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Current Batman writer James Tynion IV has revealed what inspired him while creating the newest addition to Batman’s rogue gallery, the Designer.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Tynion emphasized Bruce Wayne’s desire to build a new and improved Gotham City as the core idea of “These Dark Designs,” and that the Designer acts specifically as a foil to that idea.

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“What is the design for not only how he wants crimefighting to work in that city and how he wants to improve himself?” questioned Tynion. “So I needed an antagonist that would attack the design Bruce built for his city.”

According to Tynion, the Designer was a character he’d had in the back of his mind for years, and at one point even considered introducing him in his run on Detective Comics.

“And I realized that here I wanted to do a story that would bring together all the crazy, different elements that I love about Gotham City and allow me to sort of reintroduce them and play off each other,” he added. “And I wanted a good ideology sort of behind all of that, so the Designer sort of became the excuse to throw everything into the kitchen sink.”

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Tynion also discussed how the Designer’s “excessive” look was also meant to embody the same “kitchen sink” idea, describing it as a meeting of the styles of Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Chrono Trigger. “Imagine if there was a crossover game for all those franchises and the villain of that game was the literal devil: that’s the Designer, that’s what I wanted him to look like, I wanted all those disparate elements.”

Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Guillem March, Batman #92 goes on sale June 9 from DC Comics.

Batman writer James Tynion IV discusses the inspiration behind the creation of his new Batman villain, the Designer.

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