Bloodshot & Other Valiant Comics Heroes Who Might Also Be On Their Way To The Big Screen

Created in 1989 by Jim Shooter and Steven Massarsky, Valiant Comics holds within it several different superheroes and teams that have found a special place in the hearts, minds, and memories of fans. While the company found itself out of business in the latter half of the ’90s, it was revitalized under the new name of Valiant Entertainment in 2012, which was done as an attempt to reboot the brand in its entirety.

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Ultimately, in March 2020, fans of the Valiant Universe saw Vin Diesel debut on the big screen as the beloved yet complex superhero Bloodshot. This release officially kicked off a Valiant Cinematic Universe, perhaps serving as the catalyst to a new line of superhero films.

9 Bloodshot

Bloodshot was the first installment to kick off the Valiant Cinematic Universe. Directed by David Wilson and based on the screenplay written by Jeff Wadlow and Eric Heisserer, the film debuted Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison/Bloodshot and mirrored the character’s comic book history by focusing on his technological resurrection.

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What’s more, the question that most fans have after watching the film, was how this character ties together to the larger Valiant world, especially with Sony Pictures being the company behind Bloodshot and Paramount Pictures obtaining the rights to the Harbingers franchise. Looking at the comics, Bloodshot was created under a government-run program and was the only successful subject, the nanites used to experiment on him giving him superhuman abilities as well as a healing factor and technopathic abilities.

In turn, this new iteration was created with false memories implanted inside of him, as well as the main objective to assassinate individuals with powerful psychic abilities, who are known in the Valiant Universe as Psiots or Harbingers. While this idea was not introduced in the 2020 film, the fact that the character has such a tie to groups like the Harbinger in the larger Valiant universe should make for an interesting way to build on the VCU mythos.

8 Harbinger: Original Plans

In 2015, Sony Pictures announced a deal with Valiant were to produce five films introducing and building on the fantastical, fictional world of Valiant comics. Initially, the plan was for Sony to first create a Bloodshot film and transition to a Harbinger origin movie which would lead to “Harbinger Wars.”

While this did not happen, Valiant Entertainment and DMG Entertainment partnered with each other earlier that year to produce both films as well as tv series based on a few Valiant heroes, a deal that also fell through, Paramount Pictures officially obtained the rights to Harbinger from Sony, along with a few other Valiant characters.

7 Harbinger Renegades & Foundation

For the Harbinger film, Sony had assigned director and writer Justin Tapping, alongside screenwriter Joshua Beirne-Golden, to the project. While information has been a bit hazy since the move to Paramount Pictures, the filmmakers should still be attached to the project. Tapping’s goal was to bring to the big screen the founding of the Harbinger Renegades.

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This refers to a group of young adults that consisted of Psiots Peter Stanchek, who is referred to as Omega-level and is exceedingly powerful, Faith who can fly, Flamingo who is a pyrokinetic which means she can control fire with her mind, and human Kris Hathaway.

In addition to this, the film will also look at the Harbinger Foundation, a non-profit founded and funded by Omega-level Psiots, Toyo Harada as a means to provide a space for Psiots to explore their abilities. As it would seem, there’s more than meets the eye, and the Harbinger Foundation is more nefarious; and for comic-book fans, it can be said to be a shady version of Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. As one can imagine being the case, the film will focus on a direct conflict between two groups.

6 Solo Films

In addition to Harbinger, Paramount reportedly also has in the works several different films, including a solo Faith film which would go deep into the character, as well as an Archer and Armstrong and Shadowman films.

While not much is known about these films, it is fair to say that they will bring to light the vast nature and diverse nature of the Valiant Universe.

5 Faith

As it pertains to Faith, her comic book history is shrouded in both loss and love. Faith lost her parents in a terrible car accident at a very young age, leading her to be raised by a loving and kind grandmother.

In turn, the Harbinger comics show Faith as someone who is fascinated with science fiction and fantasy. To her surprise, she meets Peter Stanchek and learns that she has a latent ability to fly, which Peter goes on to unlock.

4 Archer & Armstrong

The Archer and Armstrong comics follow the adventures of Obadiah Obie “Archer,” a young assassin, and Aram Ann–Padda “Armstrong,” one of three immortal brothers within the Valiant Universe.

Furthermore, using the comics as a reference, seeing this duo on the big screen would be an amazing addition to the cinematic category of buddy-cop films.

3 Shadowman

In 2017, it was announced that a Shadowman film was underway, being directed by Reginald Hudlin and screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski. While there has not been much said about the project thus far, what’s fascinating about the idea of bringing Shadowman to the big screen is that the film would dive into the mysticism of the Valiant Universe.

A young man from New Orleans, Jack Boniface becomes Shadowman after receiving the powers of the Shadow Loa, allowing him to wield immense supernatural power. The concept of Shadowman, especially as a theatrical film, is interesting because it allows fans to be wrapped up in a world where magic and mysticism are intertwined in the world of heroes.

2 Rumored Film: X-O Manowar

In 2016, Valiant Entertainment announced that an X-O Manowar film was eventually coming to the big screen. While much is not known about the film and its productions, it has been reported that the film will be centered around the main protagonist of the comic book, Aric of Dacia.

That being said, in recent news, pro-wrestler and actor John Cena teased his connection to the film, posting on social media an image of the X-O Manowar. Not much else is known about the film.

1 Rumored Film: Eternal Warrior

Finally, in 2017, fans of the Valiant Universe received news that the Eternal Warrior might be getting his film. Similar to the X-O Manowar film rumors, not much is known about the project; however, pro-wrestler and actor Dave Bautista was in talks to and star in the film.

Admittedly, the only evidence of this is a tweet by Bautista stating that “a fan worthy script is in the works.” Updates have not been forthcoming since 2017, so the Eternal Warrior film might no longer be in development.

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Vin Diesel's Bloodshot launched the Valiant Cinematic Universe, but which other characters might be making their way to the big screen?

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