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At last, Nickelodeon’s hit animated series Avatar: the Last Airbender has returned to Netflix, meaning longtime fans can enjoy this series once again, and newcomers have a chance to see what all the fuss is about. Fan-favorite characters like Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and more are right around the corner.

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Sokka may not be a bender, but he is a core part of Aang’s quest to restore peace to the world, and his creative and tactical mind have saved the team from trouble more than once. He’s also funny (“meat and sarcasm”), and as a grown man, he became a member of Republic City’s council during Aang’s time. Cool characters like this call for great fan art, and the Avatar fans have delivered.

10 Water Meets Earth

All kinds of fan pairings abound for Avatar: the Last Airbender, from Katara/Zuko (Zutara) to Sokka and Toph, among many others. Most likely, Sokka and Toph didn’t actually end up together in the lore, but it’s fun to imagine, like artist Palila did.

Toph almost definitely had a crush on Sokka, and he thought Toph was pretty cool, too. In this colorful scene, they are fully grown and looking good, from Sokka’s manly short beard and burly physique to Toph’s elegant outfit and charming grin. They’re having a great time.

9 Man Vs Nature

Sokka tries his best to catch wild game for dinner, but his luck runs pretty thin most of the time (besides, it’s a kid’s show, so hunting and skinning animals is out of the question). In this amusing scene from season 2, Sokka tries to hunt a moose-like cub, only to end up shoulder-deep in the ground.

Artist Wacky06 paid tribute to Sokka’s silly mishaps with this vividly drawn art, and Sokka’s frustration and embarrassment are downright palpable. His boomerang won’t do much good when the moose cub is right there on his head.

8 Still Hunting

Sokka failed to catch the moose cub, but he’s still a hunter, and the South Pole is too cold a place to grow any wheat or fruits. So, the people there go hunting, and Sokka is ready to lead any hunting party, as artist Melllorine shows here.

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This time, Sokka is all business while on the hunt, and the blank background alludes to the endless white tundra of his home. His serious, sharp expression shows us just how talented a hunter he is, and no doubt he’ll find a seal sooner or later. He’s a provider, for sure.

7 Team Fortress Sokka

Even Avatar fans who haven’t played the Valve game Team Fortress 2 will agree that this is a classic Sokka pose, and in this charming digital art, Sokka is on the prowl once again. Artist Victor Joensen made sure to give Sokka a snowy battlefield, to suit his skills better.

This is 100% Sokka, from the crouched hunter pose to the baseball bat to substitute his boomerang and that goofy, crafty look on his face. The blue shirt and wolf tail hairstyle help round out this image. The enemy team had better beware.

6 Olive Branch

This scene may not have happened in the original animated series, but it would have been fascinating to see. During the climax, Zuko had his final duel with Azula, and when he went down, Katara took over and won with some crafty ice.

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Artist kelly1412 drew this fascinating “what if?” scenario where a compassionate Sokka comforts the defeated Azula, since he is a hardened warrior but not a monster. The Fire Nation has fallen, and now, Azula is a prisoner of war and a girl who desperately needs some guidance and healing.

5 Prickly Friend

Another of Sokka’s funniest moments was in the Great Desert of the Earth Kingdom, after Apa was captured and the group had to trek across the endless desert on foot. Sokka spotted some cacti, and was eager to get to the juice inside.

Artist moni158 pays amusing tribute to Sokka’s newest friend here, and a juice-addled Sokka embraces the cactus, unaware of the thorns poking into him. Katara, Aang, and Toph can’t believe their eyes, but to Sokka, this is business as usual.

4 Boomerang Toss

Sokka is on the hunt once again, and it looks like he’s in a remote canyon in the Earth Kingdom this time, far from home. But there’s plenty of wild game out here in the Kingdom, and Sokka just found something good to eat for dinner.

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Artist Giulia Bokel went all out on this digital art, from the action blur of the thrown boomerang to the sense of speed and motion Sokka has to the blurred background. Everything about this piece looks fast and intense, and that’s just how Sokka operates.

3 Like A Bear

It seems that Sokka has done a lot of growing up. In the original series, he was far from the brawniest character, and he relied mainly on his quick wits and boomerang to solve problems, not sheer force. He wasn’t exactly a battle berserker.

But artist Manny Pearce decided that in his later years, Sokka grew huge, and now, he is the massive, stalwart warrior one would expect from the rustic Southern Water Tribe. Sokka could easily become chief at this rate, and live up to his father’s legacy.

2 Fighting Pose

Sokka is back to his regular size, but he’s no less ferocious for it. Katara is the only native waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe right now, and it’s up to Sokka and the other warriors to keep this small but tough tribe alive.

Artist Raphael Moreno used some fiery lighting and a cool action pose on Sokka’s part to make this action scene come to life, and Katara’s waterbending and the glowing blue globe of Sokka’s club contrast nicely with the orange lighting all around him. The Fire Nation is closing in, but the Water Tribe fights on.

1 More Juice!

Sokka just can’t leave those cacti alone. He was quick to drink the juice inside despite the warnings not to, and he got loopy out of his mind. Artist Melllorine returns to make Sokka and the cactus juice look glamorous, and it’s working.

In this piece, Sokka’s goofy but cool pose make it look like he’s advertising the cactus juice, as though it were a trendy sports drink. Even better is Momo, who’s hanging onto Sokka’s neck and hallucinating anything and everything. His eyes have never been so big.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is back on Netflix, which makes it the perfect time to explore some Avatar fanart!

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