Bats For Brains: 10 Times Batman Defeated His Enemy Just By Outsmarting Them

The one thing that makes Batman so dangerous is that he is a combination of Sherlock Holmes and Lex Luthor mixed into one man. He is a master detective with a genius-level mind. He doesn’t just beat his enemies, he out thinks them using his brains just as much as his fists.

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This is an essential trait since he lacks the normal superhero powers that most superheroes are gifted with. Oddly enough, it is his (relatively speaking) human will and intelligence that makes him one of the best superheroes in DC Comics’ pantheon of superpowered beings and literal gods. Here are 10 times Batman beat his opponents with nothing but his wits.

10 Batman Vs Lump

Batman is not the kind of guy who is easily fooled and when he is momentarily perplexed; it doesn’t take him long to come to his senses and use his mastermind to turn the tables on his enemies.

When Batman is imprisoned by Darkseid, Lump (a minion and parasite) seeks to obtain vital knowledge through Batman’s memories. He comes to Batman in the form of Alfred, giving him false memories in the process. However, Batman soon uses this against him by changing the changed memories in his favor.

9 Batman Vs Superman: Part 1

In Batman Issue #612 during the Hush storylineSuperman is being mind-controlled by Poison Ivy. Batman has no choice but to confront Superman using a Kryptonite ring. Though, Batman is smart enough to know that this is only a temporary solution.

The only way for him to survive is to break Poison Ivy’s control over Superman. To do this, he enlists the help of Catwoman to throw Lois Lane off a skyscraper in the hopes Superman will free himself from Ivy’s control to save Lois. In the end, it works.

8 Batman Vs Darkseid

Batman might be a vigilante but he isn’t a murderer. After both his parents were shot and killed, Bruce swore to never use a gun for murderous intent. However, when Darkseid with the help of the Anti-Life Equation seeks to destroy the earth, the only way to stop Darkseid is by shooting him with a god-killing bullet.

Darkseid knows this and feels safe… at least until Batman shoots him dead with a weapon he swore never to use.

7 Batman Vs Metron

Batman isn’t one of the funnier superheroes. He leaves all the silliness for Barry Allen to handle. However, there are times when Batman does something so outrageous that it is almost comical. As Darkseid is destroying the planet, Metron, who sits on the all-knowing Mobius Chair watching the chaos unfold, is confronted by Batman.

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Batman tells him that the one thing he doesn’t know is what it feels like to be human. To prove himself right, Metron turns himself human. Batman summarily punches him, knocking the all-knowing deity out and taking his chair.

6 Batman Vs Prometheus

Few villains have the fighting prowess of Prometheus, primarily because his helmet’s program allows him to learn unique and advanced fighting styles in mere seconds. When Batman first encounters Prometheus, the villain quickly overpowers and destroys the Dark Knight.

But after his helmet is damaged by Oracle and he is forced to use a backup – a backup that Batman programs to have decreased motor skills – a now downgraded Prometheus gets one of the worst beat downs in DC Comics history, as he is outmatched by Batman’s superior fighting prowess.

5 Batman Vs Superman: Part 2

Superman might be vastly stronger than Batman but he lacks the mentality to truly be an overwhelming threat to him. Batman always has a plan to defeat his enemies, even if those enemies are his current allies.

In Batman: Endgame, the Justice League are being mind controlled by the Joker. Batman creates armor strong enough to defeat the Justice League except for Superman. When Superman attacks him, Batman is prepared, as he spits Kryptonite laced gum in Superman’s eyes, thus debilitating and defeating him.

4 Batman Vs The White Martians

It is never a smart idea to underestimate Bruce Wayne in any way. Even among superheroes and literal supermen, he has proven himself time and again to be in the upper echelon of toughest foes to face. When the White Martians decide to attack earth, they underestimate Batman because he is, after all, a regular human.

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After downing the Batplane, he realized that the White Martians were instinctively fearful of  fire. He proceeded to use this fear to his advantage to take them out one by one.

3 Batman Vs Lord Death Man

How does one stop a madman who just refuses to die – both literally and figuratively speaking? That was the problem Batman faced when he first encountered Lord Death Man, who upon being defeated by Batman faked his own death by falling into a trance-like state before resurrecting himself.

After a few times of doing this and always coming back alive, Batman decides that the only way to defeat the villain is by attaching him to a rocket bound for space. This gave Lord Death Man all the time in the world to resurrect himself as much as he wants in the endless void of the cosmos.

2 Batman Vs Talon

A young Bruce Wayne grew up hearing stories about the Court of Owls and how they controlled Gotham. Bruce believes this to be nothing more than a fairy-tale until he is captured by Talon, a Court of Owls assassin who brings him to a labyrinth of no return underneath the city.

This proves to be one of Batman’s toughest fights ever, as he’s pushed to nearly surrendering due to the endless labyrinth and Talon’s skills. That is until he finds a deceased ancestor’s picture who was killed by Talon. In vengeance’s name, Batman then uses Talon’s cockiness against him, ultimately defeating him.

1 Batman Vs The JLA

Batman might be in an organization full of superheroes, but that doesn’t mean he actually trusts them. In fact, for years, he has been concocting contingency plans to take down each superhero should they turn evil.

Sadly, when Ra’s Al Ghul steals these plans, he proceeds to take down the Justice League with the utmost ease. It is only when Batman realizes how Ra’s Al Ghul is using his own plans against them that he is finally able to stop the villain.

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Batman is regarded as DC Comics' smartest hero and here are 10 times he proved it

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