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This latest wave of exclusive figures from Entertainment Earth features brand new Barbie x Star Wars mashup dolls that are only available to specialty stores, and we’ll also be taking a look at a brand-new Marvel Legends figure featuring Spider-Man‘s Kingpin of Crime!

The mashup we didn’t know we were waiting for is finally here as Mattel has teamed with Star Wars for these amazing dolls based on popular characters from a galaxy far, far away. The unique new collection features characters from across the franchise in bold new designs.

Both Star Wars and Barbie fans will want to get their hands on this amazing Rey doll, which models her beautiful gown after her cinematic outfits, and she still looks ready to take the fight to the First Order!

The Gold Label Star Wars x Barbie dolls are inspired by popular characters from the franchise like human-cyborg relations protocol droid C-3PO, one of the only characters who appeared in every episode of the Skywalker Saga.

Fans have never seen a version of C-3PO quite like this, as the C3P0 Barbie dives into high-fashion with this amazing gold ensemble that includes golden boots, goggles, and other accessories that make this one of the hottest new Threepio collectibles for fans of all kinds.

Aren’t you a little fashionable to be a stormtrooper? This amazing Barbie x Star Wars doll is inspired by the faceless Stormtroopers of the Imperial Army who couldn’t hit a target if their life depended on it, but managed to knock this outfit out of the park.

This runway-ready Stormtrooper features the iconic white plastoid armor-look of the Imperial Stormtroopers would also look at home on the battlefield, and like the rest of the Barbie x Star Wars collection, the doll comes with a stand, accessories, and certificate of authenticity!

Finally, fans of Spider-Man: The Animated Series can now bring home one of the biggest villains in the series, both in size and stature with this new Kingpin action figure from Marvel Legends, which is based on the character’s design from the hit 90s animated series.

This highly-detailed exclusive figure won’t be available in most stores and is sure to become an instant favorite to any fans collection. Like most Marvel Legends figures, Kingpin comes with accessories like his cane and an alternate “battle-damaged” head.

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Check out these amazing new Barbie Star Wars mashup dolls and other great exclusives now available to order from Entertainment Earth!

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