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“Joker War,” the next major Batman event, is promising to be a major spectacle, with DC Comics announcing a series of tie-in issues among its various Batman comic series.

The main story of the event will take place in Batman #95-100. However, it will also be a major story point in Nightwing #70-75, Detective Comics #1022-1026, Batgirl #47-50, Harley Quinn #75, Catwoman #25-26, Red Hood: Outlaw #48 and Batman: The Joker War Zone. 

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Written by James Tynion IV, with art and a cover by Jorge Jimenez, the first issue of “Joker War” — Batman #95 — will hit shelves on July 21. It was originally supposed to debut on May 20 but was delayed due to COVID-19. The synopsis for the first issue can be found below:

It was always going to come to this. The Clown Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight Detective go head-to-head for the last time. The Joker has never wanted to win before, he’s never wanted his battle with Batman to end, but now his motivation has shifted. He has decided that one way or another, this will be the final chapter to their story. “Joker War” begins here!


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Aside from the main Batman issues, “Joker War” will consist of a significant number of tie-in issues.

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