Batman: 10 Facts & Trivia People Don't Know & Get Wrong About His Origin (Across The Multiverse)

When Batman hit the shelves in Detective Comics #33, in November 1939, nobody could have guessed how important this budding hero would come to be. The Dark Knight serves are the cornerstone of DC Comics. Batman has realized increased popularity spanning decades, and also going through more origin stories than any other hero in all of the comic world while having served as some of the most captivating stories ever written.

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The many film and comic iterations have left Batman with a rehashed story that can be dissected for years to come. These are the 10 things that people don’t know about Batman’s origin across the multiverse.

10 Joe Chill Murdered Bruce’s Parents

Now any seasoned Batman fan could tell you that Joe Chill has always been the person responsible for killing Martha and Thomas Wayne, however, there is still a huge misconception that The Joker is responsible for creating Batman.

With the ever-growing iterations of Batman, the true story has changed many times. The confusion could be further proven in the 1989 Batman film, where Joe Chill is replaced by Jack Napier, who coincidentally becomes The Joker. Although The Joker and Batman go hand in hand, Joe Chill will always remain the monster who created the bat.

9 Batman Knows The TMNT

In one of the best crossover events in comics, Batman found his way to teaming up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What makes this crossover even better is that Batman’s origin became reset again in the way that it allowed him to have known the turtles for an extended period of time, as they were young Bruce’s household pets.

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What could be better than the top martial artists in pop culture working together? Batman trained with the TMNT for 5 years before setting out to take on the longstanding foe that has plagued the turtles, Shredder.

8 Bruce Wayne Has Died

When Barry Allen attempted to back in time to save his mother, he created the Flashpoint timeline. In this twisted timeline, Bruce Wayne is the one who falls victim to Joe Chill outside the theater, resulting in his untimely death.

Distraught over losing their only child, the pain would go on to transform the Wayne family in a very odd way. Thomas Wayne would go on to dawn the cape and cowl, resulting in a “by any means necessary” model of exacting justice in Gotham. Martha would, unfortunately, succumb to madness and turn into the timelines, Joker.

7 Batman Is Related To The Arkham Family

In the Batman: Earth One storyline, legendary writer Geoff Johns took on the task of altering another origin for the Caped Crusader. Most of the core elements of the origin story take place. Thomas and Martha Wayne still end up being murdered in a mugging gone bad, but it is in Alfred’s relationship that changes the landscape for Bruce.

Alfred is meant to be the head of security for the Wayne family, and upon their death is charged with becoming Bruce Wayne’s guardian, which he agrees to. Another shocking revelation is that Bruce Wayne’s mother’s maiden name is actually Arkham. Revealing that Bruce is related to the owner of the asylum, to which he has sent his most heinous foes, and also where the owner had become a patient.

6 There Is A Russian Batman

Yes, there is a Russian Batman, and he is very aptly nick-named, Batmankoff. Of course, when making a film about the Russian version of Superman, there would be no leaving out DC’s other powerhouse superhero. Batmankoff has an origin similar to the Batman that is widely known.

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Batmankoff also had his parents murdered, but in this timeline, the government was responsible. So, instead of enacting justice against the crime wave that took his parents, Batmankoff vows to bring an end to the Russian government that changed his life.

5 Superman Was Once Batman

In the one-off storyline Superman: Speeding Bullets, Kal-El lands in Gotham instead of Metropolis. In the same way that Bruce Wayne lived his life, Kal-El goes through the same outcome. Thomas and Martha Wayne take the young boy into their home and raise him, only to still be murdered by a thug.

Batman is created, but with an ironic twist. Batman now has the same thirst for vengeance, only with the endless powers of Superman to boot.

4 Lew Moxon Created The Batman

Although Joe Chill was the one who pulled the trigger, ending the normalcy that Bruce Wayne would ever feel again, Lew Moxon is behind the hit. After Moxon demanded that Dr. Thomas Wayne remove a bullet from his shoulder, Thomas realized his life was in danger. Thomas fled from the residence and called the cops on Moxon and his men. They were all arrested, which led to the hit being orchestrated by Moxon. And who did Moxon hire? None other than Joe Chill.

3 Batman: World’s Greatest…Scientist?

Long before Batman coined the term, “World’s Greatest Detective”, he was known as a master of the scientific arts. This would have a direct correlation as to how Batman would go on to rely on his many gadgets to fight crime.

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Bruce Wayne trained his body to peak physical condition, but not before becoming a genius in the levels of scientific knowledge. Batman did not become a friend of the Gotham PD or address his detective skills until much later in his storied mythos.

2 The Batsuit Came From Thomas Wayne

The first Batsuit came from Thomas Wayne. When Batman confronted Lew Moxon, he wore the Halloween costume that Thomas had first dawned at a party that involved a “flying animals” theme. Lew Moxon had “forgotten” that he had sent Joe Chill to kill the Wayne family due to a head injury, that caused amnesia.

Out of respect for the memory of his father, Bruce wears this same Batsuit to confront Moxon, and this bat image revived the memory of Moxon. The Batman was born through the fear the image of a bat struck into criminals.

1 Multiverse Parent’s Deaths

The most reoccurring mythos of Batman is that Thomas and Martha Wayne always suffer the same fate. When the multiverse opened for the comics world, so did the multitude of Batmans created through the infinite universes. Even in Batmankoff’s case, he loses his parents to the tyrannical Russain government.

The only exception was the Flashpoint storyline where Bruce suffered the fate of his parents. No matter what happens, when a Wayne falls, a Batman is made.

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Batman is the most popular character in DC Comics, but there are tons of facts & trivia that people don't know or get wrong about his origin.

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