Avengers: Luke Cage & Jessica Jones' Daughter Has a Marvelous Destiny

As a child of two members of the Avengers must have its perks, Danielle Cage has it made. The daughter of Avengers Luke Cage and Jessica Jones has hung out around the Avengers’ headquarters and will grow up surrounded by the likes of Captain America, Tony Stark and the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

And while all of those privileges, Marvel has already set up some serious superhero expectations for Dani Cage. Although she is still a child in the main Marvel Universe, there have been several glimpses of the person she is destined to become in Marvel’s various future timelines. While it seems clear that she’ll inherit some of her parents’ the wonders of alternate realities and time-travel. Possessing both of her parents’ superhuman powers like invulnerability and super-strength, Dani has been seen not only as a member of Earth Mightiest Heroes but also as a leader of her peers.

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In Jelly Thompson and Cameron Carnero’s Captain Marvel: The End, Danielle is included in a band of heroes who survived a disaster that scorched the earth. After fleeing underground, the ragtag group manages to summon an off-world Captain Marvel who ends up sacrificing herself in order to restart the sun. Her heroic efforts make the surface once more hospitable to life, and Dani and the others are able to resume their lives above ground.

Although Dani wasn’t depicted in this reality doing much more than surviving, it should be noted that in this time she was married to Lucy Rand, the daughter of Iron Fist and Misty Knight, two of her father’s best friends.

In Al Ewing and Paco Medina’s U.S. Avengers #1, Danielle Cage traveled through time from an alternate earth in order to help Roberto Da Costa’s team of Avengers track down a villain from her time, the Golden Skull. She appeared to the team in Captain America’s outfit equipped with a replica of his iconic shield, which was actually a voice-activated drone.

During her adventures with the team, Dani revealed that she had traveled to several different realities and discovered that she had taken up the mantle of Captain America in nearly every one of them. She also revealed that she had been a member of an Avengers team founded by Black Widow that had defeated Thanos after he used the Iso-Gauntlet to destroy most of the original Avengers.

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In the future world depicted in the “Old Woman Laura” storyline from Tom Taylor and Roman Rosanas’ All-New Wolverine, Danielle Cage is seen as a prisoner of Dr. Doom on Latveria along with several other heroes including Thor, Daredevil, and Rocket Raccoon.

Once again, she is wearing a variation of the Captain America outfit and wielding his shield, although it is never clarified whether or not the shield she has is the original or another replica. She is freed along with the others by Laura Kinney and Gabby — who is now operating as Wolverine — and uses her shield to destroy one of the two Doombots holding them captive.

In the future world of “Old Man Logan,” the supervillains of the world came together and demolished the majority of the heroes. Danielle is one of the few heroic survivors, and she partners up with Logan and Bruce Banner Jr., who is the last surviving Hulk.

When Banner is kidnapped by Sabretooth and an army of clone foot soldiers in Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson’s Dead Man Logan #11, Logan and Dani attempt a rescue. In the ensuing skirmish, Dani lifts the discarded hammer of Thor and takes up the mantle of the Thunder God. Adding the power of Thor to the impressive arsenal of power received from her parentage, Danielle went on to her current role leading the newest iteration of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers of the Wastelands.

Although Danielle Cage is still a child in the mainstream Marvel Universe, there is little doubt that she will grow to become a hero worthy of the legacy of her mother and father. If the future versions of Dani are any indication, this young child is well on her way to making her parents proud by evolving into the hero she seems destined to become.

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The daughter of Marvel's Luke Cage and Jessica Jones seems destined to become the most noteworthy hero of a new generation.

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