Avatar: 5 Reasons Why Suki Is Actually Best Girl (& 5 Why It’s Ty Lee)

Pretty much every female character in Avatar: The Last Airbender has been up for the mantel of “Best Girl” at some point or another, but it keeps seeming like Ty Lee wins almost every time. Her fun and quirky personality plus her totally cute appearance became the crush of many as they watched the show for the first time in their youth. Now that the show is back on the rise thanks to Netflix, many fans are being reminded of why they fell in love with Ty Lee.

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However, there are a fair few ladies who constantly contest Ty Lee’s role as “Best Girl.” Her best friend, Mai, is constantly on the list as being the resident “Goth Girl” of the series, Toph is a fan-favorite and always seems to be appearing as well. But there is one more girl who always seems to be a niche love in the fandom due to her semi-lacking popularity, the leader of the Kyoshi warriors, Suki. Suki is amazing and there are so many qualities about her that should make her the actual best girl in the series.

10 TY LEE: Circus Girl

Even though she one of the daughters of an esteemed nobleman, Ty Lee has always wished for a more adventurous lifestyle. She left home in order to join the circus which is where viewers first see her after Azula comes to ask for some help.

Ty Lee is a contortionist and is incredibly flexible and nimble. This skill also wonderfully transfers over to her fighting style in addition to her chi blocking technique, making her an incredible threat to Team Avatar before her change of heart.

9 SUKI: Totally Understanding & Patient

Suki has shown how patient and understanding she could be time and time again. The perfect example of this is when she meets Sokka again during Team Avatar’s trip through the Serpent’s Pass into Ba Sing Se. Sokka and Suki almost immediately had a romance in the early era of Avatar, but a lot has changed for Sokka since their last meeting.

Sokka met and fell in love with Yue, princess of the Northern Water Tribe who gave her life essence to the Moon spirit and thusly became its replacement. Sokka has feelings for Suki, but he feels bad about those feelings and struggles to convey that when Suki tries to kiss him under the moon because he felt like Yue was watching. Without needing an explanation, Suki apologizes for her advances and doesn’t seem to take Sokka’s rejection personally, but rather accepts it with patience and understanding.

8 TY LEE: An Amazing Friend

Ty Lee agreed to join Azula’s hunt for the Avatar seemingly out of fear. Azula is an incredibly powerful foe to have, pretty much everyone is afraid of her. After Azula threatened Ty Lee’s circus life, she agreed to join her.

However, Ty Lee is still Azula’s friend and tries to help her as much as possible. Ty Lee also knows the value of friendship and quickly turns on Azula just before she is about to attack Mai without much of a second thought. Ty Lee saved Mai in that dire moment and proved that she values her friendship with Mai more than she fears Azula.

7 SUKI: Part Of Team Avatar

Suki is oftentimes a forgotten member of Team Avatar (even Legend of Korra seemed to forget about her), but she was still a vital member of the team in the final season. Whenever Suki was around, she was willing to die for the cause and willing to help in any way she could.

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In the final battle, she saves Toph and Sokka from dying just as they’re about to accept defeat. And during the episode, “Appa’s Lost Days,” she tries to help him get back to Aang without even thinking twice and urges him away before he can get caught by Azula’s gang.

6 TY LEE: Empathy & Kindness

Even while Ty Lee was on Azula’s side, she still had empathy for her enemies. She always seemed like she was fighting just because Team Avatar was on the opposing side, never as if they were her enemy. She was oddly flirtatious with Sokka and never really seemed to care if Azula, Mai, and herself lost a battle.

Later on in the series, fans find out that Ty Lee made friends with the Kyoshi Warriors during her time in prison and ends up joining their forces. Her ability to make friends with former enemies shows her ability to empathize with people and be open to other points of view.

5 SUKI: A Warrior’s Heart

Suki is always at the ready, with her warrior heart amped for any battle. She fights with honor and courage and never seems to back down from a fight, even if she is on the losing side. She is also not afraid to take on the battle herself if that means her comrades get to safety. She did this during her first meeting with Aang, Katara, and Sokka as the Fire Nation attacked Kyoshi. Suki urged Sokka to leave and that she and the other Kyoshi warriors could handle the rest.

The same can be said for when she urged Appa to leave as she fought Azula, as previously mentioned. In the prison break episode, Suki fights alongside Zuko without even questioning it once she sees that Sokka trusts him. She also takes the fight into her own hands as she hurriedly climbs to where the Warden is in order to set Sokka’s plan into motion.

4 TY LEE: Beach Episode

The beach episode became a fan favorite for many Avatar fans due to its fun and relaxed nature in such an intense season. It also features a new side to the “villain” characters that fans hadn’t seen before. Ty Lee swooned the hearts of many young viewers in this episode based on her looks and relaxed personality. However, this episode also showed another key feature in her personality.

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Ty Lee is the only one during the talk around the fire pit to empathize with Zuko. It is somehow easily forgotten that Ty Lee has been friends with Zuko just as long as she has been friends with Mai and Azula. Zuko and Ty Lee are a very underappreciated friendship in The Last Airbender but this moment in the episode shows that Ty Lee has felt for Zuko during his entire journey and has been rooting for him along the way.

3 SUKI: Beach Episode

Just as Sozin’s Comet is about to occur, Team Avatar also decides to take their own little beach trip on Ember Island. While their beach time didn’t consume an entire episode like Ty Lee and friends’, we still got to see a glimpse of the gang having fun in the sand and water.

Sokka tries to make a sand model of Suki (which looks more like a blob than anything else) and Suki tells him she loves it anyway. Suki and Sokka share some pretty cute scenes in this episode as Suki portrays that she is definitely a great match for Sokka.

2 TY LEE: Sees The Difference Between Right And Wrong

While it may not always seem clear to the audience, Ty Lee shows more than a couple of times that she does know the difference between right and wrong. She quickly changes sides when the moment calls for it and easily becomes friends with those who were once her “enemies,” once again showing that Ty Lee may have never considered these characters her enemies in the first place.

Ty Lee can also be seen in Iroh’s tea house in the final episode, showing that she was mostly just with Azula because she was afraid, but that she knows Team Avatar is instead where she should be.

1 SUKI: Accepting Of All, Even Her Enemies

The first time fans see Suki, they instantly learn that she is utterly accepting. She accepts Sokka’s apology for ridiculing the Kyoshi warriors and teaches him the ways of the Kyoshi Warriors. She forgives Zuko for attacking her home and quickly becomes allies with him, even becoming one of his closest friends and personal guard in the following comics of the series.

She also forgives Ty Lee, even though they have fought a number of times in the series, accepting her as one of her sisters in battle as a valued Kyoshi Warrior.

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The Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom is often divided about who should be the best character. Here is Suki vs. Ty Lee for Best Girl.

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