Boruto: 5 Things Naruto Can Do That Boruto Can't (& 5 Things Boruto Can Do That Naruto Can't)

A lot of great rivalries are those between father and son. Naruto and Boruto are a great example of this kind of rivalry; both have had to work hard to earn their stripes, and Boruto has had the extra pressure of wanting to surpass his father, who is the most powerful ninja in the village and the Hokage to boot.

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While there are some ways that Boruto has definitely caught up to, or even blown past, his father’s abilities, there are other ways that Naruto is still stronger. Here are five skills Naruto has that Boruto doesn’t and five things Boruto can do that Naruto can’t.

10 Naruto: Can Give Chakra To Others

Both Naruto and Boruto have a lot of chakra, more than most people do. Naruto gets his chakra reserves from the nine-tailed fox, and he has learned how to control and manage it very well. One of the things he can use this chakra for is supporting others in battle when they run low on their own chakra reserves. Being able to give other people chakra is both an incredibly helpful skill to have and also a really difficult one, since it takes a lot of concentration and chakra control; if he gives too much, he’ll weaken himself.

9 Boruto: Gentle Fist

Gentle Fist is a specifically Hyuga clan ninjutsu. It’s used to disrupt the chakra pathways in a person’s body, which leaves them pretty much unable to use those parts of the body.

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It also stops chakra from flowing to vital organs, which makes them shut down, and is an incredibly effective way of disabling someone during battle. Naruto isn’t a member of the Hyuga clan, so he’ll never be able to use this particular move. Boruto has inherited this ability from his mother Hinata.

8 Naruto: Can Summon Toads

While training with Jiraiya, Naruto learned how to summon toads in order to help him in battle. While this doesn’t necessarily seem like a really helpful skill, the toads do prove useful. They’re great trackers and can help him find his enemies. He can also just summon a lot of them to fall on top of the person he’s fighting, essentially crushing them beneath the toads’ weight. It’s not the most elegant way to win a battle, but it is effective.

7 Boruto: Can Summon Garaga

While toads can be helpful in their way, Boruto also has the ability to summon an animal spirit: Garaga. Garaga is a giant, powerful, somewhat angry snake. Boruto is the only person who has been able to summon him, which makes him a particular asset to just Boruto in battle.

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He’s got all of the relative strength and power of a snake, can coil around an enemy to stop them from moving, and even spits venom.

6 Naruto: Can Sense Chakra

Being a ninja, the ability to sense chakra can really come in handy. Ninja are trained to be stealthy and to use tricks and sneak attacks whenever possible, since it’s easier to win a battle this way than to fight head-on. So it’s really easy to get ambushed when traveling or to not see someone coming during a fight. Since Naruto can sense chakra, it’s hard to sneak up on him, since he’s able to tell where people are even without being able to see them.

5 Boruto: Lightning Release

Lightning Release is a nature-based attack and one of the most powerful things in Boruto’s arsenal. He’s able to essentially summon lightning and form it into the shape of an arrow or a spear, which he can then use as a projectile to throw at his enemies.

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While many people can use lightning during battle, it’s difficult and rare to be able to form it into a weapon the way Boruto does.

4 Naruto: Six Paths Sage Mode

Six Paths Sage Mode feels like an ability that can only be used by someone like Naruto: a person who has the willpower to always believe in himself and his friends and to never give up, even in the face of defeat. It’s an incredibly powerful chakra augmentation that allows him to access even bigger energy and power reserves, and it allows him to do ninjutsu that he can’t do with less power. He’s able to levitate, becomes incredibly fast, and has such heightened awareness that he can sense the spirits of the dead walking in Limbo.

3 Boruto: Has A Seal That Lets Him Absorb Attacks

Boruto has a seal on his hand that he can activate during battle. This seal allows him to absorb ninjutsu or energy-based attacks. It keeps him from being injured during battles, and it also allows him to collect that energy in order to use it himself. It’s a powerful and useful ability that makes him incredibly hard to defeat, since most traditional attacks won’t work on him.

2 Naruto: Super Mini-Tailed Beast Ball

This is something only Naruto can do, since it requires him to access the chakra reserves given to him by the Nine-Tailed Fox that’s sealed inside of him. He forms a ball of energy made up of chakra, which he can then throw at someone during battle, where it will explode on impact. It’s so powerful that, if he wants to make it outside of Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, he has to have a Shadow Clone help him form the ball since he can’t hold all the chakra himself.

1 Boruto: Dimensional Portals

This is a pretty wild ability for anyone in Boruto to have, since it seems so outside of the realm of possibilities even for ninjas. But several characters in the series are able to form portals. While most people are totally drained by the effort of making and holding open a portal, Boruto appears to do it effortlessly, without seeming the least bit tired.

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Naruto is the original ninja striving to be the best in the village, but his son, Boruto, is definitely coming closer to his father's power levels.

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