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After news that the initial June release of Batman: Three Jokers would be pushed back to August, artist Jason Fabok is assuring fans that all the art is done for the DC Black Label series, and that there’s a bright side, as this will give them time to enhance the book.

“While I wish we could have released in June,” wrote Fabok, “DC has revealed its new plan and rollout for Batman: Three Jokers for August 25th! The artwork is done, and we are using the time to go back and make the book even better! This is the real deal. Prepare yourselves!”

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Along with his message, Fabok posted the preview for Batman: Three Jokers #1 that shows the Joker driving an Ace Chemicals truck on a rainy night and Batman, Red Hood and Batgirl in the Gotham Aquarium, a scene which references the 1978 classic Batman story “The Laughing Fish” from Detective Comics #475 by Steve Englehart,

Fabok has been keeping fans posted on the series and has explained that the attention to detail will be very high for this book. Three Jokers will explore who the Joker is, with an emphasis on his victims which include Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood as they work together to solve a mystery.

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The story will involve past tales like Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke”, and Fabok has hidden multiple Easter eggs throughout the book. With the extra time, Fabok and Johns plan on enhancing this detail-driven story even more.

Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jason Fabok, Batman: Three Jokers #1 goes on sale August 25 from DC Comics.

Jason Fabok has confirmed that the artwork for Batman: Three Jokers is complete, and that the delay is only going to make the series get even better.

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