Batman: The Adventures Continue Brings Back the Animated Series Title Cards

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 by Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Ty Templeton, Monica Kubina and Joshua Reed, on sale now.

Batman: The Adventures Continue serves as the comic book sequel to the fan-favorite Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. The comic is set in the DC Animated Universe, and it offers a continuation of the Dark Knight’s mission to keep Gotham City safe. And everything about the comic makes this clear: Ty Templeton’s art style is clearly meant to resemble the animation of the old cartoon and his Eisner-winning work on Batman Adventures. The DCAU character designs are exactly the same as they were in The New Batman Adventures, from Bruce Wayne/Batman to Alfred Pennyworth, Lex Luthor and incidental characters like Veronica Vreeland.

But before the first issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue even begins, one thing that sets the stage for all this. The very first page of the digital comic brings back one of Batman: The Animated Series‘ most iconic staples: title cards.

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Batman: The Animated Series became a fan-favorite series not just because of its depiction of Batman, but for its dark tone and noir-inspired feel. And nowhere was this truer than in the opening moments of a new episode, which always began with a painted frame featuring the latest chapter’s title in a specific font. The artwork was always striking, and it included some sort of connection to whatever story would take place in the episode.

This became a signature of sorts for the series, and it gave every episode of the series a cinematic quality that helped the show stand out in a field of Saturday morning cartoons. The cards are such an iconic part of the animated series that one fan gave the various storylines from writer Tom King’s Batman run their own title cards — something the scribe himself was a fan of.

That title card tradition is kept very much alive in Batman: The Adventures Continue. In fact, the first page of the comic features a title card done in the same sort of artwork and tone as the ones used on the series.

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It offers a darkened shot of Batman zipping across the Gotham City sky, something he does in the opening moments of the chapter. The title of this latest “episode,” “Hardware,” is also featured prominently in the show’s distinctive font, accompanied by the comic’s creator credits.

With this simple title card, Batman: The Adventures Continue lets fans know this comic is truly a continuation of the animated series. It’s a callback to everything that came before, but it also shows how much care is being brought to the comic book series. It’s a thoughtful touch that gives fans the perfect on-ramp back into the DCAU.

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Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 by Alan Burnett, Paul Dini and Ty Templeton brings back one of Batman: The Animated Series' title cards.

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