Avatar: The Last Airbender – Which Type Of Bender Are You Based On Your Zodiac

The Avatar: The Last Airbender series has begun making a huge resurgence due to the re-release of the series on Netflix. This has lead to a whole new group of Avatar fans being on the rise along with legions of old fans from back with the Nickelodeon days reliving this amazing series.

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As many fans know, the series and its variety of different benders go far beyond the main four that are named in the iconic series intro. These different bending types develop and open up doors for sub-bending types as well. This list will be taking a look at the different bending types and those that use them and connecting them to different Zodiac signs according to the personalities attached to them.


Energybending is an advanced form of bending that only the Avatar can use. It is the ability to bend another’s life energy and can result in locked or unlocked bending abilities among other things.

These benders are similar to Aries as they are both confident, ambitious, and optimistic. They refuse to follow the norm and want to create a world that suits the common good and their ideal vision.


The Taurus can be seen as one of the most ambitious of all the Zodiac signs. Those that fall under this sign are very headstrong and hardworking but can be very stubborn as a result of how hard they work. They pursue their goals no matter what gets in the way.

This resembles not only those Earthbenders who went great lengths to learn metalbending from their master, but the master Toph herself when she basically forced herself to discover metalbending.


Geminis are some of the most complex people among all the other Zodiac signs. While they can have a kind and gentle heart, they can end up contradicting themselves due to being prone to switching through many different moods.

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This is similar to the most recognizable bloodbender in Avatar, Amon, who’s history with bending reflects this sign greatly.


Cancers are some of the most emotionally strong people out there. They can be a bit rough around the edges due to their moody behaviors but, due to their empathy, they can make a great friend.

This description mirrors the firebender Zuko’s history in the series, as he is not only one of the most emotionally charged characters in the show but went through a lot to actually become a friend to Aang and the group.


The most charming people out of any Zodiac signs come from that of the Leo. Leos are always popular and have the best sense of benders.

If you fall under this sign you may not be a bender but you’ve definitely got what it takes to be the Sokka of your group.


When friendship and loyalty are the focus of the conversation you can be sure that a Virgo is the topic. People under this sign work hard and don’t give up. The only downfall to them is the fact that they can be a bit on the perfectionist side, putting a bit too much pressure on themselves.

Katara is a point for point reflection of this Zodiac sign which makes it obvious that Virgos would definitely be waterbenders.


Libras are the easiest people there are to become friends with and are prone to becoming life-long friends with those that get close to them. They tend to put pressure on themselves and push themselves to act out of character to please others.

This is something that Aang had to overcome due to his existence being based around constant expectations and connects them Libras to airbenders perfectly.


Scorpios are easy to count on and never miss a beat. They are very ambitious and resourceful. They always find ways to get better in each field of life.

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Much like Scorpios, the Earthbenders in Avatar constantly found new sub-bending ways and brought their nation to a whole new level by the end of the series and by the beginning of LoK.


While Sagitarians may be very intelligent and chance-taking, they often put themselves above others and end up looking like know-it-alls.

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One character similar to this is Azula, who is very intelligent and has endless potential but is definitely a “more holy than thou” type of girl. She also is used these traits to become the premiere lightning bender of the series.


Capricorns may be natural born leaders but they are very forceful and aren’t able to find a good balance between their work and normal life.

It was intense leadership and the non-ability to perfectly meld life and work that led to the Fire Nation deciding to pull the trigger and plunge the world into war.


Those that are under the Aquarius sign are those born full of creativity and are very original. Due to their creativity, great ideas, and brilliant minds, when putting things into actions they can be a bit pushy.

This trait is similar to the waterbender Katara and is definitely a great coincidence!


Much like Pisces, the airbenders were shown to be the kindest and passionate of people and make for very good friends.

Also much like Pisces, airbenders can have their head too far in the clouds when it comes to ideals but won’t rest until they pass their obstacles.

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The Avatar: The Last Airbender series has made a huge resurgence due to the re-release of the series on Netflix. Here are the zodiac signs of benders.

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