Captain America: 10 Worst Things Red Skull Has Ever Done, Ranked

Where does someone begin with the evil of the Red Skull? The first true super-villain of the Marvel Universe, and one of the absolute worst to ever grace the pages of comic books, his evil knows no bounds. Over the course of eight decades, he has victimized the world, again and again.

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Captain America has endured untold suffering at the hands of the Red Skull, so much so it would be understandable if he just up and killed him. Except the Red Skull won’t stay dead. Unfortunately, his worst deeds will live in comic book fan memory as well. Here are the 10 worst things Red Skull has ever done, ranked.

10 Trolled Magneto

A supervillain requires a brazen lack of concern for others, but it takes a special brand of villain to wipe his feet on the back of one of his own. Back in Captain America #367, Red Skull teams up with a bunch of other Marvel supervillains like Doctor Doom, Kingpin, and the Master of Magnetism, Magneto. Red Skull issues a barb to another villain, saying they ‘would have gone to the camps’ for their tardiness, while Magento – a Holocaust survivor is standing right there. Needless to say, it doesn’t go well.

9 Original Sin

The Red Skull was human, once. Though that’s up for debate. Before he was the Red Skull, he was Johann Schmidt, a German boy with a seriously bad home life. His mother died in childbirth. His dad tried to drown him as an infant. All of that produced a young boy who could never see people as anything other than expendable. His first taste of blood came at the expense of the daughter of a Jewish shopkeeper Johann briefly worked for. He beat her to death with a shovel, her only crime that she kind of liked him and that she existed.

8 Robot Duplicate Of Bucky

The Red Skull’s reign of terror against the world has never abated, and neither has his campaign to undo his personal nemesis, Captain America. Over the years, Red Skull evolved – maybe not the right word – from a genocidal maniac to a criminal mastermind whose plots were Bond-villain in nature. One was to torture Steve Rogers by bringing back his dead (well, so they thought) partner Bucky Barnes. Except this Bucky was a robot duplicate who Captain America had to face in battle.

7 Latveria

Red Skull’s plans for world domination naturally ran afoul of superheroes. They also frustrated supervillains who had similar plans, especially those with countries that the Skull planned to conquer. Enter Doctor Doom. For a time, Doom was absent as the country’s ruler, and Red Skull took advantage.

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Red Skull transformed the country in a Reich-like state and planned to use it as the launching pad for his conquest of the rest of the world. Naturally, Doctor Doom came back and booted Skull out of Latveria by proving how small the lowly wannabe was: Doom used a shrink-ray on him.

6 Genosha

Another country that suffered at the hands of the Red Skull is Genosha. His casual aside to Magento really manifests into something bloody and awful here as Red Skull creates a mutant concentration camp on the island. Proving there are some people you just don’t cross, Magneto shows up and kills the Red Skull. This sober, violent story also has an extreme to another 90s X-Men villain: Onslaught. As a result of his actions, the Onslaught persona is released and becomes Red Onslaught.

5 Stole Professor X’s Brain

So obviously the Red Skull didn’t stay dead. Nobody really does, which allowed him to do something truly heinous: steal the dead Professor X’s brain. This event followed out of the major Avengers vs. X-Men crossover and the formation of the Uncanny Avengers. Red Skull gains Xavier’s mental abilities in the process, making him even more dangerous than before. It’s not until the events of Secret Empire that the combined forces of the X-Men and Avengers are able to remove Xavier’s mind from him.

4 Steal Captain America’s Body

Proving how truly personal his war with Captain America has been, Red Skull came back from another supposed demise in a clone body of Steve Rogers. Back in 1988, he put his plans for world domination on the DL and simply lived his life as Rogers, which was pretty… weird. Perhaps the weirdest thing is that Skull-Cap kept himself in peak performance by having hired goons dress up as Captain America every single morning so he could beat the crap out of them. Or himself. Something like that.

3 WWII Atrocities

After murdering his young friend, Johann Schmidt found himself in the Nazi army. And he found himself the personal protege of Adolf Hitler. This alone should make the ick factor on Red Skull beyond comprehension, but it gets worse. Hitler trains him to be the worst person he can, and Red Skull is a very good student.

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The Red Skull murders his former commanding officer for failing to make a proper monster out of him and then goes about killing, maiming, and experimenting on innocent people in his mad, relentless crusade to create the perfect soldier.

2 Killed Cap’s Baby

Things truly get twisted with Sharon Carter. The Red Skull has long tried to get at Steve Rogers through his partner and sometimes girlfriend. He takes his best – worst – shot after the shocking death of Captain America. Sharon is pregnant with Steve’s child, and the Red Skull tries to transfer his consciousness into the child’s mind (Skull really has a thing for being a Rogers). This plot was foiled however when Red Skull’s daughter, Sin, stabbed Sharon and she lost the child in the process.

1 Hydra Cap

In surely the most dastardly – and most controversial – move of them all, Red Skull orchestrated the events that led to one of the most infamous moments in recent comics history. It’s fairly complicated but in a nutshell, Red Skull discovers a young girl named Kobik, who was created from Cosmic Cube fragments. Red Skull manipulates her into altering reality and revising Steve Rogers so he has secretly been a mole for HYDRA the entire time. With Captain America now his lapdog, the Red Skull makes his most daring move yet to conqueror the world.

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Marvel's Red Skull has done some very dastardly deeds, Captain America should know! Here's a look at the 10 worst things Red Skull has done!

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