Batman: 5 Marvel Villains Bane Would Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To)

One of the most feared villains in Batman’s rogues gallery, Bane has been able to defeat Batman on more than one occasion, which is saying something. Getting a win over the Dark Knight isn’t something that very many people can boast about, but Bane has done it more than once. Granted great strength by the drug Venom, Bane is also a keen strategist, able to come up with plans that even Batman couldn’t beat until after they had unfolded.

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Bane is one of the most dangerous villains around. How would he stack up against some of the most dangerous villains of the Marvel Universe? Would he break them? Or would they break him?

10 Would Lose To: Bullseye

Bullseye is one of the most fearsome assassins around. Usually on retainer to Wilson Fisk, he doesn’t have any superpowers, but he’s gotten so good that he just about never misses and can use anything as a lethal projectile. Some of his bones, including his spinal column, have been implanted with adamantium, making him exceptionally hard to hurt.

Bullseye isn’t going to go hand to hand with Bane for too long because that would be suicide for him. Instead, he’ll dance around the big man and go for the eyes with his uncanny throwing skills. Seeing as how Bullseye never misses, Bane isn’t going to last long.

9 Would Defeat: Lady Deathstrike

A cybernetic assassin, Lady Deathstrike’s father created the adamantium bonding process used on Wolverine. Believing that the people who used the process without permission dishonored her father, she became Lady Deathstrike and has clashed with Wolverine over the years, beyond also doing general mercenary work.

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Lady Deathstrike is very tough- she even has adamantium bones- but she doesn’t have a healing factor to help her absorb damage. This is going to cost her against Bane, who besides being fantastically strong is also an expert hand to hand combatant. The two would go back and forth for a bit, but Bane would be able to take her down.

8 Would Lose To: Doctor Octopus

Otto Octavius created four robot arms to help him with his research. An accident bonded them to him and drove him crazy. He would become Doctor Octopus and become of Spider-Man’s greatest foes. He even took over Peter Parker’s body at one point, becoming Spider-Man for a time.

Doc Ock has the reach advantage in this battle and that’s going to make all the difference. Bane has to get in close to fight, but Ock can hold him at bay with his arms, take him off the ground so he can’t get any leverage, and beat him silly.

7 Would Defeat: Crossbones

Crossbones is a long time lackey of Red Skull and his daughter Sin. A straight-up bruiser, Crossbones has went head to head with Captain America and all kinds of other heroes. A great fighter and proficient in a variety of weapons, Crossbones is a dangerous opponent.

Bane and Crossbones have similar looks (both have a thing for luchador masks), but that’s the only thing they have in common. Crossbones isn’t much in the thinking department and as good as he is, Bane is just better. Add his Venom enhanced strength into the mix and Bane easily takes this fight.

6 Would Lose To: Carnage

Cletus Kasady bonded with a piece of Venom’s symbiote when they were cellmates. Kasady used to the symbiote to escape prison and become Carnage, taking up his favorite past time- killing. Carnage would clash with Spider-Man and other heroes trying to stop his mindless rampages.

Bane is good, but he just can’t hurt Carnage. As strong as he is, Carnage is stronger and the symbiote has protected him from attacks by much stronger people than Bane. Plus, Bane has to get in close with Carnage and that’s basically suicide for him, since he’s not the most acrobatic of combatants. Carnage would cut him to ribbons.

5 Would Defeat: Vulture

Adrian Toomes created a flight harness that also somehow enhanced his physical attributes (Stan Lee wasn’t good at science, folks). After his business partner embezzled all of the money from their business, he turned to a life of crime, becoming the Vulture and clashing with Spider-Man.

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While his ability to fly gives him an advantage, eventually he’ll have to come at Bane and that’s when Bane will unload on him. Vulture can take some damage, he does fight Spider-Man after all, but Bane is much more brutal than the Wall-Crawler. Even a vulture wouldn’t eat what was left of the Vulture.

4 Would Lose To: Sabretooth

Sabretooth has all of Wolverine’s powers, combined with super strength, and none of his honor. Sometimes he’s a mercenary, sometimes he’s just killing a bunch of people for the fun of it, and sometimes he’s teamed up with the X-Men and getting ready to betray them, but regardless Sabretooth is usually up to some kind of no good.

Sabretooth’s ferocity and healing factor make him a tough nut to crack. Combine that with his years of experience, razor-sharp claws and teeth, and his fighting skill and he just outclasses Bane on every level. He’d play with Bane for a bit, before really going to town on him, indulging his more sadistic urges.

3 Would Defeat: Taskmaster

If someone in Marvel Universe has henchmen, there’s a good chance that Taskmaster trained them. A mercenary for hire, Taskmaster has photographic reflexes. If he sees someone do something, he can do it just as well. As he’s a dude who fights the Avengers, this means he’s absorbed moves from some of the greatest fighters around and carries weapons to complement those skills.

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Taskmaster is very good, but he’s a mimic. He might get some good shots in on Bane, but Bane is a much better fighter when it comes to improvisation, and Venom gives him a strength advantage. Taskmaster might be able to hold Bane back for a little bit, but eventually, Bane would break him.

2 Would Lose To: Green Goblin

Using the goblin formula he invented, Norman Osborn has superhuman strength, reflexes, and a healing factor. Combine that with his pumpkin bombs, goblin glider, and general insanity and Green Goblin is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable foes around.

Maybe Bane would have a chance against Green Goblin if the two men just stood and punched it out, but Green Goblin isn’t going to do that- he’ll just stay in air and pumpkin bomb the area.

1 Would Defeat: Kingpin

Wilson Fisk rose through the ranks of the criminal underworld, eventually becoming one of the most feared men in New York City. Now the mayor of New York, because criminal corruption and politics go hand in hand, Kingpin is still one of the dangerous men around and not just because of his underworld connections-v he’s a mountain of muscle and a proficient hand to hand fighter.

A fight between Bane and Kingpin would be a knock down, drag out affair. Both men are uncannily strong and skilled, but Venom gives Bane a bit of an advantage. The two giant men would bash at each other but Bane would come out on top.

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If Batman's Bane was released into the world of Marvel, how would he fare against its villains?

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