Body Image: The 5 Weirdest Things About Spawn's Body, Explained

Unapologetically filled with ’90s attitude, Spawn has graced comic book shelves with more than 300 issues over 25 years, a jaw-dropping feat for a hero outside of the Big Two. Over the course of his run, Al Simmons has died, come back, mauled demons, exiled God and Satan to an alternate dimension — and look devilishly handsome through it all. Spawn’s reincarnated body makes him capable of incredible feats, thanks to both his anatomy and his costume.

As far as backstories go, being sent to Hell for being a CIA hitman and bargaining one’s way out is a far cry from being a benevolent, super-powered alien in tights. Spawn has taken being an anti-hero to new depths, all with the iconic style of creator Todd McFarlane. Here’s a breakdown of what happens under Spawn’s cape that makes the “King of Rat City” and Image Comics’ flagship demon so special.

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Spawn has gone toe to toe with the elite of both Heaven and Hell and outclassed both Lucifer and God. Having re-created the world after its total destruction during the “Armageddon” story arc, it’s hard to imagine a power greater than his — and while there is one being in the Spawn canon who held more power than he did at the time (the Mother of All Creation), his feats within that story are nigh unbeatable.

While those acts are supernatural in nature, Spawn is physically intimidating as well. He’s can toss office buildings and resist being stepped on by a kaiju-sized deity. This, in conjunction with his history of easily ripping villains limb from limb, makes him a difficult target to kill for any criminals dumb enough to enter his derelict turf.

While it’s easy to write Spawn off as being all offense, he has a plethora of defensive tools at his disposal which make him incredibly hard to defeat. At 6’2″ tall and 455 pounds, the Hellspawn’s frame alone is a tall order for any villain of earthly origins. He possesses a healing factor which can draw power from the sins around him, a tool which comes in handy when many of his opponents are demons.

His body is nearly entirely composed of Necroplasm, give or take the uncountable amount of insects and arachnids that inhabit his form at any given moment. The substance, which originates in Hell, can heal him of nearly any injury short of complete and total annihilation or the removal of his head, both of which should prove fatal to him. While sustaining heavier injuries requires more time and Necroplasm to repair, gunshots, knife wounds, extreme temperatures and blunt force trauma can all be shrugged off without much concern. As a result, Spawn has held his own against everything from angels and demons, to cyborgs, as well as the aforementioned God and Satan.

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Spawn’s iconic red cape does more than just adorn his shoulders; it’s one of the most versatile tools he has. While McFarlane hasn’t drawn every Spawn issue, his aesthetic influence on the cape has remained for Spawn’s entire run. It is resistant to most weapons created on Earth including lasers, piercing weapons and bullets. It can only generally be damaged by weapons forged in Heaven.

The cape is capable of providing stealth and invisibility to Simmons for extended periods, alongside being able to grasp and protect beings at will. Perhaps its most defining talent — besides its constantly evolving shape — is granting gliding capabilities and limited flight when needed.

Spawn’s cape doesn’t just hide his hulking frame, it also conceals the most 1990s of weaponry: Chains and spikes. The spikes are retractable, while the chains provide both offense and defense in brutal fashion. Much like the cape, they are capable of dexterous movement and restraining opponents without upper levels of super-strength. They have proven useful when grabbing items and opponents that lay beyond his physical reach.

Nearly unbreakable at their origin, the chains have done nothing but become more durable and dangerous as the series has continued. While capable of supporting weights of 100 tons, their strongest talent is the ability to puncture and eviscerate victims of both human and otherworldly origin.

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The chains, cape and black costume are all part of a sentient, parasitic organism known as K7-Leetha, a parasite from Hell which attaches itself to the hosts’ nervous system. Leetha — apart from regenerating Spawn — is also capable of defending him without Spawn’s conscious thought, making it Al Simmon’s most consistent ally. If the black and white color palette, affection for firearms and living costume sound familiar, it may be worth looking into McFarlane’s relationship to a certain Spider-Man symbiote.

Originally, the costume’s energy source was finite and upon depleting its stores of Necroplasm, would return its bearer to Hell. Fortunately for Simmons and Leetha, this limitation was soon circumvented, once it was revealed that ‘Dark’ creatures (cockroaches, maggots, spiders etc.) also recharge the Necroplasm reserves, thus sidestepping the unfortunate consequences of running out. In addition to providing Spawn with many of the abilities listed above, it allows him several other powers, including — but not limited to — shooting energy blasts, teleporting and transformation. His costume has provided a deus ex machina in many stories in some form or another and will always be an integral part of Spawn’s identity.

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Spawn's anatomy and costume work in conjunction to make him a nigh-unbeatable killing machine. Here's a breakdown of the Image Comics demon.

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