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A good shonen action anime needs great villains, and Tite Kubo’s hit manga/anime series Bleach is packed with them. Rogue Soul Reapers, hollows, arrancars, and evil Quincy are all villains, and that’s not even including the filler arcs. The Sternritter and Espadas are some of the scariest villains of all, but some of them, like Zommari Rureaux, tend to get overlooked.

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Espadas like Ulquiorra and Grimmjow dominate the story (and fan art), but the 7th Espada, Zommari, has some scary powers. He’s so incredibly fast, he can create afterimages to confuse his enemies, and his released state, Brujeria, allows him to control a person’s body parts if his enchanted eyes look at them. He only lost to Byakuya Kuchiki because he underestimated his enemy, but suppose he could fight other Bleach heroes and go all out? Here are ten good guys whom this Espada could defeat.

10 Rukia Kuchiki

If Rukia got the chance to activate her icy bankai, then she would get the upper hand for sure. She defeated the mighty As Nodt with it, after all. But Zommari is very fast, and he wouldn’t give Rukia a chance to use it at all.

With his gemelos sonido, he could outmaneuver Rukia even if she’s using shikai, and simply slice her to bits. She wouldn’t even get a chance to hold Zommari off with a kido spell like Riku Jokoro. He’s just too quick for her.

9 Kenpachi Zaraki

At first, this must sound rather strange. Kenpachi has nearly limitless power, and he took on the likes of Nnoitora and Yammy in their released forms and won. He alone took out four Sternritter, too. How can he lose this match?

Don’t forget, Zommari’s unbelievable speed is the deciding factor, and Kenpachi, while scarily strong, can’t easily hit an enemy who moves like this. And if Zommari performs his zanpakuto release, Brujeria, he can control Kenpachi’s body and make him stab his own throat or something like that.

8 Sajin Komamura

A trend is starting to emerge. Zommari isn’t the hardest-hitting Espada out there, but he is so fast, the slower Soul Reapers simply can’t land a hit on him during a hypothetical duel. Sajin Komamura is in a similar position as Kenpachi.

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Sajin is slow but strong, and his bankai is a testament to this fighting style. It worked great against the massive arrancar Poww, but Zommari is going to outmaneuver anything Sajin can throw at him, and win without even bothering with Brujeria’s eye-based powers.

7 Renji Abarai

Renji is the Lieutenant of Squad 6, and a longtime friend of Rukia’s. He’s very powerful by now, and his bankai has reached incredible new heights. During the battle against the Sternritter, he proved himself to be nearly as powerful as Captains.

This will allow him to last a bit longer against the likes of Zommari, and he may force Zommari to perform that zanpakuto release. But unless Renji acts really quick, Brujeria’s eye-based power will take over, and Renji will have no options to fall back on. Either his body gets controlled, or his bankai will be turned against him.

6 Chad

Yasutora “Chad” Sado has come a long way, and his brawny, huge body contains hollow-like power with Spanish names. He defeated a privaron Espada this way, and aided his allies in the final battle against the Sternritter.

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But against the speed demon Zommari Rureaux, forget it. Chad’s attacks, like El Directo, are hopelessly slow by comparison, and Zommari would slice Chad in half from behind before this hero even knew what was happening. It’s lucky that Chad never came face to face with him in the real story.

5 Izuru Kira

Now it’s time for Izuru Kira to give this matchup a shot, and like the earlier characters in this list, he’s going to face defeat. His zanpakuto, Wabisuke, is a melee type that can double the weight of anything it strikes (without limit).

That’s a really cool power, and symbolic of Squad 3, but it’s not going to work against such an elusive opponent. If Izuru can’t hit the target, Wabisuke is helpless, and none of Izuru’s kido spells would be fast enough, either. Zommari can handle him with ease.

4 Isshin Kurosaki

Ichigo’s own father, Isshin Kurosaki, is a man with many secrets. He’s not just the “corny dad” type; he was once a Soul Reaper by the name of Isshin Shiba. He was the Captain of Squad 10, and he was able to defeat a modified hollow named White. He also defeated an arrancar Grand Fisher.

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Those are some solid credentials, but his speed isn’t much above average for a Captain, and he would struggle to keep up with Zommari forever. At some point, Zommari would perform his release, and Isshin would stare in wonder. Then Zommari would stare right back and win.

3 Momo Hinamori

This petite girl looks a bit like Rukia, and she is also a highly talented Soul Reaper. She serves as the Lieutenant of Squad 5, first under Sosuke Aizen, then Shinji Hirako. Kido is her specialty in combat.

Momo‘s kido is advanced, and her zanpakuto, Tobiume, is a fiery kido type. But she won’t last that long against Zommari, and if he releases his own zanpakuto, Momo is in big trouble.

2 Ikkaku Madarame

Meet Ikkaku Madarame, a high-ranking Soul Reaper in the brutal Squad 11. He is somewhere between Lieutenant and Captain strength by now, owing to his great endurance and his young but powerful bankai.

This makes Ikkaku a fine match for other melee type characters, and he can defeat fracciones in combat. But against Zommari, he’s far too slow, and the Septima Espada will dice him into bits during a duel between them.

1 Rangiku Matsumoto

She is the Lieutenant of Squad 10, serving directly under Captain Hitsugaya. Although a total goofball with a fondness for sake, Rangiku is 100% qualified for her job, and her shikai, Haineko, is like a miniature Senbonzakura. Her kido skills are impressive, too.

She may last for some time against Zommari, and she might even land a few blows. But she’s going to fall behind sooner or later, and she has no real answer for Zommari’s eye-based release form.

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Zommari Rureaux is an overlooked villain in Bleach, but he is powerful enough to win against several of the anime's heroes.

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