Bleach: 10 Awesome Byakuya Kuchiki Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime

Byakuya Kuchiki, captain of the 6th division, is no doubt one of the coolest characters in the entire Bleach series. Which is saying a lot, regarding the number of awesome characters already inhabiting the show. But, Byakuya Kuchiki is a special case. He always manages to remain calm and composed even in the most life-threatening situations.

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Since Rukia Kuchiki’s adoptive brother debuted in the anime, there have been many fans who decided to cosplay as the 6th Divison captain. There are just so many amazing Byakuya Kuchiki cosplays out there. But these 10 incredible cosplays have earned their place on this list.

10 Hail of Blades

There’s no doubt Byakuya has one of the most powerful Zanpakuto in the series. Fortunately, it doesn’t sacrifice beauty for power and it’s still the most visually beautiful attack in the series. Byakuya’s Zanpakuto involves the blade of his sword splitting into tiny pink shards resembling cherry blossoms. Byakuya aptly calls this attack, Senbonzakura.

The visual edit in this image featuring Lena Luwin is just… no amount of words can describe how stunningly beautiful this image is. This will make any Byakuya Kuchiki or rather any Bleach fan in general weep in joy.

9 Purple is the new Pink

Now here is Byakuya surrounded by actual flowers. While the previous entry drew more focus on the visuals rather than the actual cosplay. So it’s nice this entry places more emphasis on the latter. Cosplayer magpies_fortune looks so faithful to the character.  It’s made even more impressive by Jo Si’s great photography and editing work.

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Although it’s not cherry blossoms, the lavender background is a nice and beautiful nod to Byakuya’s visually spectacular ability. It would look even better if this photo was taken around actual cherry blossoms. But the end result is still great.

8 Standing Tall

Byakuya is the epitome of cool. Which makes you wonder why his Bankai isn’t iced related. In this image, shot by greencat, cosplayer Violetta captures Byakuya’s calm demeanor brilliantly.  Violetta just radiates Byakuya’s distinct composure and the accurate outfit adds to it. Of course, because of greencat’s extensive portfolio, there’s no surprise the photo would turn out so great.

In the caption, Violetta openly admitted that putting on this cosplay is a hassle. Yet she decided to do it anyway. This image is proof of her commitment to her craft.

7 Byakuya and Renji

Violetta appears once again! Only this time she’s joined by Strawberry McCheesecake  as Byakuya’s vice-captain, Renji Abarai. The red-haired shinigami shares a complex partnership with Byakuya. Renji is hot-headed and a lot of times rebellious, but it’s clear he has a deep respect for his superior caption. Violetta and Strawberry McCheesecake look just like the anime duo.

The two look like their poised for combat with their hands on their swords. This will surely put a smile on any Byakuya and Renji fan’s face. Feel free to head on over to Strawberry McCheesecake’s Instagram for more Byakuya and Renji cosplays from these two.

6 Bankai…Senbonzakura!

Indonesian cosplayer Aya brings you this amazing gender-bent cosplay that will surely sweep you off your feet. Obviously the standout of this image is the flying cherry blossoms! This was the work of a skilled photo editor, Syifa’s World. The pose is powerful and assertive, traits that accurately describe the 6th Divison captain.

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Aya included Byakuya’s quote “Respect for those who deserve it, not for those who demand it.” And this pose and stoic expression exemplify this quote fully. This is actually Aya’s first male cosplay. Not bad for a first attempt!

5 The Three Shinigamis

“It’s definitely not the last time that we’re fighting together.” No, it won’t be, because the Bleach anime is coming back for a final time with a final season, much to the surprise of its creator. That’s right Ichigo, Shuhei, and Byakuya will be coming back to slay more Hollows To further celebrate the return of Bleach, enjoy this image of these three cosplayers posing are your favorite characters.

Cosplaybeginner (Byakuya) joins forces with black_sun_cosplay (Ichigo) and Tsukki (Shuhei Hisagi) to bring you this amazing group photo. Seeing these cosplayers posing as these characters would definitely make any fans more hyped up for the anime’s anticipated return.

4 The Cool and Cooler

The coolness of Byakuya can only be matched by his fellow Shinigami captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya. Well to be fair Toshiro’s ice abilities do give him an advantage. Anyway, cosplayers Hagane (Byakuya) and Josh (Toshiro) look awesome in this photo. These two recreated the Shinigami captains’ faithfully in fine fashion. They’ve incorporated even the minor of details on the outfits.  Despite the difference in ages, the two Shinigami get along quite well due to their calm personalities. You can really see their similarities in this photo. These two look their ready to defeat an enemy together.

3 Brother and Sister

It’s time you finally get a cosplay featuring Rukia and Byakuya together. Byakuya was previously married to Rukia’s sister, Hisana Kuchiki. After Hisana died, for the second time, Byakuya adopted Rukia and treats her like his own sister. The two have maintained a close bond ever since.

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This image with Asae Ayato as Ruki and, at the time of writing this article, an unknown cosplayer as Byakuya pays tribute to their bond. This photo reminds fans that these two are ready and willing to defend one another when a new threat arises.

2 Side by Side

Micvee Cosplay delivers cosplay that looks like it came straight from the anime. Which you can actually see for yourself because he included an image of Byakuya. The outfit looks near identical to the anime version. But he also customized it slightly by adding in a black butterfly badge on his right shoulder.

Micvee Cosplay also looks strong and determined, just like Byakuya Kuchiki himself. One notable difference between the anime and his cosplay is that the cloth around his neck isn’t the usual green teal color. Differences aside this was a very well done cosplay and it was clear Micvee Cosplay put a lot of effort in assembling it.

1 Senbonzakura Unleashed!

Topping off the list is this wonderful cosplay by MichiYo. Yes, yes the outfit is marvelous in its own right, but let’s talk about the real standout here, the eye-dazzlingly beautiful visual effects! These effects are so good that they look like something out of a high budget Bleach film. Whose responsible for such artistic mastery? Cosplayer/photographer/visual storyteller Mitty’s Story & Photo Cosplay.

His work is simply stunning, beautiful, marvelous and any other synonym related to the previous three words. Although, once you take a look at his portfolio, you’ll come to the realization that you’ll expect nothing less from him. Seriously check out his other work, they’re unbelievable.

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Bleach features a wide array of awesome-looking characters, like Byakuya Kuchiki. Here's a look at 10 cosplays that look just like the anime!

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