Carol Danvers: 10 Gender-Bent Captain Marvel Cosplay, Ranked

Captain Marvel (pronounced Mar-Vell) is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Though until recently Carol Danvers‘ story was known well only by the biggest comic book enthusiasts.  Fortunately, in 2019 Captain Marvel was released into the MCU staring Brie Lawson. Lawson portrayed a moral, yet misguided protagonist in search of the truth about her past.

Captain Marvel gave us a super-strong heroine. It comes as no surprise that many cosplayers across fandom would love to see themselves in her shoes.  Of course, the world of cosplay knows no gender barriers, including members of the male, and non-cis-female-identifying demographics as well. After sifting through the internet here is a group of some gender-bent cosplayers ranked. Authenticity, creativity and photo quality were all taken into account in the ranking. Please feel free to follow any of the mention cosplayers on social media. Links to their profiles have been provided. Here are 10 gender-bent Captian Marvel cosplay ranked.

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10 Giordano_dave

Sometimes you just need to live your best life.  As @girodano_dave understands perfectly well.  It looks like he has taken the popular zip-up approach to the costume. The overall effect resembles a cross between athleisure and, well, a Captain Marvel costume. The overall look is there.

Points must be given for ease of construction and practicality. It almost looks like the costume could be worn on an average walk around the park. Though due to the inability to see the entire costume, this look has to take up the rear.

9 Darrensierras

Who says cosplay can’t happen every day?  Coming in from Jacksonville, North Carolina, @DarrenSierras certainly doesn’t believe so. Obviously, in terms of costume construction per se, this cosplayer wasn’t trying to win any competitions.


It is after all, essentially a hoodie. However, the photo itself is fantastic. Not to mention for what it is worth for being a pullover hoodie, the details and quality of the design are incredibly convincing.  It actually requires a double-take.

8 Cospleo

#Quarentinelife. Everyone needs a hobby. What better way is there to spend time alone than by perfecting your favorite cosplay? @cospleo has taken full advantage of the downtime. Here there is the use of stage make up to give us the signature blue blood from the Kree race to pull everything together into a full fantasy.

This gender non-binary self-proclaimed makeup enthusiast with a taste for the dramatic offers up a nuanced take on gender-bent cosplay.

7 C2cosplay

Here we have a mashup of Marvel, DC, Dr. Who, and cosplay. This image basically has all angles covered. Though it does leave a little to the imagination to think of a way in which DC’s The Flash and Captain Marvel would complement each other; everyone loves a tag team super-duo.

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This cosplay collab featuring @c2cosplay as Captain Marvel is a head-to-toe immersion into the character. With decorated wrist guards and a navy blue skirt, each detail seems to have been chosen meticulously.

6 Sean Harry

Another lovely duo makes the list with @SeanHarry as a male version of Danvers’s Captain Marvel look. Next to him posing at Dragon Con is an equally festive Mary Jane Watson cosplaying as Spider-Man.

The couple seems to be making a statement ab0ut feminism while simply also having a good time. Both costumes have a great amount of accuracy in their depictions and the photo quality doesn’t disappoint. Most notable, however, is the inversion of gender as a concept.

5 Spideyluc

From here on in, it’s all solo looks.  These are selfies that are done in cosplay and bringing in the top five is @spidyluc in his dramatic depiction of Danvers. The best part of this image is the clear quality of the costumer overall.  It’s very believable in it’s durability.

If Captain Marvel was actually flying through the galaxy from planet to planet, this suit would probably be up for the challenge. While the lighting and pose do make the entire costume difficult to see, it also adds depth to what is visible.

4 Princesschriscosplay

This well-coifed portrayal by @Princesschriscosplay stares right in the eyes of the villains and says, “I wish you would”.

It’s amazing what a little puff paint and good lighting to do to a jacket. His styling really creates a striking image overall and his hair is a nod to the way Captain Marvel’s hair sprouts out of her helmet when in full garb.  @Princesschriscosplay rarely pulls his punches in his looks. Check out his social media to see an endless collage of cosplay characters.

3 Fenix_Cosplay

Here we have a stunning Captain Marvel costume designed by @simcosplay and worn wonderfully by @fenix_cosplay with a wig that was made by @ardawigs.  Getting to portray your favorite heroine seems to be a fantasy this cosplayer gets to do on a regular basis. He also seems to know exactly where to go to get the best pieces to make his illusions come to life.  Make sure to follow him to see other versions of this dynamic super-hero.

2 Anthony Parenti

Perhaps one of the best things about good cosplay is being able to look at a costume and know exactly what it is without being able to determine how any of it was achieved. Traditionally, professionally made costumes can cost a wannabe thousands of dollars.


True, die-hard cosplay pros, however, find ways to achieve the same effect on a budget, usually using classic arts and crafts to create their illusions. Here @AnthonyParenti appears to have used several different materials textiles to put together this phenomenal Captain Marvel look.

1 jpeterparker23

@Jpeterparker23 has an Instagram account full of truly outstanding cosplay.  The least of his looks certainly is not this Captain Marvel costume.  Whether it’s homemade, custom-designed, or simply store-bought, the purpose of cosplay is to really bring the magic of the fantasy to real life.

Preserved perfectly in this photo, @Jpeterpaerk23’s cosplay is a complete package. The filter on his image doesn’t hurt at all either. This look definitely deserves to hang out at the top of this list.


Genderbent cosplay is a popular sub-category of the art. These 10 men flip Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel on her head for these pictures.

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