Black Clover: 5 Reasons Why You Should Read The Manga (& 5 Reasons Why You Can Just Watch The Anime Instead)

Black Clover exists as both a popular manga and a popular anime. There are a lot of reasons that someone could choose to watch the anime or to read the manga, but it can be hard to decide which is the better option.

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While the manga might tell the story in a certain way or the anime might have achieved a particular aesthetic, the various differences can make the anime perfect for one person while the manga is just right for someone else. Here are five reasons to definitely pick up the Black Clover manga and five reasons that it’s probably okay to just watch the anime.

10 READ THE MANGA: Get Ahead Of The Anime

In terms of the story, Black Clover is further along in the narrative in the manga than in the anime. This is definitely the case for most anime that are based on manga, since the manga has to exist first in order for the anime to have something to adapt.

Some people are definitely more than content to wait for the next episode of the anime to find out what’s going to happen in the story, but others would rather get as much of the story as is currently available. These types of people would definitely want to pick up the manga.

9 WATCH THE ANIME: It Adapts The Manga Well

Many anime take creative liberties when adapting the stories in manga, which makes sense since it can be hard to achieve the same pacing or focus in an animated medium as the story had in its comic book version. Black Clover is an exception to this.

For the most part, the anime is very loyal to the manga. The story carefully follows the direction that the manga is going and keeps the storytelling as close as possible as to how it was in the manga. As far as animated adaptations go, Black Clover shows how it’s done.

8 READ THE MANGA: It Has A Faster Pace

On the other hand, the story pacing in the anime is much slower than in the manga. It can take several episodes to give the same plot points as one or two chapters of the manga did.

This means that a reader of the manga is able to get to the good stuff much faster than in the anime, since it isn’t necessary to wait to get through all of the extra time it takes to explain things in the series.

7 WATCH THE ANIME: It Takes Its Time

Part of what makes the Black Clover anime so easy to watch is the fact that the storytelling is slowed down a bit. This gives the anime a chance to develop some of the world-building and to make it very clear to viewers just what exactly is going on and how it all works.

The extra time spent on this only makes it easier to get invested in the world and its denizens. The alternative would’ve been letting complicated ideas in the mythology of the world go unexplained and just leave viewers more confused that interested.

6 READ THE MANGA: The Art Is Better

As mentioned earlier, sometimes a manga and its anime adaptation don’t necessarily match artistically. This is often done for a good reason. The way something looks on a manga page doesn’t always translate to animation, either because it just doesn’t look quite right or because it’s more difficult to animate.

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But in this case, the manga designs of the characters and the way they look during a fight on the illustrated page are far superior to the way they look in the anime. The anime is fun to watch, but the manga’s art is just a feast for the eyes.

5 WATCH THE ANIME: The Character Development Is Better

While the manga follows the same characters that the anime does, the anime has a lot more room and time for viewers to spend with and get to know them.

This added characterization with these people gives viewers more of a chance to learn to identify with and care about the characters and the various plights that they’re going through. Most importantly, this allows fans to root for them more.

4 READ THE MANGA: It’s Funnier

Both the manga and the anime are pretty funny, but the manga has a lot of space for visual gags and jokes that the anime might have to cut out in order to make room for more important things to cover in the series.

This gives the manga a leg up in terms of personality, as it really drives home that there is a lot of fun to be had in the Black Clover world besides just adventures.

3 WATCH THE ANIME: The Running Gags Are Fun

As mentioned above, the anime is also pretty funny, though it’s funny in a different way when compared to the manga. Because it’s animated, there’s a little more wiggle room for running gags; visual jokes can be reused and remind viewers of jokes that they’ve already seen a season or two ago.

The way the series comes back to things that have already happened is a great way to keep the manga jokes going without overpowering the series with them.

2 READ THE MANGA: It Follows Asta

The Black Clover manga mostly follows Asta, one of the two orphans who was left at a church when he was a baby.

This definitely makes sense from a shonen manga perspective: he’s not the most talented or the most skilled at anything, he’s loud and obnoxious, but he’s also really likable. He’s a great shonen protagonist, and following him in the manga gives readers a very focused story that’s easy to get into.

1 WATCH THE ANIME: It Adds Extra Material

Not everybody loves material that doesn’t come straight from the manga, and filler episodes have been pretty well vilified by just about everyone who has ever watched anime. But here’s the thing: Black Clover’s filler episodes are actually pretty fun.

These new stories gave viewers more time with the characters and allow everyone to get to know and understand the world even better, since it means seeing different things going on around the characters besides the things happening in the main plot.

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Black Clover has a great manga and anime but if you only have time for one, which version of the story should you go with?

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