Black Clover: Mereoleona’s Training Trick Reveals a New Threat

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 132 of Black Clover, “The Lion Awakens,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

In Episode 132 of Black Clover, interim Captain Mereoleona Vermillion of the Crimson Lion Magic Knights kidnaps the Black Bulls and takes them to the Yultim Volcano, an immense natural source of heat mana, to test their stamina and endurance. She challenges them to enter the cave underneath the volcano in a race against each other and time as their mana is drained by the strong magic in the cave’s atmosphere. There, they encounter something they soon wish they hadn’t, which could well signal the first wave of a much larger threat.

Asta, Magna, Noelle, Luck and Nero all race into the cave to reach the hot spring at the center, which they believe is their goal. Gordon and Charmy hesitate to enter and stay behind. When Charmy begins to sneak away to find somewhere that has snacks, Mereoleona reveals that there are mana-filled creatures inside the cave to persuade her to stay. After Charmy and Gordon rush into the cave to find the creatures she tells Fuegoleon Vermillion, the true Crimson Lions captain, that she chose the cave for a reason other than challenging the Magic Knights to reach the hot spring. The scene then cuts to a close up of a red-eyed spider.

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The red-eyed spider has many abilities that a normal spider would never have, even a magically enhanced one. For starters, it is enormous and smart. Its ability to sense mana also means that it can tell which creatures are prey from their level of mana strength. It is aware enough to know to hide from those who are stronger, which it does each time Mereoleona has gone into the cave with the intention to hunt and kill it.

Once the bulls are deep enough into the cave, the spider shows itself by trying to attack Noelle. Before any damage can be done, Mereoleona and Fuegoleon arrive on a dragon made of fire that scares the spider away by breathing fire at it. Mereoleona tells the bulls that she thought that the spider was a mutant and she wanted to kill it because it was eating all the other creatures that live inside the cave, but now she knows that it didn’t become the way that it is on its own. In fact, it has been filled with unnatural man-made mana by someone. She calls this unnatural mana an ancient curse.

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The reason the Bulls are training so hard is to fight Megicula, the demon of curses who is planning to overtake the remaining three kingdoms from its stronghold in the Spade Kingdom. For reasons still unknown, it seems most likely that he created the red-eyed spider.

It is possible that he is trying to experiment by creating magic-eating creatures that consume mana to become stronger to use them as weapons in his army. And if that is the case, sending the spider into a mana-rich cave to consume the animals that live there is a stroke of genius as it may give him just the edge he needs to defeat the magic knights in Black Clover‘s upcoming war.

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Captain Mereoleona Vermillion's training trick reveals an eight-legged enemy for the Black Bulls to fight that could have far-reaching implications.

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