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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for “O, Mouse!”, the Batwoman Season 1 finale.

Meet the new Bruce Wayne, who is nothing like the old Bruce Wayne.

In “O, Mouse!”, the Batwoman Season 1 finale, Alice launched a devious plan. Using her ability to create fool-proof disguises out of corpse flesh, she made Tommy “Hush” Elliot look like Bruce Wayne. Now, she plans to send him to Wayne Tower so he can convince Kate he is the real deal and steal her shard of Kryptonite — which is, of course, the only element that can pierce the Batsuit.

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The episode’s final scene picked up as Alice sewed on Tommy’s new face. “I must admit, Tommy, I find you to be one of the most loathsome men in Gotham: vain and uncouth, humorless and dull. I pity any woman who confuses the buzz of her martini with your charms. And yet, here you are, my masterpiece,” she said with a gratified smile.

With a grunt, Tommy sat up, then looked into a broken shard of mirror to see the final product. “What did you do?” he growled, running his fingers along his jaw.

“I made all your dreams come true,” she replied matter-of-factly. She held up Business Intuition magazine, which featured Bruce Wayne on the cover.

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“I look like Bruce Wayne,” he confirmed, rage seeping into his voice. “You made me Bruce Wayne!”

“So, my rich, handsome, beloved Bruce, I need you to strut through the doors of Wayne Tower and get me that shard of Kryptonite from your dear cousin Kate,” she instructed him. When he realized what she had planned, he broke into a grin — and the season drew to its close.

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In “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You,” Alice offered Tommy his freedom in exchange for Lucius Fox’s journal. To do that, she needed to make the world believe Tommy Elliot is dead. So, she cut Tommy’s face off and slapped it on another inmate, who was later found hanging in his cell. Then, she refused to give Tommy a new face until Lucius’ journal was decoded. After the journal was decoded, she refused to give him a new face until he helped her kill Batwoman. However, she reconsidered when she realized he could help her do just that with Bruce’s face.

Because of his transformation, Tommy now looks like a completely different person. As a result, Batwoman cast an entirely new actor to portray its Bruce Wayne lookalike: Alphas alum Warren Christie. Moving forward, it looks like Christie will play all in-universe images of Bruce, as evidenced by the aforementioned Business Intuition magazine.

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By casting Christie, the Arrowverse has set the stage for the real Bruce Wayne to return. It seems unlikely the show would bring in a lookalike of him for just a two- or three-episode appearance, considering the character’s influence on Batwoman and the DC Comics universe at large. With a confirmed second season, Batwoman could bring Christie back as the actual character and explore the complicated legacy he left behind when he disappeared.

Notably, Supergirl pulled a similar move in its first season. The show referenced Superman and provided a few faraway glimpses of the character without ever casting an actor to play him full time. Then, The CW brought in Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin to play the Man of Steel in the Season 2 premiere, which paved the way for his upcoming series Superman & Lois. Batwoman could be following the precedent set by Supergirl, with intentions to explore Bruce’s character more in later seasons.

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What’s more, the Arrowverse is gearing up for a crossover between Batwoman and Superman & Lois next year. In pre-“Crisis on Infinite Earths” continuity, Kara hinted that Superman once partnered with Batman, which gives the Man of Steel some common ground with Kate. This mini-event could easily see the two heroes team up to try and find out what happened to their mutual friend Bruce. Perhaps it could borrow a page from Grant Morrison, Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irving, Yanick Paquette, Georges Jeanty, Ryan Sook and Lee Garbett’s Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne (in spirit, if not in letter) and bring an amnesiac Bruce Wayne into the fold, thus introducing him to the Arrowverse at long last.

Returning to The CW in Jan. 2021, Batwoman stars Ruby Rose, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson, Dougray Scott and Nicole Kang. The series airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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In the Batwoman Season 1 finale, Warren Christie joined the Arrowverse as Bruce Wayne, but not the one you would expect.

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