Avatar: The Last Airbender – 10 Azula Cosplay That You Need To See

“She’s terrifying and inspirational at the same time.” Truer words were never spoken of Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Azula. Fire Nation Princess, accomplished firebender, and more than a little cruel and power-hungry, Azula always commanded a viewer’s attention whenever she appeared on-screen. Though often behaving reprehensibly, one also can’t deny her fortitude and intelligence, as well as her dedication to perfecting her fighting abilities.

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Despite Avatar concluding in 2008, its enduring popularity has made Azula a cosplaying mainstay, and the show’s arrival on Netflix is bound to inspire even more fans to offer their take on the wielder of the blue flame.

10 Anna Jester

Original image from Anna’s Instagram page.

Avid Avatar fans can easily pinpoint the moment in the series that has inspired this cosplay, namely when Azula’s lust for power was beginning to affect her grip on reality in the series finale. Anna’s look very closely resembles Azula’s on the day of the princess’ coronation as Fire Lord, with hair slightly out of place to allude to Azula’s haircut mishap shortly before hallucinating her missing mother Ursa.

What may sell the cosplay the most is the look on Anna’s face, perfectly replicating Azula’s look in the mirror when she saw her mother appear before her.

9 Skyjuu

Original image from skyjuu’s Instagram page.

In this picture, Azula poses with her beloved “Zuzu,” also known as Prince Zuko, cosplayed by ellis.mp4. Both characters show off their firebending skills through the wonders of photo-editing, with Azula’s being appropriately blue to symbolize her awesome power.

Both of the costumes skyjuu and ellis.mp4 are wearing, as well as the watery background, are taken directly from the Avatar episode “The Beach,” where Azula and Zuko took some time off with Ty Lee and Mai on Ember Island. Both siblings had great moments in the episode, such as Azula’s overzealous volleyball victory and Zuko confessing his frustration over his confused moral compass.

8 Aigera Dunamis

Original image from Aigera’s Instagram page.

Aigera portrays Azula in her prime, ready for action and dressed in a highly accurate rendition of her traditional royal garb, complete with fire-shaped crown. What’s interesting to note is that Azula’s flame is orange, instead of its trademark blue color, perhaps suggesting that Aigera’s Azula is still perfecting her fire generation ability.

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Azula wielded orange fire as a child in several of the series’ flashbacks, although some fans might not have realized that there was a scene where an older Azula used orange flame: the show’s intro, where her face was obscured in shadow.

7 Dew

Original image from Dew’s Instagram page.

Introducing Punk Azula! Dew brings the character into the modern-day with a leather jacket, fingerless gloves, chains, black top, and, as seen in another photo, ripped jeans. While the fictional world of Avatar seemed to take place in a time before punk rock or clothing would have debuted in the real world, there had always been something punk rock about Azula’s personality.

She may have been careful not to disobey her father, but other than that, she was always been one to make her own rules. And while she may not be wearing her usual royal garments here, it’s clear from her crown her status as royalty is still intact… as are her firebending powers.

6 Cali

Original image from Cali’s Instagram page.

Azula alone could cause Aang and his friends plenty of trouble. Yet imagine if at one point she teamed up with her father, Fire Lord (and later Phoenix King) Ozai. Right now, it seems the father-daughter team is taking a break from their usual pursuit of the Avatar, however, with sunglasses and a coffee cup that prove they’ve somehow made it into modern times.

Alone, Azula could do such unique techniques as summon lightning; could she and Ozai have figured out how to combine their powers to perform timebending? If any present-day Avatars or descendants of Team Avatar are out there, they may want to brush up on their own bending skills.

5 Pinkupi Cosplay

Original image from Pinkupi Cosplay’s Instagram page.

This cosplay brings to life an impressive Azula redesign made by artist Hannah Alexander, trading in Azula’s black and gold vest for flame-shaped epaulettes and adding a golden head chain common to Indian bridal weddings. On top of that, Pinkupi comes up with a very innovative way of portraying Azula’s powers, using Chinese dance fans with blue and white ribbons to emulate Azula’s signature blue flame.

As demonstrated in one of Pinkupi Cosplay’s videos, tying Azula’s firebending to dance is a natural move, given how all forms of bending tend to require graceful physical movements to carry out attacks. Though she may want to keep quiet about it; dancing in the Fire Nation is generally frowned upon!

4 AJ

Original image from AJ’s Instagram page.

Azula’s education was mentioned a small handful of times in the series, including her time at the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. Yet what sort education might a 21st century Azula get? AJ gives fans the answer, “enrolling” Azula in Firebending University!

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To suit her new surroundings, this Azula dresses more casually, leaving behind the crown and robes for a t-shirt that proudly displays Firebending U pride. Don’t let the more laid-back attire fool you, however, given both Azula’s and her father’s preoccupation with class (no pun intended), chances are even this university would be for nobles only.

3 Robin Goodfellow

Original image from Robin’s Instagram page.

Recalling the Season 2 finale “The Crossroads of Destiny,” Robin sports the Dai Li uniform Azula wore during arguably her finest hour in the series, in which she defeated the Avatar in combat and took over both the Earth Kingdom and its police force in one fell swoop.

With a hint of lightning shooting from his fingers, Robin references a very specific moment from the episode, namely when Azula actually managed to knock Aang unconscious while the latter was in the Avatar State. Being a Dai Li agent certainly suited Azula; as she herself pointed out, “They’re Earthbenders, but they have a killer instinct that’s so Firebender. I just love it.”

2 Ellie V

Original image from Ellie V’s Instagram page.

The Avatar callbacks continue to be strong in these cosplays, as Ellie mimics Azula’s tongue-in-cheek introduction to Aang in “The Chase.” Though the two had met before, Azula had not revealed her connection to one of Aang’s other major antagonists at the time, Prince Zuko.

Covering the right side of her face to symbolize Zuko’s scar and doing her best impression of her brother’s voice, Azula’s humor falls flat with Aang, but certainly not with viewers. Zuko would even join in on the imitation fun himself in the next season, imitating both his scheming sister and his uncle Iroh when figuring out how to convince Team Avatar he had reformed.

1 Cassandra Ariel

Original image from Cassandra’s Instagram page.

If there’s one thing fans know about Azula, it’s that she thought highly of herself. Very, very highly, in fact, and with a single pose, along with an excellent costume, Cassandra evokes Azula in the middle of one of her many egotistical moments.

Cassandra also makes some clever tweaks to Azula’s vest, adding two long dragons to the olden piping, as well as literally adding a little fire to the section lined with red. Perhaps if Azula had seen this variation of her uniform, she would have asked to have it made by her tailors; assuming, of course, she hadn’t already banished them all.

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Azula of Avatar: The Last Airbender is a fan-favorite villain. Here are 10 amazing cosplays of her that you need to see.

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