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WWE’s 2020 edition of Money in the Bank turned out to be groundbreaking in more ways than anyone expected. In a huge surprise to the WWE universe, Becky Lynch announced her pregnancy and relinquished her Raw Women’s Championship. While everyone is happy for the next step in Becky’s life, it couldn’t have been the ending to her history-making title run that she was expecting.

Becky Lynch won both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships at WrestleMania 35.  It was the first time in the history of WWE that a women’s match headlined WrestleMania, and while Becky walked in with nothing, she walked out as Becky Two Belts. While she dropped the SmackDown Women’s Championship a little over a month later to Charlotte at Money in the Bank 2019, she would continue as the Raw Women’s Champion for the next 398 days, until Money in the Bank 2020 changed the game.

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This year’s event was held in part at WWE Headquarters. The Men’s and Women’s MITB matches took place at the same time and were taped in advance of the pay-per-view in the building that houses the company’s corporate structure. Competitors fought their way through the building to the roof where the ring, ladders and briefcases awaited. Much to the surprise and delight of the WWE universe, Asuka got the briefcase and the guaranteed title shot, presumably against Becky Lynch.

The next night, Raw opened with an emotional Lynch coming out to the ring carrying the Women’s MITB briefcase. Fans have been through title relinquishment speeches before, and this had the feeling of another one from the second Lynch walked out. Asuka came out to the ring and Becky revealed to her that the briefcase did not contain a contract, but the Raw Women’s Championship belt itself. By winning the Money in the Bank match, Asuka had actually become the Champion.

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Becky then dropped her second bombshell of the night, the fact that she was pregnant. She and Asuka celebrated in the ring, then The Man left the arena for the final time — for now, at least.

It was, without question, an incredibly joyous moment. Asuka has more than earned the position of champion and she deserves the celebration. There was also a lot of love and congratulations sent Lynch’s way, though her emotions were obviously mixed. Lynch was definitively happy about this new phase of her life, but she is also incredibly passionate about the business and proud of her accomplishments in the ring. It’s unlikely that this was how she pictured her reign ending.

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Keeping in mind that no one except Shayna Baszler is taking away from the joy of Becky’s announcement, it’s always difficult watching a wrestler give up a championship. Wrestlers, management and fans all want to see a title change hands in a match. Naturally, Becky’s announcement that she was giving the belt up due to her pregnancy is a million times better than Roman Reigns giving his up due to cancer, or Finn Bálor’s due to injury. Still, this was not the ending anyone envisioned.

Lynch appears to be quite conflicted about the situation, simultaneously happy about becoming a mother and sad about having to walk away from the business for now. Anyone would be. Having kids can, and should, change a parent’s priorities, but it’s hard to imagine Becky Lynch not returning to the ring, especially with debts to settle with people like Baszler, who just can’t keep themselves from antagonizing the former champion. Down the road though, The Man is certain to come around, again.

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Becky Lynch's historic run as the Raw Women's Champion has come to an end after relinquishing her title due to pregnancy.

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