKYU!!

The show’s main focus is Hinata, a junior high school student enamored by a volleyball competition he sees on TV. Inspired, he joins a local volleyball club. Even though he’s shorter than the average player, he trains hard and becomes a crucial teammate and friend to many others. HAIKYU!! is here because of its positive messages about hard work.

7 “Devilman Crybaby” Shows The Messed Up World Of Demons

While the content of Devilman Crybaby is not for everyone, the way in which the story defies a lot of genre tropes and the beautiful animation is enough to rank it as one of the best Netflix-original anime. The program is adapted from the 1972 manga and uses lewd, vulgar, and obscene imagery to depict the screwed-up nature of demons. Their actions affect the human world and how they’re perceived.

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For the niche that Devilman Crybaby deals with, the series is a powerful, wonderfully-drawn anime that deserves a watch. Even if it leaves viewers with an overwhelming sense of dread once it’s over.

6 “Kill La Kill” Is About A Schoolgirl With A Giant Scissor Blade

If you’re looking for amazing animation, intense battles, and brilliant subversion of anime tropes, look no further than Kill La Kill. Easily one of the greatest fighting anime of all time, the series follows Ryuko, a girl who transfers to Honnōji Academy to find the person who killed her father. The story quickly unfolds into several different genres to combine comedy and action for intense and exciting fun.

The main weapons in this universe are clothes infused with Life Fibers. These enhance the wearer with incredible abilities and, in Ryuko’s case, results in an outfit that covers very little. Needless to say, Kill La Kill is definitely not for kids, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

5 “Little Witch Academia” Focuses On A Girl With Few Magical Powers

Little Witch Academia is another example of a series where an underdog trains hard to become someone. Combining the magic of Harry Potter with the heroics of My Hero Academia, the anime follows Akko, a girl with very little magical aptitude who wants nothing more than to be a witch. Hence, she decides to attend Luna Nova Magical Academy to enhance her skills.

The series is a production of Studio Trigger, which is why it is so wonderfully animated. The classic anime themes of never giving up and showing your criticizers what you’re made of are present as well. However, they’re written in new and interesting ways as Akko challenges the old conventions of magic as she learns and grows.

4 “One-Punch Man” Is About A Powerful But Bored Superhero

The tropes of the Shonen genre of anime were essentially created by Dragon Ball. In other words, an enemy is bound to reveal a hidden power or stronger form or a hero tends to get stronger mid-battle. Yet, One-Punch Man annihilates these and other Shonen tropes with a simple concept.

A satire/parody of Shonen anime and superheroes, One-Punch Man follows Saitama, a superhero-for-fun who is so powerful that he defeats every enemy in one punch. This leaves him bored and angrily dissatisfied with his path of heroism. It’s funny, explosive, and has some of the best fighting animation of all time.

3 “Gurren Lagann” Features A Mecha Battling Beast Men

Aanother Studio Trigger piece, many believe this to be one of the best series of all time. Gurren Lagann follows Simon as he and his adoptive brother Kamina pilot a mech to fight against the Beast Men after escaping the oppression of their underground village.

The fist-in-the-air moments featured in Gurren Lagann hit hard. Themes around never giving up are made more powerful by the fact that the series’ mechs are powered by literal fighting spirit. It’s a wild ride of emotion and action that is a must-watch for everyone.

2 “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” Has Brothers Reclaiming Their Bodies

The best anime available on Netflix right now is easily Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This series, as opposed to the original 2003 anime, closely adapts the theme of the original manga. It’s a contained, well-thought-out, compelling story that takes place in a creative and interesting world where alchemy is the main scientific pursuit.

The show is one of the best that Netflix has to offer, anime or otherwise, primarily due to its strong themes of family, morality, hubris, imperialism and, growing up. All of which are presented dramatically and supernaturally.

1 “Neon Genesis Evangelion” Is One Of The Most Essential Anime Of All Time

While there’s plenty of controversy over Netflix’s new translations of the original anime, this doesn’t take away from the quality and power of Neon Genesis Evangelion and its companion films End of Evangelion and Evangelion Death(True), both also on Netflix.

Evangelion follows young Shinji as he is tossed into the giant mecha known as Eva 01 and he must take on the destructive and mysterious Angels, the name given to extraterrestrial monsters that threaten the Earth. Filled with existential philosophy and heart-wrenching loneliness, this anime is essential.

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Netflix is now an anime haven, full of classic titles, modern hits, and original exclusives. But which shows are the best on the service?