Bungo Stray Dogs: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Ranpo Edogawa

Ranpo Edogawa is a staple in Japanese animation and used as the inspiration for many detective stories in Japan. The most widely-used reference to this name comes from the long-running anime Detective Conan—or, as it’s known overseas, Case Closed—and the main character, Shinichi Kudo.

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In the case of Bungo Stray Dogs, Ranpo Edogawa is based on the real-life author who wrote mystery books. He acts as the brains of the Armed Detective Agency and can solve any case that is thrown at him. There may be some things you might not know. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Ranpo Edogawa.

10 His Eyes Are Brown In The Manga

Ranpo’s eyes are always closed in Bungo Stray Dogs unless he activates his ability, Super Deduction, or something serious is occurring in the series. When he first opens his eyes, they are emerald green. However, in the manga and light novel, they are dark brown.

The reason for this change, akin to how Kyouka Izumi has black hair in the original, is to make the character not blend into the dark backgrounds—even more so for Ranpo, as his attire is brown.

9 His Ability Is Not A Reference

Bungo Stray Dogs takes real-life literary figures and authors, turns them into fictional characters, and names each other their abilities on a book they wrote. For example, Osamu Dazai has an ability called “No Longer Human” that references the book of the same name.

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However, since Ranpo does not have an ability and is simply a genius, it is not a reference to anything. Although he and the rest of the Armed Detective Agency know he has no ability, they continue this to make him feel better and included.

8 He Was Not Born In Yokohama

When Atsushi first met Ranpo and was told to take on a mystery murder case with him, the first thing that caught his eye was that he did not know how to follow directions, meaning that he will get lost if he is not guided somewhere.

Although it was made out to be a joke at first, it makes more sense when it is mentioned that he was not born in Yokohama. He was raised in the countryside, so he is easily lost in the big city.

7 He Is Named After A Pseudonym

The real-life Ranpo Edogawa was a mystery novelist born on October 21, 1894. He is the creator behind the detective Kogoro Akechi, a fictional private detective who first appeared in The Case of the Murder on D. Hill.

However, although most know him by his pen name Ranpo Edogawa, his real name was Hirai Tarou. His pen name is also a reference to Edgar Allan Poe’s name.

6 He Had A Traumatic Childhood

Bungo Stray Dogs has a wealth of characters who have well-written pasts and backstories. However, there is a lot that has not been told about them in the anime. While the anime has told the audience about Atsushi Nakajima, Osamu Dazai, and most recently Chuuya Nakahara, it has yet to step upon Ranpo’s backstory.

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The reason for Ranpo’s childish behavior has something to do with his childhood and the trauma it packed on his life as a child.

5 His Admiration Toward Edgar Allan Poe Is Reversed

The real-life Ranpo Edogawa was a mystery novelist who made a big mark in Japanese mystery fiction. When he was alive, Western mystery novels were all the rage. He admired these novels and writers and took them as inspiration, especially Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

However, in Bungo Stray Dogs, Edgar Allan Poe is the one who admires Ranpo. This brings an exciting twist to the real-life stories of these writers.

4 He Cannot Sleep If It Is Pitch Black

As stated before in this article, Ranpo had a traumatic childhood. While it is not spoken about in the anime, it is hinted at in the manga and light novel. While Ranpo can do a lot, he cannot sleep if it is pitch black. He has trouble falling asleep unless there is a lamp on near him or it is only faintly dark.

This is hinted at in the film Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple when the power goes out and he immediately wakes up.

3 He Has Difficulty Doing Simple Tasks

Geniuses tend to have odd tendencies despite their mental faculties. Akin to one of the most famous examples in shounen anime, L from Death Note, Ranpo sits in his chair in a crouched position.

He also eats a lot of sweets. For Ranpo, although he can figure out crimes in under thirty seconds, he has immense trouble doing anything as simple as pouring tea. This is why the Armed Detective Agency tells Ranpo not to do anything and relax.

2 His Glasses Were Given To Him By Yukichi Fukuzawa

The person Ranpo respects the most in Bungo Stray Dogs is the leader of the Armed Detective Agency, Yukichi Fukuzawa. Ranpo and Yukichi have a connection that goes back a long way, as the Armed Detective Agency was founded because of Ranpo and to give ability users a safe place to belong.

Ranpo was kidnapped after he tried to track down a criminal by himself, and Yukichi saved him. He then gave Ranpo glasses to activate his “ability,” as well as a place to belong.

1 He Is The Oldest Member Of The Armed Detective Agency

Besides Yukichi Fukuzawa, the leader of the Armed Detective Agency that is 45-years-old, Ranpo is the oldest member at 26-years-old. Ranpo being the oldest member is mentioned when Atsushi asks why Ranpo does not do anything, as the other members say he does not need to because he is the oldest one.

While this is a cover-up because he cannot do everyday tasks without breaking anything, he is the oldest as well as the first member.

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Ranpo Edogawa is one of the strangest members of the Armed Detective Agency, and here are 10 things fans may not know about the character.

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