Blend S: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Hideri Kanzaki, The Idol Maid

Hideri Kanzaki is the last maid to be hired by Dino, the owner Café Stile, and fulfills the role of an idol maid in Blend S. What is that, you ask? No one knows, but he does his job with passion and heart, so he was hired. Unlike the other waitresses, Hideri applied for the job and was not scouted as he genuinely wanted to fulfill the role.

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As the last waitress to be hired, not much is known about him to anime-only watchers. Although you may know a bit, there is no harm in learning more. Here are ten facts you did not know about Hideri Kanzaki.

10 He Has An Accent

Hideri normally speaks in a bright and cheerful tone or politely. However, if he lets his guard down or is surprised, he speaks in a kansai accent.

A kansai accent is akin to a country accent, and this is how he usually spoke as he was raised on a farm. Although he can keep it at bay, he cannot help but talk this way when he is angered or emotional.

9 He Enjoys Playing Tricks

Hideri is not the “surprise” in the Blend S opening for nothing. Him being hired was not a trick per se, but the way he made them think he was a girl was a big trick.

He was planning on keeping this a secret, as he thought if they knew the truth, he was going to be fired. He also enjoys teasing the rest of the staff.

8 He Speaks In A High Tone

Hideri may act cute and speak cutely, but that does not mean he can always speak like a girl. To drive home the impression of a cute idol, Hideri ensures to talk in a higher tone to mask his masculine voice.

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Since he is sixteen-years-old, he is still growing and may sometimes slip back into his regular voice. While the customers do not notice, the rest of the staff does.

7 He Gets Along With Miu Well

Miu Amano plays the archetype of a “sadistic big sister” while Hideri has the role of an “idol” character. While their roles are both unique, they get along well. Since Miu is the leader of a doujinshi circle called Hanazono Folder, she needs inspiration for her works.

Hideri loves fashion and clothes, so him dressing up in different outfits gives Miu inspiration. They also have personalities that are similar, such as playing tricks on others.

6 He Was The Fifth Maid Hired

The only reason why fans were expecting Hideri to make an appearance is because of his presence in the Blend S opening. After Miu was hired in the earlier episodes, there was no sight of Hideri until the last ones.

Him being hired was not a surprise, but the fact he was a boy, foreshadowing the “surprise” in the opening theme.

5 He Is Very Picky About Clothes

Throughout Blend S, Hideri is the only one who wears more than one casual outfit. You may see the other waitresses change into their casual outfit, but Hideri takes this up to eleven.

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While shopping with Miu, Hideri decides to try on outfits and pick some out for her as well. He will only wear clothes he deems cute and tells the other characters that it is the most critical factor of an outfit.

4 His Dream Is To Become An Idol

Although you cannot reject where you come from, no matter where it is, Hideri comes from a family of farmers. Hideri’s dreams are too big for his family, but he refuses to give up on becoming a top idol.

He lives out his dream by working as the idol archetype at Café Stile, but he sincerely hopes to one day be the most popular idol in the world.

3 He Was Originally Not Going To Be Hired

While the entire staff agreed Hideri was cute and would be great to work at Café Stile, they were all stumped on what archetype to give him. Hideri was the one who came up with the “idol archetype” and convinced Dino that it would work.

However, after they discovered Hideri was a boy after he went into the girls’ changing room, Dino was going to fire him until he pleaded with him as to why he should work for him.

2 He Is Afraid Of Inheriting His Family’s Farm

Hideri comes from a long line of farmers and was raised on a big farm. However, this does not mean he wishes to continue the tradition of being a farmer. While he has the skills of an excellent farmer, it is not his dream.

He will do anything to not inherit his family’s farm as that is his worst nightmare, which is one of the reasons why he was so desperate to be hired and work at Café Stile.

1 He Was Hired For His Feminine Looks

In one of the last episodes of Blend S, Hideri is hired. However, throughout the episode, the fact that Hidari is a boy is hidden by how the episode plays out. While when we first see him, he is in a cute outfit and acting girly.

He is hired for his appearance, and while the entire staff discovers she is a he when he goes into the girls’ dressing room, he is not fired because of his pleas.

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Hideri Kanzaki is the last maid to be hired by the owner Café Stile, and fulfills the role of an idol maid in Blend S. Here's all you didn't know.

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