Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War – 5 Reasons Why We're Excited For The Upcoming Anime (& 5 Why We're Nervous)

The news that Bleach was coming back as an anime was more than welcome. It’s never a good feeling when a series gets canceled before they can truly wrap up the story. Admittedly, Bleach didn’t get hit as bad as something like Gangsta, an anime that didn’t even get anything close to an ending, but it still was canceled on the lackluster Fullbringer Arc.

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No matter how you feel about the Thousand Year War, it’s infinitely better than that arc, one that is arguably the worst in the entire series. It’s why fans are both excited and a little nervous to see how the new season shapes up. Cautiously optimistic may be the perfect word for it.

10 Excited:  It’s More Bleach

If you’re reading this, you’re a fan of Bleach and the sheer fact the anime is even coming back is enough reason to be excited. It’s felt like ages since Ichigo and the Shinigami have graced our screens, giving us a Shounen that rightfully belonged in the Big Three, along with One Piece and Naruto.

The fact that there will be closure to a lot of storylines is just an added benefit to getting to hear one of the captains say the words, “Bankai” again.

9 Nervous: Unevenness Of The Final Arc

The arc felt like a continuous roller coaster, hitting highs and lows seemingly in between chapters. As a whole, it felt like a story that didn’t quite hit it’s potential. No one was expecting it to be as good as Soul Society, but it could have been equal to Fake Kankura or Hueco Mundo.

Instead, we got what amounts to be a big dumb action movie where none of the villains really matter and you’re just meant to look at the cool explosions (in this case Bankais). Thankfully, with a story like this, that’s not a truly awful thing.

8 Excited: The Fight Scenes

While the arc didn’t have a whole lot of memorable villains, it did have some incredible fight scenes that should look killer animated. Seeing the above pictured, As Nodt square off against both of the Kuchiki’s should be a whole lot of fun.

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As should the Zombie face-off between Giselle and Mayuri, where blood and dismemberments should be at a premium. The biggest one won’t include Sternritter at all, but instead two Shinigami. If given enough time, Unohana vs Kenpachi will be great.

7 Nervous: Pacing

This is the biggest concern going into the anime. If it follows along to the manga to a tee, the final portion of the arc is going to feel like a topsy turvy mess of both too slow and too fast, all at the same time.

Things that needed to be lingered on are sped past and things that should have been short are excruciatingly long. The biggest example of this is the number of chapters it took to deal with Yhwach in comparison to how long Gerard was alive and kicking.

6 Excited: Bankais

So many Bankai’s! This will be the most fun part of seeing the series come back to our screens. People have been dying to see the Bankai’s of some of the high tier captains like Shunsui, pictured above.

For the most part, they all deliver in spades. While not all the Bankai’s take care of their respective foes right away, most are a joy to see in action. Just don’t go in with high hopes if you’re a fan of the Visored, you’re just going to be setting yourself up for disappointment.

5 Nervous: The Big Bad

There’s no simpler way to put this, Aizen is a far better villain than Yhwach is. In itself, that’s not the worst thing, plenty of Shounen have had better villains earlier in the series than the big bad.

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Just look at Naruto, Kaguya is one of the dullest in the whole series. The problem is, Yhwach isn’t much better. Outside of his battle with Ichibei and the bisection of Yamamoto, there never feels like there is a true story reason for him to be fighting anyone other than he’s bad.

4 Excited: Character Spotlights

There were some very good character moments in this arc that we can’t wait to see animated. A lot of the lesser-known characters got to stand in the spotlight, particularly Nanao.

She and Shunsui probably have the best moment of the entire arc when we get to see her past as well as Shunsui’s role in her life. Seeing her flash a power level you didn’t even know she had was pretty cool, even if it meant Shunsui taking a little bit of a backseat.

3 Nervous: Fillers

This is always a fear when it comes to anime, particularly ones that are as long as Bleach. Admittedly, that’s usually due to the anime catching up to the manga and needing something to stretch it out.

Since the manga is already done, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, and some padding to certain fights wouldn’t be the worst thing. Still though, if the series ends up super popular again, it wouldn’t be shocking it they tried to add to it.

2 Excited: Better Finale

The ending to the manga could have been better, bickering between publisher, and writer leading to more than a little pettiness. The hope is that since Kubo is going to be involved in this personally, that we might get the ending he wanted all along.

Hopefully, that doesn’t mean the Elite Guard fights are even longer, but instead, we get more fleshed out characters and a better final fight. It just felt like towards the end he was trying to cram three to four chapters worth of material into one. That shouldn’t be a problem here.

1 Nervous: Poor Animation

This usually wouldn’t be a fear and honestly isn’t going to be an issue since Bleach isn’t going to cut corners like some anime have, looking at you Seven Deadly Sins. If Bleach got animation like that, there might be a full-scale revolt from the fans.

Managing money and cutting costs is part of business, but you can’t put out a subpar product like that. If they tried, every Bleach fans face would look like Rukia and Ichigo’s above, pure abject horror.

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From fight scenes to the animation, here's why we're both excited and nervous for the upcoming Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War anime.

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