Brian Bendis Teases Huge Legion of Super-Heroes Announcement

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has teased a major announcement for the Legion Of Super-Heroes comic. On Twitter, the Comic Book Fan Shop account tweeted out a message of thanks to Bendis, saying that the new Legion comic has a “fantasy sci-fi light adventure” feeling that they appreciated.

“THANK you for staying home and snuggling up with your comics!! THANK you for sharing that with us all day.” Bendis wrote. “it’s amazing! just fyi- #LegionOfSuperHeroes has a HUGE announcement forthcoming! #longlivethelegion

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Bendis first set up the newest Legion title during the “Unity Saga” in his Superman run. The Legion recently inducted Superman’s son, Jon Kent, better known as Superboy, into their ranks. They are currently on a quest to retrieve Aquaman’s long lost trident. Bendis is joined on the title by artist Ryan Sook and colorist Jordie Bellaire.

This marks the first ongoing Legion title since the New 52 initiative. The Legion’s return was previously teased in the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot and the Doomsday Clock maxiseries, both written by Geoff Johns. Legion fans will want to stay tuned for Bendis’ future announcement.

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Writer Brian Michael Bendis has teased a massive announcement concerning the Legion of Super-Heroes book.

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