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Black Lightning co-creator Tony Isabella slammed DC Comics over the character’s portrayal in Batman and the Outsiders.

On Facebook, Isabella expressed his disgust over Jefferson and Lynn Pierce’s lack of connection in the comic series. “F**K DC COMICS AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THEIR RANCID BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS BOOK,” he wrote. “ANYONE WHO UNDERSTANDS JEFFERSON PIERCE KNOWS LYNN IS HIS ONE TRUE LOVE.”

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Following this, Isabella decided to step back from social media for a while. “I’m taking the couple days off from the Internet,” he announced in another Facebook update. “I figure I’ll miss at least some of the clueless trolls who think the creator of an iconic character should just shut the fuck up when he and the character were disrespected by others.”

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“I think I’m done with comics and maybe with any kind of online presence,” he added in a comment. He followed that up with another post, writing,  “UPDATE: I’m taking the weekend to think about what I want to do going forward. Right now, I’m considering throwing in the towel. There’s got to be better things I can do with my energy, passion and talent.”

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This is not the first time Isabella has spoken out about DC’s treatment of Black Lightning. In 2012, he released a statement on his blog expressing his disgust over the character’s reintroduction in DC Universe Presents. Since last year, the comics veteran has trashed both the Batman and The Outsiders series over Black Lightning’s portrayal.

Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden created Black Lightning in 1977 as DC Comic’s first major Black superhero. The character was introduced in his solo series, with Isabella writing the first 10 issues. He returned to the character in 2017 with the Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands limited series. The iconic character has gone on to lead a television series on The CW.

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Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella slammed DC Comics over the character's portrayal in recent comics and announced his departure from social media.

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