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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Justice League #44 by Robert Venditti, Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Tom Napolitano, available now from DC.

Famously, Batman is prepared for everything. For that reason, he has plans, special gadgets and specific costumes ready whatever any situation calls for. In fact, we’ve already seen him use an armored suit to battle the entire Justice League when they were turned evil, and one to take on the might of Darkseid and Apokolips. More, he recently debuted a suit designed to fight Mr. Freeze — and Mr. Freeze alone.

While the Dark Knight’s arsenal is one filled with various weapons, suits and costumes, they all have their iconic, signature looks. And now in Justice League #44, Batman debuts a new costume meant to withstand the freezing temperatures of Antarctica. And although it’s not the bulkiest or most well-armed suit he’s ever worn, it’s definitely one of the coolest in his ever-expanding closet.

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In Justice League #44, the team of superheroes is called down to Antarctica by Aquaman when the King of Atlantis starts battling a legion of mythological creatures he can’t handle on his own. Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Batman rapidly fly to the southern continent in a jet. But while every other super-powered being on the team is able to confront the freezing temperatures of Antarctica thanks to their special abilities, Batman is still just a man in need of layers.

While everyone else goes on this mission with their usual costume, Batman debuts new threads for this polar excursion. This new costume isn’t a bold departure for Batman. It’s not a heavy armor, and it doesn’t feature any type of new weaponry. Instead, it primarily replaces his signature cape with a stylish heavy long coat.

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The black coat, with its thick materials and Sherpa-covered high collar, is clearly meant to handle the frigid colds of Antarctica, but it has a distinct flair that still makes it recognizable as a Batman outfit. In fact, it has a gold pattern etched throughout and down the side of the fringe that recalls the character’s bat-logo, and his utility belt is worn over the coat for a heroic look. By mixing exposed Sherpa material with a high collar, the look also recalls Batman’s costume in the world of Superman: Red Son.

It may not be Batman’s flashiest costume, but this is one that looks as cool as it looks useful. It almost has a steampunk-like look to it, as the suit could be compared to the ones the character wore in both The Doom that Came to Gotham and Gotham by Gaslight. But still, this suit stands as one of the coolest — and coziest — items in Batman’s wardrobe.

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In Justice League #44, a mission to Antarctica sees Batman put on a cool new costume to withstand the freezing temperatures of the icy continent.

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