Black Dragon: How the Dark Zord Almost Beat the Power Rangers

Throughout their decades-long history, the Power Rangers have faced hundreds of incredible foes, but they always manage to come out on top. One of these foes was the Black Dragon, who almost brought the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to their knees in a way unlike any other. Appearing in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4-9 by Kyle Higgins, Hendry Prasetya, and Matt Herms, the Black Dragon was an almost unstoppable force who challenged the Rangers in ways they’d never seen before.

Working on behalf of Rita Repulsa, the Black Dragon was the Zord of Lord Drakkon, sent to strike at a time of great unrest within the Rangers’ ranks. Tommy, the Green Ranger and Lord Drakkon’s heroic counterpart, had recently joined the team after breaking Rita’s spell and defecting from her army of evil. Through Rita’s own machinations and the lingering effects of the dark power that made Tommy a Ranger in the first place, the Green Ranger hallucinated visions of Rita and his dark purpose, while both he and his teammates questioned his place as a Ranger.

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After defeating Rita’s minion Scorpina and taking her back to their Command Center, the Rangers begin arguing, fueling the Green Chaos Crystal which Scorpina had in her possession and opening a portal that shattered their base and incapacitated the Rangers, Alpha 5, and even Zordon himself. Through this portal comes the Black Dragon, who shrinks down to a human height after making his appearance at the same size as their Megazord.

The Black Dragon tears through the Rangers, attempting to absorb their abilities and forcing them to flee to the pocket dimension in which they train, but not before he manages to capture Billy, the Blue Ranger. Once the other Rangers have fled, the Dragon takes Billy’s power coin, using it as an access point to the Rangers’ Morphin Grid — through which he focuses his absorption powers and steals the abilities of the original five Rangers.

Using these abilities, the Black Dragon manages to take control of the Rangers’ Zords as well, issuing a worldwide threat of annihilation to leaders around the globe should they continue to resist the rule of Rita Repulsa. Eventually, after a failed attempt to get past the Black Dragon and enter the Dark Dimension to rescue Billy, the Rangers finally put aside their differences and work as a team to take the Dragon down. Tommy allows the other Rangers to access his powers — which he still holds because of his unique connection to the Morphin Grid — in his stead.

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As the Rangers face the Black Dragon at full size with the help of their Zords, Tommy and a newly-returned Billy notice an access hatch on the Black Dragon’s neck and infiltrate the beast. The two manage to defeat it from the inside, seemingly dying in the ensuing explosion. However, they are actually transported to the World of the Coinless, which is ruled by the Black Dragon’s master, Lord Drakkon.

Built from the remains of Lord Drakkon’s Dragonzord, the power levels of the Black Dragon Zord were incredibly high. Even at a human size, it was impossibly strong and durable, with Goldar even noting it had armor unlike any he’d ever seen. Even when defeated, its remains were used as armor on multiple occasions by the Yellow Ranger, Trini, and her counterpart on Drakkon’s world.

It was also fast enough to grab Billy out of the Rangers’ teleportation beam before he could escape with the others. Black Dragon’s size-altering abilities made him a threat for both the Rangers and their Zords, especially when combined with his phasers and energy projection capabilities. The zord’s greatest ability, however, was its ability to absorb the powers of any Ranger, causing them excruciating pain and leaving them defenseless in the process.

With its strength, speed, and energy absorption powers, it’s no wonder why the Power Rangers had such a difficult time taking down the Black Dragon. While it may have been just an envoy for an even greater threat, the Black Dragon still challenged the Rangers like never before.

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Here's what happened when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers faced off against Black Dragon and his dark zord.

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