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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for “A Narrow Escape,” the latest episode of Batwoman.

The CW’s Batwoman has seen a couple of surprises in its first season, but a special surprise has been the lovely, charming, and brilliant Mary Hamilton. Throughout the season, Mary has proven herself a fan-favorite. The socialite, Instagram influencer and underground medical provider has been both comic relief and emotional heart of the show. In the latest episode of Batwoman, “A Narrow Escape,” Mary shows audiences and Kate her true heroism and strength.

Audiences already know about Mary’s, technically illegal, underground medical center where she uses supplies and training from her medical school to provide medical services for people in need. This includes the elderly, the uninsured, Batwoman herself, and the odd criminal. What was really driven home in the most recent episode is Mary’s unwavering dedication to doing the right thing and her uncompromising commitment to her patients.

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When her life was in danger due to the bomb that would blow up and potentially destroy her clinic, the copycat Batwoman urged Mary to evacuate and get herself to safety. Mary refused. She stood tall in her dedication to stay behind and not abandon those who were in her care. She did her best to protect her invalid patients with mattresses and getting them to areas of refuge for as long as possible until she was nearly killed by the bomb’s damage.

Then after she waded through the rubble and reunited with Kate, she gave Kate the necessary pep talk needed to get Batwoman to suit up again. Mary had every reason and every right to have given up long before that moment, but not only did she not do that, she inspired Kate to be strong as well. Mary’s heroism is found in her everyday commitment to doing the right thing and providing whatever help she possibly can to whoever is in need. It is her everyday heroism that is so important. Batwoman may inspire the entire city of Gotham, but it is Mary who helps an elderly man get the medical treatment he needs to continue to be part of his grandchildren’s lives. She does this without thanks and without credit. Her heroism is deeply important to every person she crosses paths with.

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Mary has been through a lot this season. She has shown a depth of character that makes her just a delightful addition to the show. She can be funny and bring some levity to the situation but also brings with her some of the series saddest moments. She stood up against her mother when she disagreed with her behavior regarding faking Beth’s bones. This proved Mary has a moral code and stands up for what she believes to be right. She also has suffered greatly, like when her mother died in her arms. Yet, despite the pain and any regrets, she continues on and keeps performing heroically. She has complicated relationships with other characters, but remains loyal and encourages those around her to be a better version of themselves whenever she can.

Mary knows when to push and that means she will be a valuable addition to Team Batwoman. She discovered Kate was Batwoman in Episode 13, “Drink Me,” but did not confront Kate with her knowledge until it was necessary. Mary needed to confront Kate in “A Narrow Escape” because Kate was spiraling after her deadly confrontation with Cartwright, and she needed to be pulled out of it. Mary did not understand the full extent of the situation Kate was in, but she did know that Kate needed a specific type of push which she then provided.

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Mary had already been an ally of Kate, and of Batwoman separately, before learning that they were the same person, despite feeling neglected by both identities. Mary has previously lamented that she wanted to feel like Kate really thought of her as a sister and as an ally. She also wished to know more about Batwoman and be a part of her cause. Despite being sidelined repeatedly by both of them, Mary never wavered in her commitment to be a good sister and a good ally for whatever situation arose.

Mary is a good person with valuable skills, a strong moral code, and an engaging personality. She is a hero all on her own and just as important to the everyday people of Gotham as Batwoman is, and she does it all without a mask and without complaint. It is going to be great now that she will be a more active member of Team Batwoman.

Created by Caroline Dries and developed by Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, Batwoman stars Ruby Rose, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson, Dougray Scott, Elizabeth Anweis and Nicole Kang. The series airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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Mary Hamilton is just as much a hero as Batwoman is and will be a charming and delightful addition to Team Batwoman.

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