Avatar: The Last Airbender – 10 Toph Fan Art Pictures That You Need To See

Toph Beifong is definitely a fan-favorite character in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She has so many cool things about her. She’s one of the strongest and most talented earthbenders out there, and she actually discovers metalbending, meaning that she is capable of a kind of bending that no one else even knew was possible.

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She teaches Aang how to earthbend as they travel together with Sokka and Katara to try to end the war. Best of all, she does this all while blind, making her great representation for those with disabilities. Here are 10 amazing pieces of Toph fan art that show just how beloved she is.

10 An Older Toph

All of the kids in Avatar are, well, kids. They’re all between 12 and 16 years old, and they’re doing their best to end a war despite not really having the experience or skills to do so, but doing their best to find them along their way. Legend of Korra lets fans see what they look like when they’re much older, but for the most part there isn’t a lot about what they look like as young adults. Sabri has created a version of Toph that is maybe an answer to the question: someone a little older and more womanly and likely even stronger than she is at 12.

9 Textures

Artist Pontipie has created a really interesting piece of fan art with this one. They gave the piece an old-fashioned sepia tone look, almost like one might see on the inevitable Wanted posters that are probably posted around for Aang and his friends. But the awesome pose really pushes how cool and dramatic Toph looks when she’s airbending.

8 A Modern Girl

It’s hard to resist seeing favorite characters in more modern attire and imagining what they might be like if they lived in current times. Fan artist Tay took that on, giving Toph a cool look with an oversized hoodie and short skirt, with solid boots and over-the-knee socks.

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She kept her trademark headband however, and everything is in her usual color palette, showing her as she might actually look now: cool and reserved and also very powerful.

7 Earthbending

This cool, action-oriented piece by Erick Pepper Rivera shows Toph doing what she does best and also better than anyone else: earthbending. The piece, which maintains the sketchy, cartoony look of the series, shows a lot of motion through the action lines around her arms. Her facial expression is also very serious, and she’s clearly focusing hard on what she’s trying to accomplish.

6 In Black

This fan art by s. pimeaaine shows Toph in a slightly different look than the usual green she’s usually wearing. Most benders wear the color associated with their particular element (Katara in blue, Zuko in red), so of course, earthbenders are often seen wearing green. This fan art has Toph instead wearing black and gold; she looks very cool and powerful in the new look, especially with her relaxed and playful facial expression.

5 A Green Thumb

Toph is an earthbender, which means she can manipulate things that are made of earth to her will. This of course means dirt and rocks, and of course, later, for Toph alone, it means metal as well. This connection to earth probably means she feels a connection to plants as well.

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Here, Charlene has drawn Toph doing her usual earthbending, but in her hand is a small green plant, which can of course only grow with the right earth beneath it.

4 As A Kid

It’s easy to forget just how young Aang and his friends are since they have such big responsibilities and take on so much on their own, putting themselves in danger constantly. Alessia Trunfio definitely reminds viewers of how young these characters are with this great painting of Toph. Here, she is doing her thing, earthbending her heart out with all the confidence and skill she’s known for. But she’s also clearly very young here, with short arms and legs and large eyes.

3 An Anime Take

While Avatar is not actually technically an anime as it was produced in the U.S. and animated in Korea, like Teen Titans, it does have a lot of the same aesthetic looks as anime, with characters with big eyes and over-the-top facial expressions. Sankavi clearly created this fan art piece with this look in mind, giving Toph large, sparkly eyes and a round, soft face.

2 A Modern Look

Charlize took Toph to a more modern place with this piece of fan art, thinking about what she would look like if modern fashions were available. Toph is a bit of a tomboy, with not a lot of interest in girlier looks; she’s mostly just interested in training and becoming stronger. So it would stand to reason that she’d wear something more boyish and easy to move around in, in her characteristic green color palette, of course.

1 Smiling

Toph isn’t a big smiler. It’s not because she is never happy, and she does often chortle at the dumb antics of her friends while they’re on their journeys together. But an actual, beaming smile of pure joy is actually pretty unusual for her. Eder has drawn her this way here, making her look youthful and ready for fun, possibly without all the baggage of her life as a powerful earthbender who is constantly underestimated.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender's Toph quickly became a fan-favorite. And these works of art prove it.

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