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In Bleach, Hollows and lost spirits are sent to the Soul Society by Shinigami to maintain balance to the human world. The souls pass through Dangai – the passage between the Human World and the Soul Society. However, the flow of souls in and out of the Soul Society wasn’t an independent action. It was controlled by a god known as the Soul King.

Here’s everything you need to know about who the Soul King is and his role in the Bleach franchise.

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The Soul King was called Reio, and was the linchpin of existence as a god and the king of Soul Society. Long ago when only one true world existed, humans and spirits co-existed together. Then the Hollows came into existence, devouring souls. The Soul King appeared and started to kill all the Hollows to protect the world – similar to what the Quincy did. However, annihilating Hollows destabilized the world. His hunting was interrupted by the first set of Shinigami, who later became the ancestors of the five noble families (Shihoin Clan, Kuchiki Clan, Shiba Clan, Tsunayashiro Clan and Kasumioji Clan) in Bleach. They captured the Soul King, and with his powers created the three worlds – the Human World, Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society.

Although the Soul King never showed resistance, they further detached his body parts and scattered them around the world because they feared the possibility he could opposed them with his immense powers. He was sealed half-dead into a crystal prison housed in the Soul King Palace.

The Soul King could be referred to as the most powerful being that ever existed in the Bleach universe. With his Oken Bestowment power he could create and modify Shinigami known as Royal Guards to protect the Soul King Palace and Royal Families. He possesses The Almighty, an ability that allows him to see into or alter the future and it was used to create the three worlds. Yhwach also inherited this power.

The Soul King was powerful enough to hold the three worlds together. He has an overflowing amount of spiritual power and Reiatsu – spiritual pressure, one that was enough to almost overwhelm Yhwach.

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The Soul King’s heart was known as Gerard Valkyrie. He was a tall muscular man, confident in his immense strength and powers. He served Yhwach as a sternritter in the Schutzstaffel with code name M. With his shield and sword, he wears a cape which could act as a wall to protect him in battle. He has a Helig Bogen which takes the form of a Sacred Bow he uses to shoot Heilig Pfeil (Sacred Arrow) at opponents. Gerard can develop wings from his back, and increase his powers with an ability called The Miracle, which makes him become a giant with multiplied strength and power. He also possessed an incredible regeneration ability.

The right hand was called Mimihagi. It was genderless, looking like a clenched fist with a single large eye at its back. Mimihagi was worshiped as a god in the Eastern Rukongai of the Soul Society, where it healed Jushiro Ukitake of his lung diseases. With its power of Stillness and Stagnation of Governance, it has the ability to stop growth, development, and progress. Mimihagi utilizes these powers to heal the infirmities of its worshipers, provided they offer him part of their body in return.

It possesses the kamikake, which when activated it takes over an entire body as a host. It also possesses The Almighty and the ability to shield itself from being seen by The Almighty, just as it shielded itself from Yhwach’s eye.

The left hand was known as Pernida Parnkgjas. The acclaimed Quincy appeared as a large grey-skinned hand with two glowy eyes in a long white cloak that covers most of its body. It also belonged to the sternritter in the Schutzstaffel with code name C. However, Pernida can create multiple Heilig Bogens and Pfeil (Sacred Bow and Arrow).

With its power of The Compulsory, it can compress anything its nerves touch. Pernida has the power of Evolution Governance. It governs progression, evolution and growth with the ability to evolve to the power level of anyone its nerves touch. It has an impressive regeneration and the power to replicate others’ abilities. Pernida can manipulate its body shape to form a new part or constantly replicate itself. Its powers were superior to a captain-level Shinigami.

The Soul King regulated the flow of souls in and out of the Soul Society, while also acting as the power source that maintains the three worlds. He named Ichibe Hyosube the Monk Who Calls the Real Name. If there was no Soul King, then the three worlds would merge and become one again.

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The identity and powers of the Soul Society's Soul King remains a mystery in Bleach anime. Here is everything you should know about the Soul King.

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