Banksy Cheers Up Hospital With Art Casting Nurses as Real Superheroes

New art by the mysterious street artist Banksy has appeared at a British hospital. The artwork paints nurses as superheroes.

Southampton General Hospital in southern England is the proud new home of the piece, titled “Game Changer.” In it, a young boy in overalls plays with action figures. Spider-Man and Batman lie untouched in a bin while he plays with a toy nurse. The nurse is a woman, wearing a face mask and an apron with a pale red cross, the only color in the piece. She wears a cape, her right arm extended in the classic flying superhero pose.

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His latest work is one among many efforts to raise money and raise the morale of healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Health officials note that the artwork has succeeded in that regard. Many doctors and nurses have been seen taking their photos with the art. According to a Banksy spokesperson, the artwork will be auctioned off at a later time to raise money for British health charities.

Bansky is an anonymous artist whose work is often satirical and critiques society using dark humor. While his canvas of choice is city streets, this doesn’t stop his work from being sold for high prices.

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(via AP News)

Street artist Banksy has created new artwork at a British hospital, featuring a child playing with a nurse action figure.

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