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Ninjak and Bloodshot are some of the most popular and recognizable characters in the Valiant Universe, with the latter recently becoming a major, live-action movie star. In addition to releasing the indie film Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe online for free, Valiant also polled readers on Twitter to ask which of their heroes would be the last one standing in a cage match. Bloodshot won, but Ninjak wasn’t far behind.

This brings to mind the question of how exactly the two heroes match up against each other. Let’s take a look at each combatant’s powers, skills and abilities to determine who would gain the edge in a one-on-one fight: Bloodshot or Ninjak.

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The modern reboot of Bloodshot is Ray Garrison, a super-soldier created by Project Rising Spirit. To bend Ray to their will, PRS implants false memories, convincing him he’s lived various lives. Upon discovering the deception, he rampages against the organization seeking vengeance, justice and the truth of who he really is.

Bloodshot gains superhuman physical attributes — impossible strength, speed, reflexes and senses — when he’s injected with nanites. The nanites also give him a healing factor which helps him recover from being literally mauled by blades or gunfire. Bloodshot can use the nanites to change his own appearance, even blending in with his surroundings.

His greatest power is technopathy, which allows him to control electronics. This makes him a living database of internet-accessible knowledge and can further enhance his already substantial fighting prowess and reflexes. Bloodshot can also emit electromagnetic frequencies and even a sonic scream.

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Ninjak/Ninja-K is a special agent in the MI-6’s Ninja Programme. Secretly billionaire Colin King, Ninjak is a sort of corrupted Batman. His parents died when he was young, with Colin receiving harsh training from his family butler. From there, he joins the intelligence community, using his training to seek revenge. This leads to a vendetta against the mysterious Shadow Seven, a mystic band of assassins. Ninjak’s rigorous training makes him one of the best fighters in all of the Valiant Universe.

Ninjak’s a master of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, but he is equally adept with weapons, namely swords and bows. True to his name, Ninjak is a master of stealth and is able to elude detection and track down targets attempting to do the same.

His greatest skill is Body Supremacy, which allows him to psychologically will his body into performing what he needs. At its fullest extent, this ability has even allowed him to heal his broken spine. That’s not to mention that his body is already at a peak human level. These skills, when combined with the fact that his intellect is far beyond even geniuses, make him a deadly foe to face in any regard.

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In terms of fighting ability and weapons mastery, neither combatant is a slouch. Ninjak has intense training in several martial arts disciplines, as well as experience with different weapons. On the other hand, Bloodshot has essentially lifetimes’ worth of military experience. His nanites could allow him to access different fighting methods and techniques, plus hack into electronic weapons. This knowledge bolsters Bloodshot’s own intellect, though Ninjak is inarguably the smarter of the two. In terms of stealth, Bloodshot’s ability to camouflage himself helps, but this realm of expertise belongs to Ninjak.

It’s raw power and dexterity that would ultimately decide the victor, giving Bloodshot the edge. While Ninjak’s physical prowess is the pinnacle of what the human body can do, Bloodshot’s nanites make his physical adroitness far beyond that. Any blows delivered by Bloodshot would be powered by superhuman strength and speed, hitting harder and faster than anything Ninjak could do. Likewise, the nanites could heal any damage to Bloodshot with relative ease. While Ninjak’s Body Supremacy is a similar healing factor, it’s been shown on its best days to work at a snail’s pace next to Bloodshot’s.

The victory still wouldn’t be easy, as Bloodshot’s superhuman powers are still puny compared to real comic book powerhouses such as Superman. He’d have to strike hard and fast to keep the fight from going longer than it should. Bloodshot would win a battle of endurance, but the longer Ninjak is in the field, the more intel he has. Bloodshot’s best bet is to take his opponent out early, but outside of hypothetical plot devices, the victory should logically be his.

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Would Ninjak's intense training and fighting experience be able to put a dent in Bloodshot's nanite-powered superhuman dexterity and healing?

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