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Ty Lee and Mai may not have been the most prominent characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but they were consistent presences throughout the series as charming antagonists. They also proved they weren’t nearly as heartless as their “friend” Azula, eventually even turning on her and securing a place in the peaceful future.

Here’s what happened to Ty Lee and Mai after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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Mai and Ty Lee were both introduced in the second season of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The daughters of high-society families, they became the closest (and perhaps only) friends that Princess Azula ever had. Because of this (and coupled with their unique abilities), Mai and Ty Lee were recruited to help Azula hunt down Zuko and eventually the Avatar. Mai’s proficiency with weapons makes her a quick and surprisingly deadly warrior, while Ty Lee utilized an ancient style of combat — Chi-Blocking — that focuses on targeting pressure points to prevent benders from utilizing their abilities to control the elements. Alongside Azula, they proved crucial in bringing down the Earth Kingdom.

Upon returning to the Fire Nation, Mai and Ty Lee adjusted back to regular life. Mai even began a romantic relationship with her long-time crush Zuko, who Azula had given credit for bringing down the Avatar. But when Zuko left to try and help Aang train for his battle against the Fire Lord, he ended their romance. As the hunt continued, Azula’s mental state deteriorated, and she even tried to murder her brother. Mai saved Zuko’s life and revealed that she cared for Zuko more than she feared Azula. Before Azula could attack Mai, Ty Lee chi-blocked her. Both of them ended up imprisoned for their actions until Azula and Ozai were dethroned. Ty Lee ended the series by joining the Kyoshi Warriors (who she’d befriended while in prison) and Mai resumed her relationship with the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko.

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After an attempt was made on his life in “The Promise,” Mai convinced the Kyoshi Warriors to provide protection for Zuko. However, Suki later accidentally let it slip Zuko had been meeting with his father for advice on how to rule. Furious Zuko had kept such a big choice from her, Mai broke up with him. “Smoke & Shadow” was somewhat centered around Mai, and how her family deals with the new world after the defeat of Ozai. After leaving Zuko, she took a job with her aunt and worked at a flower shop. While there, a young man named Kei Lo was able to convince her to go out for dinner. But while Kei Lo initially seemed like a perfect rebound for Mai, he ended up turning out to be a member of the New Ozai Society. The group sought to bring down Zuko and put Ozai back on the Fire Nation throne.

Making matters even worse was the fact that Mai’s father Ukano was their leader. Mai fought them, and Kei Lo eventually became a double agent within the New Ozai Society and started feeding Mai information about the group’s intentions. The two formally began a relationship, which seemed to hurt Zuko when he expressed regrets over their breakup. Mai and Zuko were forced to fight alongside each other however when a number of children across the Fire Nation capital were kidnapped — including her brother Tom-Tom. The actions were revealed to be orchestrated by Azula (who escaped during the events of “The Search”), and that she was also manipulating the New Ozai Society.

Once the children were found and rescued, her father was arrested. Although she ended her relationship with Kei Lo, she didn’t get back together with Zuko. But there are minor moments that hint she still has feelings for him. It’s possible that Mai ended up back with Zuko, who eventually did marry and have children. But it hasn’t been confirmed who he ended up with or what Mai’s final fate was, as she might have a future role to play in the sequel comics.

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Ty Lee has had a consistent but less important role than Mai. By a year after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ty Lee had been fully embraced and accepted by the Kyoshi Warriors as an equal. But when confronted with a raving and constrained Azula, Ty Lee still admitted that she feared her former friend. She still stood her ground when confronted by Azula during the events of “Smoke & Shadow,” although Azula was able to get the better of her.

Ty Lee also found herself briefly reunited with her six sisters, who had joined the Fire Nation Circus after Ty Lee left to follow Azula. She fought alongside them and almost ended up leaving the Kyoshi Warriors – until Toph convinced her to remain with the group. Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy revealed that Ty Lee remained a member of the Kyoshi Warriors at least for another twenty years. Of note is that the Equalists in The Legend of Korra utilized similar chi-blocking techniques as Ty Lee, suggesting that either she or someone she instructed ended up among their number. It’s unlikely Ty Lee turned on Benders, however, but it still remains a potent connection for future sequel comics to explore.

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Here's what happened to Azula's friends Ty Lee and Mai after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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