Batman and Robin Get Curbside Takeout in Adam West's Batmobile

Even superheroes need to be careful while in quarantine, and a couple of fans have taken that sentiment to heart while also managing to have some fun in the meantime.

As shown in a Reddit post, two fans dressed up as DC’s iconic dynamic duo Batman and Robin to pick up their curbside takeout in a replica of the Batmobile from the classic 1960’s Adam West Batman TV show.

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One commenter was quick to observe that the Batman who was driving the iconic vehicle was actually the Christian Bale version of the character, but another retorted that, at the very least, Burt Ward’s Robin was represented.

Adam West’s Batmobile is a cultural icon and it’s made a lasting mark on pop culture as one of the premier TV cars with its sleek design and host of wacky and useful bat-themed gadgets. A replica of the car was recently put up for auction by former WWE champion Jerry “The King” Lawler.

The ’60s Batmobile is available as DLC in Batman: Arkham Knight, alongside other on-screen versions of the iconic car, including the one featured in the Tim Burton movie and even the Christopher Nolan trilogy’s Tumbler.

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Batman and Robin took a break from fighting crime to pick up some takeout in the Batmobile.

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