Batman's Movie Credit Card Isn't NEARLY as Weird as His Deadliest Villain's

In the fairly ridiculous and incredibly neon Batman & Robin, Batman flashes his Bat-Credit Card in order to win a date with Poison Ivy. Fans have mercilessly mocked this moment for years since its appearance in the 1997 film. But is this moment actually that ridiculous in comparison to a similar scene from one of the most beloved Batman properties? In the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Two-Face Part II,” Harvey Dent opens his wallet to reveal his credit card is actually under the name “Two-Face.”

Since Bruce Wayne owns banks and is the richest man in Gotham, surely he could co-sign Batman’s credit card to get the application approved by the bank. The silliness of the Bat-Credit Card is less about its plausibility and more in the fact that it does not really make sense that Batman would need a credit card at all. All purchases needed for crime fighting are presumably made by Bruce Wayne via shell corporations, and directly through Wayne Enterprises. As such, the Bat Credit-Card is unnecessary, but not necessarily unrealistic.

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In stark contrast, it makes no sense at all that Two-Face would have a credit card under his villain name. The credit card company can have no plausible deniability when it comes to financing Two-Face’s crimes. They literally approved his credit and agreed to lend him money so he can buy supplies to commit crimes in Gotham. Credit card companies might have a reputation for not being the most morally upstanding institutions, but this seems a touch over the top.

Does the existence of this credit card imply that Two-Face and Harvey Dent have different social security numbers? Do they have to file taxes under both identities? Presumably they would have to pay taxes in order to be considered in good standing by the credit card company. The domino effect of this little detail is fascinating and very strange.

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The depiction of Two-Face in Batman: The Animated Series is a layered and thoughtful one, dealing heavily in the conflict between his two personalities. At one point Harvey attempts to get plastic surgery in order to overpower and destroy the Two-Face identity, but Two-Face hires thugs to kidnap himself and stop the surgery from taking place. The series is intentional in highlighting that the split personalities of the former District Attorney operate as separate individuals, so it makes why Harvey and Two-Face would want separate credit cards… even if it doesn’t make sense how they got approved.

Beneath the Two-Face credit card is a stack of other cards. It seems logical that one of these other cards is a credit card under the name of Harvey Dent. What else could be in his wallet? Maybe he also has a Blockbuster Video card also under the name Two-Face. He could pay off his late rental fees with his credit card.

Batman: The Animated Series was an outstanding television series with stunning animation, iconic voice performances and extremely well-developed characters. Just because it has this one degree of silliness in common with with Batman & Robin under closer examination doesn’t make the two comparable in quality… though it’s still humorous that Two-Face has a credit card under his super-villain identity. No wonder Gotham is always in chaos!

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Before Batman & Robin's Bat-credit card, Batman the Animated Series showed that Harvey “Two-Face” Dent has a credit card under his super-villain name.

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