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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched last year to mixed reviews. Some praised it for its return to realism, but others spoke out about the porous map design with a multitude of places for players to camp. The game was hit or miss, and many returned to the previous Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4.

That is until Activision evened the odds and released a game changer. Warzone is the pinnacle of the battle royale genre that has taken shooting games by storm the last few years, and it comes with its own nuances and strategies that set it apart from other similar games. Beginners hoping to get ahead will need to understand these in order to get a victory.

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Whether you are new to this Call of Duty or just Warzone specifically, the basics are pretty standard to the battle royale genre. Warzone starts with a lobby of 150 players. These players load into a pre-game lobby where you can shoot off your guns and gets the feel for the map you are about to fight in. Once the lobby fills up with the maximum amount of players, the game loads everyone into the plane. In teams of one to four players, you’ll choose when and where to jump out of the airplane and into the map.

Every player starts with nothing but a pistol and has to scavenge for better gear throughout the match. An ever shrinking circle of deadly gas closes in around the map and forces players to confront each other until only one team remains to claim victory. Warzone is a game where you continually load into new games as you lose to get practice in and improve, but there are a few specific things to keep in mind.

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The basics are clear, but where do you jump? There are two main strategies in this regard: the careful approach and the hot drop. The careful approach has players dropping out of the plane and parachuting far away to the edges of the safe area. This tactic (usually) leaves you and your team with an entire area to loot to yourselves. Once the team is geared up, the general strategy is to play the edge of the circle, which always leaves your flank protected, and look for any stragglers to catch off-guard. It’s a slow-style, but a beginner-friendly one can lead to some early wins in your Warzone career.

The hot drop is the advanced style of play, and it’s for those who are kill hungry. These players will drop either where they see a lot of others dropping or in certain areas of the map that have a lot of traffic like the Hospital or Prison. These drops will lead to some great loot and early kills, but can also end your game in Warzone prematurely. It is not advised until you get some wins under your belt.

Warzone is unique in that you can buy certain items to give you an advantage on the battlefield. These items all cost money, which you should be actively hunting for from the moment your boots hit the ground. There are many yellow contract indicators all over the map that denote quests you can accomplish to earn money. There are bounty contracts that force you to hunt someone down, but the easiest money is in the scavenger contracts that just require you to open a few chests for a nice bonus.

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The last type of contract is recon. These reward cash, as well as a peek at where the circle will collapse to next. Completing multiple recon contracts can give you a huge advantage since positioning is key in Warzone. The only risk is that to complete a recon contract, you will head to a location and shoot a flare in the sky, alerting anyone in the area to your presence. It’s high risk, but very high reward.

Once you acquire a good amount of that money, then it’s time to spend it. The number one thing that you need to buy is a load out. Warzone sets itself apart from other games in the genre by allowing players to bring whatever gun setup they want into the match without having to loot it from random buildings. The best setup to have in this load out is a weapon for close range and a weapon for long range — usually an AR and a Sniper. Running cold-blooded is usually a good option, as many players use thermal optics in this mode and cold-blooded hides you. Make sure the load out has c4 in it, as vehicles are pretty overpowered at the moment, and you need a reliable way to take them out before you get run down.

Warzone is the best battle royale for a reason: it has unique mechanics and tight gun-play. Putting in some time with it will produce results, and keeping these tips in mind will help get you to that victory.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's battle royale mode, Warzone, has quickly become one of the best games in the genre. Here are some tips to get ahead.

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